Saturday, 17 April 2010

The International Health Service Exposed

If we extrapolate out the figures as regards the numbers of illegals in the NHS as being symptomatic of figues nationally - then the real figure of illegal immigrants in the UK is 1 in 10 = 6 million.

Thats an army.

We must begin to remove them.


Though nothing reported in the media like the BBC.

UP to 3,400 hospital workers are illegal immigrants, an official inquiry has revealed.

Nearly one in 10 cleaners, security guards and cooks supplied by ISS Mediclean had no right to be here, according to the UK Border Agency.

Immigration officers probed five NHS contracts with the company after it was revealed illegal immigrants were being exploited at Kingston Hospital in Surrey.

ISS is the health service’s largest supplier of support services employing more than 43,000 people at dozens of
NHS and private hospitals.

Hundreds of companies have faced fines of thousands of pounds for failing to check staff are here legally.

But ISS dodged a rap be- cause the UK Border Agency accepted its claim that it had carefully checked all
staffs’ passports and National Insurance numbers as required.

An ISS spokesman said: “We have made recommendations on how to further improve cooperation with
UK Border Agency at local and regional levels.”

The company said the real fault lay with the UK Border Agency which it claimed did little to ensure illegal
workers were expelled.

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said: “This just proves that there is nowhere near enough
enforcement on employers who are exploiting illegal immigrants.”

Conservative home affairs spokesman Chris Grayling claimed 2,500 illegal immigrants were working in government security and one had even guarded the Prime Minister’s car.

Illegal immigrants ''working for the NHS''
Thursday, April 15, 2010

There are fears that the health service could be employing hundreds of illegal immigrants after a UK Border Agency audit of health service contracts found 7.8 per cent of staff used by a contractor had forged documents.

The Liberal Democrats have called management of illegal immigrants "a bad joke" and have said it's time to get tough on businesses employing them, but the government has said the audit is evidence that its efforts are working in this regard.

The audit found that while ISS Mediclean employed 1500 workers at five hospitals nearly 120 of them were working there illegally. The company employs more than 45,000 people across the UK. Since the audit, 111 employees have been dismissed or have not turned up for work.

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne, said: "This just proves that there is nowhere near enough enforcement on employers who are exploiting illegal immigrants. Only 114 employees have been prosecuted and convicted since 1997, which is a bad joke. If public confidence is to be restored, we need to get tough on businesses employing illegal immigrants."

And the Tory shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said the government had "failed to deal with the deportation of illegal immigrants".

However, immigration minister Phil Woolas said: "The fact we have ID cards and the sponsorship system in place is why we are seeing stores like these as the agency gets a grip on this issue."

An ISS Mediclean spokesman said the company had done everything in its power to check the legality of its employees and had checked the paperwork and kept records for everyone it employs. The counterfeit documents were said to be of a very high quality.

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soup kithchens and workhouses ukip style said...

Farage backs Camerons charitiy for the little people - in other words goverment financed quangos that cost more overal and treat people like third class citizens.!

Anonymous said...

Lee, your extrapolation of '1 in 10' based on this story is way too high.
You see contract cleaning services to the NHS pay very low wages for very bad conditions, and consequently the indigenous avoid this sector at all costs.
Labour's policy of uncontrolled immigration allows the private contractors to get away with poverty pay.
"You pay peanuts - you get monkeys".

Dr Shipman voted Tory said...

Off Subject Lee, but important i think.
The BBC are reporting today about the Jews(30,000)interned by the Conservative party in this country in the 1940's.
I never knew this happened.Apparently the Conservatives ran concentration camps in Wharf Mills(Bury), Huyton (Liverpool), and the Isle of Man.
More should be known about these concentration camps and questions asked. The Tories are bloody hypocrites for accusing the BNP of somehow being involved in what happened in Eastern Europe in the 40's.
How many Tory voters know about these camps.

Kratos said...

Goodness, these immigrants must be the dumbest people on earth to come all the way to Britain just to clean frigging NHS toilets for less than minimum wage.

Adrian Peirson said...

In just the same way as the conservatives are not really Conservatives, the Bank of England is Not the Bank of England, the Nat Health Service is no longer about health.
Ultimately, it is about profitable Eugenics.
Look at the rise in Obesity, Diabetes, Cancers, these are all caused by design.
While one tentacle of the Globalist monster causes these problems.

Another branch syphons the wealth of the nation upwards into the vaults of the Elites in the form of taxes and fees while they are killing us off and replacing us.

It's almost mainstream news that the Globalists want to 'cull the herd' down to around 500 million.
Of course they would much prefer poor impoverished third worlders to rule over than High IQ Western Europeans.

Agenda 21

Ade said...

Prescott Bush helped finance Hitler,
Imagine if that had been Nick's Grandfather.
But of course it's OK for Blair to side with the Bush family for war in which 2 Million Iraqi's have died violently.

Prescott Bush and the Nazi's

Adrian Peirson said...

Just when you thought their crimes against humanity could not get any worse.
It's amazing what deranged psychopaths can get away with when they control the Media.

Here is some More ammunition, most Brits would be truly horrified if they knew what effect Depleted Uranium munitions were having on the Iraqi people.
The worst aspect of this though is the undeniable fact that this depleted uranium dust is going to be deadly for hundreds of millions of years.
The crimes against humanity comitted by the Globalists keep getting worse.
Be warned, Some of these images are disturbing.

Infowars and depleted uranium

More on Depleted Uranium

If the BNP can make an issue of this it will raise significant awareness of the true horror of war, it may also shatter the Hold the Lib Lav Cons have on the Muslim vote.