Monday, 26 April 2010

The BNP Must Become the Voice of British Youth

Unlike most of the liberal moron journalists I dont live in an all white middle class enclave ivory tower, I am not ferried to work on BBC license fee money in taxis and I dont have a posh car to drive around in to avoid the 'proles' in the street.

I have to get buses and trains.

On buses I sit next to real people - not wanker liberal media types.

And I also sit next to school kids.

And when I sit next to those kids I listen to what they say, and trust me all you liberal mummys and daddys out there, your little Johhny and Sarah are angry, pissed off with political correctness and against the sick multi-cultural society you created.

The kids I hear are the most racist and angry people I have ever heard.

Sure a few kids have ethnic friends - but when they see their ethnic friends play the race card when they leave school to get jobs whilst they are abandoned on the dole simply because they are white - then those friendships will soon end.

Friendships will soon end when a friend you went to school with who never once experienced any 'racism' at any time in their life, plays the race card to get on and in effect exploits the multi-cultural system to destroy meritocracy.

This unfairness and cynical abuse of the race card will soon unravel communities and friendships, for when white kids realise their ethnic friends are being given jobs and promotion not on merit but simply on the basis of their skin colour - then those white kids will get very, very angry.

Even though they have been raised from birth and fed the poison of multi-cultural propaganda, they have seen through it.

And the faster the politically correct state imposes more positive discrimination, affirmative action and anti-white laws - then the faster multi-culturalism will unravel.

Today the kids hold multi-culturalism and the teachers, media lackeys and their parents who peddle the bullshit with total contempt.

Tomorrow they will hate them for it.

The ONLY white people that support the multi-cultural society are brainwashed morons, paid agents of the state and media and brain dead lemmings - their parents to be exact.

Anyone who believes what the government tells them, what the papers tell them and what their lefty teachers tell them is a moron.

When you experience the real world, as opposed to the fantasy world peddled to the masses by the mindbenders in the media, schools and government - then you wake up.

And over 1 million young people at this moment are waking up.

And sooner or later they will come to despise the sad, pitiful remnants of the sixties, those white, middle class morons and liberal cowards who are happy to hide in their nice houses whilst our country goes to shit.

It is the kids who bear the brunt of the multi-cultural experiment.

They are the ones being mugged, raped and robbed by the immigrant scum we have imported into this country.

They are the ones who are having to dodge bullets, bombs and knife attacks by gangs of immigrant thugs, terrorists and criminal gangs.

And they are angry to a degree I have never seen.

In the 1960's if you wanted to be a 'rebel' at university then you flew the Red Flag from your student dorm window.

Now the only form of rebellion left is to fly the Union Jack or Cross of St. George - as if you are at university you soon realise that the hippie liberal lefty idiots of the 1960's are now the tutors, and they still peddle the same old socialist / communist old bollocks as they did then to the kids in their classes.

This is why so many pathetic miranda's and tarquins from the white middle class end up going on UAF demonstrations - as they are peddled this old bollocks and anti-white propaganda by their teachers at colleges and universities.

They are young enough and dumb enough to still believe what they are told by their teachers and the media.

The fact that they are in effect cutting their own throats, as by supporting mass immigration and political correctness and affirmative actions schemes that put ethnics first in the job markets they are ensuring they do not get jobs, will one day trigger an awareness in their naieve young minds that 'hey man, I have been lied too'.

And on that day British White youth will rise up.

The millions of unemployed young people are the future of the BNP.

One day they will leave their schools and universities, go out into society and see for themselves that they are third class citizens in their own country.

They wont be able to get jobs as ethnics will get them on the grounds of their skin tone, homosexuals on the grounds of their sexuality, lesbians on the grounds of their sexuality or simply because they embrace a non- Christian and non-Indigneous religion.

They wont be able to buy houses as they cant get jobs.

They cant afford to buy houses as immigration has pushed the prices too high for them.

They wont be able to get council houses as the immigrants have them.

They wont be able to have kids as they cannot afford them.

And whilst this happens they will see ethnics and immigrants getting rich, getting houses, getting jobs and still whining and moaning about 'racism' whilst they have become the new Ethnic Middle Class.

And they will soon see that the Yasmin Alibhi Brown's who peddle anti-white race propaganda for their own benefit from their wealthy, all white middle class enclaves are nothing more than vile opportunists - peddling 'ant-racist' bullshit whilst growing rich from multi-culturalism.

They meanwhile will be poor, unemployed, homeless and pissed off.

And the moment they realise that their own parents and teachers, the scumbag supporters of liberalism and multi-culturalism, were the ones who put them in that position due to their cowardice, selfishness and apathy - then they are ours.

Whilst Digby Jones, the voice of the global capitalist scum, demands that the government 'starves' white kids into doing menial slave labour (but such rules will not apply to the ethnics will it as that would be 'racist') we demand an end to immigration, British jobs for British workers, an end to racist anti-white affirnative action plans, the total deportation of the 1 million illegals in the UK and a new Industrial Revolution to give our youth jobs and careers.

Any suicide is heartbreaking: when the victim is young it is next to unbearable. If there is a circumstantial reason given rather than a severe mental illness running its course, such a death cries to heaven for a response. True, all suicides are individual and essentially inexplicable; but sometimes a full-scale tragedy points our attention to a thousand less dramatic miseries. Thus the death by overdose of Vicky Harrison, aged 21, should shake us out of political vapouring to focus our gaze on an unfolding national disaster.

