Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Charity State

I have blogged on the flaws in the Cameron 'Charity State' model, where the state funds private charities to run essential public services.

In effect its a return to the Workhouses and alms houses of the past.

In the whole of Britain there is just ONE charity to represent the English, not defined by race as thats unlawful, and no charities to represent British whites, as thats illegal too.

The Charity Commission will not register charities for British Whites or the Indigenous English - whilst there are literally tens of thousands of charities to benefit blacks, jews, sikhs indians, chinese, lesbians, gays etc etc.

At the same time existing charities under the Race Relations Act, Equality Act and forthcoming Equalities Bill if Labour get into power, put a duty on public authorities and charities to use affirmative action, positive action plans and positive discrimination in order to benefit minorities.

So we are double screwed - we are denied the right to set up private bodies to represent our interests in the multi-cultural process whilst minority groups are assisted by the state to do so and also their interests must be promoted both by the state and private sector.

So we will be paying our taxes so that private charities can discriminate against us.

At the same time the existing bloated beauracracies of many large charities will be able to expand and draw in ever more people just as the boom in the managerial class within the public sector occurred in the NHS under Thatcherism and its privatisation agenda.

Its a recipe for a Busybody's Britain, a place where the soft fascism of the surveillance state creates its own street army comprised of curtain twitchers and local snitches who work fist in glove with the council and police - not for the benefit of the community but for the benefit of the local liberal mafia.

Its where political correctness meets the cultural revolution, a form of Liberal Maoism.

This is why Cameron is more dangerous than the Labour Party.

When he gets in he will have something to prove.

He and his cabal of political limp pizzles will have to posture as the proponents of the new Conservative Creedo, which is nothing more than political correctness and the global free market under the same domination of the corporate media, the US/Zionist lobby and ethnic minority legal groups - a line runs direct from Thatcherism via Blairism into Cameronism.

Expect Cameron to be worse than Brown.

The Big Society is the same idea that led Mao to the Cultural Revolution.

It even derives as an ideology from a Lucifer worshipping, Marxist, radical Jewish New Yorker.

This is the idea that now drives the Tory Party.

The engines of Capitalism sustain the beast of Socialism.

Fabianism has triumphed, not from the left but via the Tory Right.

Now Capitalism and Communism are linked - the capitalists fund the communist thugs in the UAF to attack the BNP and British Nationalism.

This is the enemy we will be facing if Cameron wins.

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`charity` housing scams said...

I have been talking about this over the last few days and it is something we may be able to pin on UKIP as mentioned, especially in the working class areas where ukip are standing, such as barking, but yes come to think of it i remember your article and a good one too.

Glad you are on side on this, it's a scam, just like housing associations (charities my arse) that charge more than it costs to buy in some cases.

if the BNP can look into some of the rental costs of housing associations as an example, it might just work.

then give these examples of these `non profit` scams which lead to an even bigger poverty trap, while providing rich pickings for the directors wages.

could be embarissing for ukip and the tories.

again nice one Lee, i love the way you back the working class, i love the BNP classless, ageless approach.

Anonymous said...

We have to remember this is all to a backdrop of the continued deliberate NWO de - industrialisation of the country.

so cameron tightens the rope round the country while using `charities` as a cover to stick the boot in to the poor while making his chums on the charity boards super rich.

It could create a massive backlash, but will the voters revert back to Labour?

we have to be there as the champion for the growing poor, the reason is that chances are this was NWO led all along, and if i am correct i believe Labour were making similar plans, in fact they already have made inroads in this area.

This will leave Labour with no room to move, so we need to make this our own, the other parties including ukip are with cameron(NWO) on this one, not sure about the libs but then they are NWO and will do as they are told if they ever get any power.

It is critical that we study the NWO agenda, where it is going and how we can counter it, as people will be looking for a solution.

we need to take a deep look and re structure now, to take advantage.

no doubt if we steal the lead UKIP will follow, but we have a chance to be prepared from the start.

We may otherwise find it tough with the tories as they will be pumping out right wing propaganda all the while being puppets of the NWO. it could be a lean period for us, perhaps even the end if we dont get ahead of the game.

if we do then we could be perfectly placed to reap the rewards.

Anonymous said...

