Thursday, 29 April 2010

One Picture Says It All About Cameron

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha his PR men will hate this image, but very apt nevertheless......Donna

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant, please forward it to National Geographic. Outstanding that you can't see what his hands are doing.

Anonymous said...

Lee, this may interest you. Just watched article on France 24 news which implied that the Credit rating agencies (yanks) were trying to sabotage the Euro.
Nothing on the France 24 website yet about it.

Anonymous said...

The dogs' knick knacks.

Funny cos it is most probably true, metaphor of course. He has been blowing off every potential voter he can gather.

Adrian P said...

Sabotage the Euro ?

Since the EU is NWO is someone trying to trigger the planned Breakdown of the EU, Europe wide civil unrest, and Bring in the UN to seal our fate.