Saturday, 3 April 2010

The White Dragon

The war was over, and England slept,
Her sons slaughtered, widows bereft,
And as she slept to escape the pain,
From distant lands the serpent came.

Sensing our sorrow it came forth,
To cross the seas, heading North,
Until it beheld our lush green hills,
And settling down it seeded its ills.

Gold, jewels and gems it began defecating,
Its every action poisonous, an evil acid,
Swiftly turning each against the other,
Blessing all who betrayed their brothers.

As England slept under the serpents spell,
Our blessed Eden was transformed into hell,
For strangers came with murderous intent,
Waging wars upon us, as our liberty fled .

All those who dared resist were caged,
As traitors queued to draw their wage,
Where once our leaders gave wise counsel,
Became filled with whores, a filthy brothel.

New laws were passed to silence dissent,
And truth trapped within a prison fence,
Those who spoke out were hunted down,
As once were foxes, and run to ground.

Fear and rage now ruled the land,
As wolves bit our friendly hands,
Our island became the serpents lair,
And set with laws, a thousand snares.

Cowards sought a sanctuary in silence,
As fools cried,’ Slavery Not Violence’
And day by day the darkness grew,
Until the darkness was all we ever knew.

At first the whisper was not heard,
Its song as timorous as a tiny birds,
At dawn it arose amidst the screams,
Awakening England from its dark dream.

But soon the song took wing,
As others also began to sing,
And on the dawn once born dead,
New hope arose, so pure and fresh.

The serpent and its slaves resisted,
How dare the English begin protesting !
For the chains they forged at schools,
Now fit only cowards, slaves and fools.

Soon an army arose upon our streets,
A song of resistance, marching feet,
The serpent and its traitors shook,
As children threw away their books.

The schools were empty, teachers wept,
No more lies to fill our childrens heads,
Our sons returned from foreign lands,
To join the heroes and make their stand.

No more the serpent, we proclaim,
Woe to those who dare defame,
England and all that we hold dear,
For we will fight, we have no fear.

The serpent rallied all its troops,
The media that vomits vile untruth,
Its lies adorned every filthy rag,
Whilst traitors spat upon our flags.

But the tide had turned and fear had fled,
And as the sleepers rose from their beds,
The day grew bright, the darkness fell,
And a heaven arose where once was hell.

Then the White Dragon swiftly rose,
Its only intent, to defy and oppose,
Then grasped the serpent in its jaws,
And crushed its heart within its claws.

The serpent screamed as the sun broke forth,
Whilst English lions hunted down every wolf,
And where once was fear, hope was reborn,
As white roses bloomed amidst the blackthorn.

When England called we did our bit,
Whilst upon the fence, others sit,
Yes my son, I can say I am proud,
For I stood up, whilst cowards bowed.


Anonymous said...

Heoric indeed

Ade said...

Would make Great Lyrics for a song.

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Anonymous said...

An excellent poem, Lee. I'm not always a fan of your stuff, but thisis genuinely very good.

Adrian Peirson said...

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