Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Genius and Commerce

I think the painting above is better than Guernica by Picasso.

A true genius in the 'art world' is rarely recognised by his own era, and are only recognised after they have gone.

Now the dealers will hang a price on his work and grow rich from it, when in life he lived in poverty.

That is the sickness of the art world - beauty must always bear a price tag before it is recognised as beautiful.


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abstract modern art - masks a lack of talent said...

"I think the painting above is better than Guernica by Picasso."

I think both are crap, both are crude and try to mask a lack of real artistic talent by being abstract.

Any art student fool can do such, same for modern art.

The appreciation is often arrived at by consensus not of the public but of the critics, much like PC propagandised by the media.

take the pickled shark etc, it is near worthless, how do i know?

Here is the test for art and its true value -

Put the piece in the local furnature store and other it for free, see how many take it home and more interestingly how many would display it, once it has lost its `material value` now being a mass item, with only its artistic merit to sustain it.

I think you will find 95% of modern art raved by critics would fall flat on its face, such as picasso and especially Hurst.

The value is often artificial and driven by pear pressure and investment value, not artistic merit.

Anonymous said...

The ascendancy of abstract/modern art is closely linked to the domination during the late 19th and 20 centuries of the art world by Jewish curators and wealthy clients in europe and the US. Unlike their Christian contemporaries they preferred abstract as there was no history of representational art in East European Jewish culture. Modern art therfore aquired high value as clients competed to acquire it. Mr Saatchi will pay millions for a Damien Hirst pickled cow but isnt interested in a finely crafted
representational piece. The irony is that modern art of the turd in the tin variety is loathed by the hard working British public but it makes no difference.

Adrian P said...

I remember buying a very cheap jumper, for about £3.
My then GF commented it looked nice, I said it was £40, she said it was quite reasonable.

I know little of art, I tend to think If my eyes like it, it's good, if not, it's not.

But after reading your article I do wonder know how much the art world can hype up the value of something for their benefit, IE wait for the artist to die then claim he was a Genius.
Never thought of that before. Anyone want to buy a crap picasso I have for a tenner.

Anonymous said...

It is both abstract and representational

Guernica doesn't really cut the mustard in what it is supposed to represent of that historic event or indeed the form in which it represents it

I agree that its unfortunate that art as to have a fiscal value to be commanded to be ''looked at'' and ''appreciated''

the kings cloths said...

Yes it is the kings cloths syndrone, only the clever people can see it!

if you cannot appreciate it then you are cleealy uneductated and inferior, this leads to art snobbery, where the self delusional contratulate themselfs on their `superiority` used to mask true inferiority, gullibility and a weak mind.