Monday, 26 April 2010


We live in a culture of sexual depravity that sexualises and conditions children for people to abuse.

Celebrity culture is poison.

The media are the paedophile enablers - they condition the children and prepare them for the paedophiles.

Raunchy pop songs from female artists such as Rihanna, Lily Allen and Lady Gaga are encouraging young girls to experiment with sex, it was claimed yesterday.

Psychologists said youngsters' inhibitions were being lowered because they are exposed to increasingly explicit lyrics which promote having sex as the 'norm'.

Rihanna's hit, Rude Boy, features the lyrics 'Come here rude boy, boy, can you get it up?' while LoveGame from Lady Gaga describes wanting to 'take a ride on your disco stick'.

Dr Jane McCartney, a psychologist, said such songs were 'glamourising' the idea that it's all right to be having sex. She said: 'I think it is making children think this social behaviour is the norm and the danger is when you have girls listening to girls singing about it.'

She said many songs promote the idea women are in control and can demand whatever they want. But in reality girls can lack power and be put in 'perilous' situations.

Clinical psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, who has published a report on the sexualisation of children, said youngsters are influenced clearly by what they hear and see. 'These messages subliminally trickle in,' she added.

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extant said...

I bought my 17 year old Daughter a BMW for her 17th birthday, you can imaging she was absolutley thrilled with it.
Just 2 weeks after she had it, she brought it home with the worst dents on the roof I have ever seen on a car, I ranted what have you done ??
She said "well dad, it was a nice day and I thought I would sunbath on it. After having a discussion with her , she admitted she saw it on the Tv and thought it was ok to do it.
Media brainwashing.
She "did" also listen to Black rap music, I asked why she listens to the degenerative violent shit, she says its on the radio all the time Dad and white people cant sing !!.
I said it is not singing; have you listened to the disgusting Lyrics, she said no, not really. "It says "Rape the white bitch", shoot to kill etc etc.
Our Children are being tought distruction of everything moral and decent, it is at the moment beyond our control.
"Rap'E" music has now been banned from her car and the housefor good.

Lets get the BNP elected for our future, befour it is to late.

Anonymous said...


I highly recommend you get your daughter to read this article exposing Lady Gaga for what she really is:

Also note how Lady Gaga went to a Jesuit school.

Also on the VigilantCitizen site, it reveals how American rapper Jay-Z is in the Freemasons.