Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Human Over Breeding Kills The Planet

There are too many people on the planet.

I pray for a virus that sweeps the planet and that causes scarification in the ovarian tubes of billions of women that prevents them from breeding. Only when mankind stops breeding like animals will we discover our innate humanity.

Over population destroys the environment, the people then must fight for resources, resource wars proliferate and war and evil spreads.

Only when mankind lives in harmony with nature will war and poverty end.

Mankind in too stupid to stop breeding by himself - and the more mankind grows, the faster the planet and humanity will die.

Ayurveda out of balance: 93 percent of medicinal plants threatened with extinction

By John Platt

Traditional Ayurvedic medicine could face an uncertain future as 93 percent of the wild plants used in the practice are threatened with extinction due to overexploitation, the Times of India reports.

The Botanical Survey of India recently prioritized 359 wild medicinal plant species and conducted an assessment throughout the country to determine their health. The news wasn't good. Of the 359 species, 335 were categorized as critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable or near-threatened.

The survey used criteria and categories established by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for its Red List of Threatened Species.

According to India's Ministry of Environment and Forests, 95 percent of plants used in Ayurvedic medicine are collected from the wild, and about two-thirds of that harvest uses "destructive means" that can damage or kill the plants.

To help keep these plant species from going extinct, the Indian government in 2008 initiated a program (pdf) to relocate species from the wild, study how to domesticate them, and promote sustainable harvest protocols. This survey is the latest step in that program.

Aside from its historical and cultural significance, Ayurvedic medicines could bring profits to India's coffers. The Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) is currently exploring export opportunities for Ayurvedic medicine through Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited, a company owned by the Indian government. Already, Ayurvedic treatments, vacations and consultants are popular among some alternative health consumers in the U.S.

Of course, other traditional Asian medicines have been attacked for their use of parts from endangered animals, such as tiger bones and rhino horns, but Ayurveda has so far avoided such criticisms.

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NWO want 85% of the population culled - who will they cull first? said...

Strange because native European are in decline yet the NWO that push the population plans also push for mass immigration which has made populations in the west explode and continue to encourage this!

Clearly there is an hidden agenda.

That agenda is power by any means and the ethnicide of Europeans.

Once they have total control they want to remove all but the essential slaves, they don't want the rest of us enjoying our lives, enjoying `their` resources but would rather shove us in gas chambers.

Yes really, they have stated as much.

Of course it is mad, as humans are inventive and can be very resourceful when needed.

It is not so much about resources anyway, but `cheap` resources and considering much of the world is paying usery loans to the NWO, keeping people in poverty cheap resources are sought just to stay afloat, a more properous society could afford to look for better long term solutions.

another issue here is the fact that after destroying the wests industrial industry that produced high quality products that would last and be treasured for many years, the west then resorts to cheap throwawy imports, and as those imports rot out the wests industrial base the products need to get cheaper and crappier by the day.

UTTER madness!

the NWO have NO solutions for anything other than the enslavement of the masses and I fear a mass culling plan.

Until the threat of the NWO and their mass culling plans are removed then discussing population control is a very dangerous subject that has and will be abused by those seeking to advance their own wealth and deadly wonk ideas.

Anonymous said...

Mr Barnes,
You are unusually quiet on the Nick Griffin-Mark Collett saga. Any chance you could give us your views? LOL
Mohammad Chaudry Khan, Village Danda Baksh, District Kohri, Pakistan

lormarie said...

Or we could simply castrate billions of men since their reproductive abilities are far greater than women's.

It's quite plausible that over population is due to the breeding habits of the poor. Birth control is the answer.

Adrian P said...

Very reminiscent of Blair's speech, and yes, they are planning a cull, the Baxter scandal was possibly an attempt, they will try again, then their is a Europe wide Civil war with minorities.
Ultimately they regard this world as theirs, they want a few slaves, the figure they have in mind is 500 million.
They hope to cull the rest, another method is through ill health.
oohh, look, the media is now saying that 5 a day is not as healthy as once thought and does not reduce cancer.
Being fed synthetic crap is another agenda.
The intention is to kill us of, either quickly in War, civil or world war.
Or using health Agenda 21 documents show then deliberately engineering seeds that are deficient in certain vitamins or nutrients for sale to the third world.
Agenda 21

In anyevent what they hope to do is kill off as many as possible, and here is the key for them, they want to do it in the most profitable way possible.
So as we become more unhealthy and die off, the wealth flows upwards.

For example, well that's easy, first they lobby for war then as always the bankers lend Govt the money to go to war.

Health, well, as we get sicker as a society Govt' needs to spend more on health, so it needs to borrow more, so again, your taxes flow upwards into their vaults while they are killing you and your children off.
Dr Russel Blaylock

Want to get the Proles off their Backsides, bathplugs they don't care about, their children, most parents would string these Bastards up if they knew what they were doing, and any Judge who tried to stop them.
This is how you get the electorate off their Arses.
The BNP doesn't have to believe this stuff, just asking questions, start to investigate.
There are millions of parents out there looking for someone to Champion their concerns on this matter.
After a lot of looking I believe as do many doctors now that they are using food and water as a weapon.

Kennedy on Autism

Oh I almost forgot to post, got sidetracked by the depopulation post.

Adrian Peirson said...

Incidentally there is a Document called

'Silent Weapons for a secret war'

Aledgedly found on an old IBM machine, picked up by US Navy intel.

Google it or you can find a copy on my website on the front page, just scroll down to the bottom.

Supressed News

great post said...

More great posts by Adrian, thank you.

I hope the BNP take on board you message which is always well informed and you articulate better what i have been trying to say.

Adrian Peirson said...

The Committee of 300

Ade said...

UKIP in race row.

Is this a ploy to give UKIP anti immigration credibility with the electorate.

Will UAF be throwing claw hammers, eggs and darts at them.

UKIP Official suspended