Centralisation of private charity is one of the 3 main themes Gramsci espoused. Abolishing of the nation is another, (that's why the Gramsicans hate the BNP so much, the BNP is in direct oppostion to that pillar).

The Gramscians have been busy beavering away at centralising charity:

- Introduction of National Lottery, with the "good causes" decided by a central authority rather than individuals
- TV phone-ins like Big Brother, with a portion of the cost of the phone call going to charities decided by the Marxist TV producers
- Children in Need, Red Nose Day, Sport Relief. All by the Marxist BBC.

And now here we have these proposals from David Cameron. Proof that Cameron is a Marxist and following the tactics of Gramsci to the letter.

The government might be able to stop Whites officially by denying white organisations charity status. But it can't stop a secret underground white movement anymore than governments of yesteryear were unable to stop the underground gay movement. They would be powerless to stop invitation-only secret white societies, just like how they were powerless to stop the Freemasons.

Ade said...

The Govt can play mindgames all it likes, the BNP should be telling it like it is, the possibility of fake parties existing does not occur to most people.

Here is what I believe is a good example of what I mean.

Very often I will hear parents leading children on, for example, a child might come down in the middle of the night.
The concerned parent says 'awwww, have you had a nightmare'

The first time this occurs of course the child has never heard of nightmares.
The parent created the possibility that nightmares can exist ( and also that they can be very usefull for getting a cuddle or a bit of attention )
In the same way, much of the public is not aware of the possibility of fake parties and all the other political shenanigans that are going on.
The possibility of fake parties ect will only occur to the publics mind when someone mentions it.
It is not that the public are stupid ok some are, but by and large they live in a James Bond type world where, OK, the Lib Lav Cons may have got a few things wrong, but by and large, the Political establishment plys by the rule of Law.

Absolute bollocks of course, what is going on is the British and western European people are being exterminated, Britain deindustrialised, abolished.
But, like the nighmare it is, it will not become a reality until someone raises that possibility.
The BBC will of course not raise that possibility.

Once the possibilities are raised, more and more pieces will fall into place in the publics mind and they will begin to see the reality of what is really going on i this country.

Think of the Publics reality as a huge sheet upon which everything is laid bare, the only problem being that the map of reality is only illuminated in certain areas.
The other areas are left in the dark, they do not exist as far as the public are concerned.
In the same way the very possibility of nightmares does not exist until the unwitting parent raises the possibility.

Simply mentioning the possibility that some of the parties out there are fake, designed to fracture the patriotic vote will create that possibility in the public's mind.
What use is an English, a \Welsh, or a Scottish Parliament when 80% of British Laws are made in Brussels, of course it's obvious stated like that.
But the public, operate only one move deep, unless prompted to think deeper, IE the idea of a National Parliament sounds attractive on the surface but is meaningless, but many scots or Welsh or \English don't think that deep, and why should they, they are too bust tyring to eke a living, they assume, that the Law is being followed, otherwise there would be arrests wouldn't there ?

Ade said...

Why does David Noakes claim Nick is EU controlled.


Most of what Noakes says fits with what we know, even calling for the abolition of the US Fed.

If the BNP were a state operation, would they Ban BNP members from the civil service.
OK they might to keep up the deception, but they don't do this with UkIP.

That part of the EUtruth site doesn't make sense.
Secondly, where is the proof.

Register to vote - deadline 20 April said...

Register to vote - deadline 20 April

get it on the main site on a banner up to the 20th

Ade said...


Ade said...

How times are changing, I've been posting on John Redwoods site for over 2 yrs, regularly on Communism and the NWO.
I should state he has allowed me to post a lot of stuff in the past on the NWO, Alex Jones stuff etc etc, so long as I didn't over step certain boundries, for which I think he does deserve a mention in dispatches.

This week for the first time he mentions the Communist Manifesto 3 times.

He'll be joining the BNP next.

How soon before we start hearing the C word used against Brown and Kameron in Westminster,

no not that one,

I mean Communist.

Thinking about it though, we know Kameron is of that mould too.
Here is Redwood openly talking about Communism, OK, only in light of the Labour Party, it will not go unnoticed though by many of his many readers that Dave's policies too are Communist.

Is the light finally dawning on Mr Redwood that the conservative party are really the Konservative Party.

John Redwoods Diary