Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Morning Star and the missing Irony Gene

The ironic fact is that the idiots in the Morning Star and the black radical activists in the TUC Black Workers Conference cannot even see how much of a bunch of whining, witless, hypocritical morons they are.

The fact that a BLACK WORKERS CONFERENCE is a racist, exclusivist, ethnically divisive event escapes them, as does the fact that a BLACK WORKERS CONFERENCE attacking the BNP as 'racists' shows us how much shit these people talk.

These parasites in the trade union movement that attack the BNP, yet adore and arse lick anyone who is not white, make me sick.

The globalist Trade unions are a joke.

They should be deregistered as trade unions unless they agree to support only British workers alone, and not act as advocates for totalitarian communist nations such as Cuba, and only work for the interests of all British workers regardless of race and not act simply as a platform for racist, idiot immigrant communists to attack whites and our British society.

Don't give BNP a platform, urges activist

Sunday 25 April 2010

by Louise Nousratpour in Liverpool
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TUC black workers conference: Black student activist Bellavia Ribeiro delivered a withering blow to arguments by some on the left that giving the fascist BNP a platform helps expose its poisonous ideology.

"We cannot debate away fascism," Ms Ribeiro told TUC black workers conference on Saturday, urging delegates to reaffirm their support for a "no platform" policy.

She demolished liberal arguments, supported by some unions, that the BNP should be given a platform under the principle of the freedom of speech.

"Our no-platform policy is not about stifling fascists' freedom of speech but to protect our freedom to exist," said Ms Ribeiro, who is the National Union of Students black students officer and anti-fascist campaign convener.

She warned that the BNP was "very active" in the student movement and reported an increase in racial tension and abuse on campuses in Stoke.

In her closing remarks, Ms Ribeiro urged delegates to take the anti-fascist message back to wider communities to ensure that "people realise that, if we don't vote in this election, the fascists will win."

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