Saturday, 24 April 2010

Gadaffi Blows Apart the Bullshit on Asylum Seekers

Watch Gadaffi tell the truth on the political asylum scam ;

Gadaffi publicly admits to the Italians that African Political Asylum is a scam!

Currently Gadaffi is working with Italy to repatriate illegal aliens back to Africa from Italy. In exchange Italy normalized relations with Libya against the wishes of the US and invested $5 billion into specific Lybian business interests and infrastructure that would benefit both Libyan and Italian companies.

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1 comment:

Adrian Peirson said...

Now there's a novel idea, trade and tourism and friendly relations between the mid east and the west, someone shoud have told Bush and Blair to try that, it might have saved 2 Million Iraqi's from death.

500,000 during Gulf war I, 500,000 during sanctions and over 1 million since the recent replay.

Little mention of this by the UAF.