Ms Harrison, we learn, left notes to her parents and boyfriend saying “I don’t want to be me any more” and asking them to try to be happy. She died on the eve of her fortnightly trip to sign on for jobseeker’s allowance: her parents say that her humiliation stemmed from having been unable to find a job in two years. “She just wanted to work and earn some cash,” says her father, and depression dogged her because she could not afford to go out to see her friends. She had plenty of them, and a good home and a boyfriend; yet she was socially excluded. That modish phrase is glibly used for mere economic deprivation, but exclusion from the world of work and usefulness can be just as painful.

Having dropped out of a university course (ah, the chimera of film and media studies: useful for some, a door to disillusion for others) she applied first for dinner-lady or secretarial jobs in schools in the hope of becoming a teaching assistant. Then she tramped round the supermarkets, willing to stack shelves, anything to join a workforce. No luck. “She felt she had no future,” says her father.

Enough. It is a private tragedy. But before we leave Vicky Harrison, note that none of the clich├ęs apply. She was not one of the illiterate, innumerate school-leavers bewailed by the CBI; she had ten decent GCSEs and two A levels including English language (a good indicator of employability). She was not an addict or a hoody or a teenage single mother, not working the benefits system, not claiming incapacity benefit for “stress” because she preferred daytime TV. She was personable, hated handouts and would have taken any job. She was a bright, hopeful unit in our national future. Now, she isn’t. We should care, a lot.

There are nearly a million 18 to 24-year-olds looking for jobs right now. Few will be suicides or turn to crime and drugs, though research suggests that the young unemployed are three times as likely to get into trouble. But, whether school-leavers or graduates, a willing young generation may become a lost legion. When your first encounter with the adult world delivers the blunt message that it doesn’t need you, the effect is even deeper and more damaging than mid-career redundancy. It may not be as practically awkward, given that you probably don’t have children and can live with your parents; but in your head and heart it is lethal. Failure to launch!

The long-term unemployment of the 1980s left a trail of demotivated, unaccustomed, increasingly ineffective potential workers; perhaps without that we would not now be so risibly dependent on immigrant labour. Now it risks happening again. It is a mass psychological disaster.

One of my first reporting jobs, in the late Seventies, was to interview a group of young people in Oxfordshire who had been — gasp, shock! — a whole year looking for work.

I remember how nice they were, brushed and tidied to meet the BBC, anxious to please, humiliation flickering in their eyes. They were bright enough, interested in the world and in learning a trade, happy to lower their sights but unable to find even the humblest billet. Their plight was considered rare and scandalous. Now it gets shrugged off as just another routine rebalancing of capitalism — until a pretty young woman acts out her despair in the worst of ways.

What would help? We can’t rely even on a hypothetical growing economy, because these days that generally means a further influx of overseas workers from the far corners of the EU and beyond, tempting to unscrupulous employers because they can be exploited rotten until they wise up, and won’t have voluble parents complaining to the papers about their work conditions. We can’t keep on inventing gimcrack projects and dead-end subsidised apprenticeships; we can’t expect even the more affluent to be unpaid interns for years, though they at least feel themselves useful. We certainly can’t just harrumph along with David Cameron about cutting the benefits of “those who choose not to work”, unless we acknowledge that there are plenty who are absolutely desperate to work but spend years being told that they’re overqualified, or inexperienced, or just unnecessary.

Nor can we just blame the recession. Before it started, during the boom years, we had 15 per cent of 16-25s out of work. An inconvenient truth is that employing people has, for sweetly idealistic reasons, become so hedged about with regulation, cost and commitment that hiring someone is almost like marrying them. Any company thinks twice these days before taking anybody on, especially anybody young and untried. The employers’ national insurance rise is hardly going to change that for the better.

It is impossible not to link all this to the difficulties of women such as Vicky Harrison. In France, three years ago, Dominique de Villepin, then Prime Minister, tried to address it in a novel way: he proposed flexible job contracts for first-time workers under 26 — the CPE or first employment contract. Within the first two years they could be dismissed with no reason given, and employing any young person who had been six months out of work would exempt you from national insurance. Thus, employers might take a punt, and the young get a chance to prove themselves. Three months later, after violent demonstrations, the Government stepped back and the unions crowed. Now the French stick to the tired old stuff we go in for here — training schemes, internships, fake jobs, anything to keep the figures down.

But it’s real jobs they want, these young: to be needed, useful, a cog in the machine. Even if it’s a job you have to laugh at in the pub that evening. Many young French voices — drowned by union rhetoric — said precarious employment on the CPE would be better than none. I suspect ours would agree. But what politician would dare roll back some of the stifling regulation and expense entailed in giving them a chance?

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extant said...

Re-The kids I hear are the most racist and angry people I have ever heard.

They would never beleive it, I speak to my Childrens freinds, they are intoxicated with anger, many are talking politics at the age of 17 years old.
They are the future of this Country and they aint happy puppys, but the scum liberals will never see let alone except this this, it is beneath them to know what is happening to the young poor white kids. The very same kids who hold a genuine Inheritance and ownership of our Country and they know it too.

Anonymous said...

It is always the way of youth to rebel against the beliefs of its parents and society.

This is how PC and all the whole leftist thing will end with the upcoming generation.

Anonymous said...

Very perceptive Lee, when me and other BNP activists are doing a stall in the town centre we see more and more young people coming up to engage with us, mainly i would say in the age group of 17-20, they ask for leaflets and newpapers, the come in groups mostly, even our young are waking up despite the relentless onslaught of brainwashing....Donna

Adrian Peirson said...

I remember showing my showing my sister some info on 9-11, she was understandably shocked, her young daughter came in ( about 14 yrs of age )and her mother said to her 'did you know 9-11 was carried out by the Government.

'Oh yea' she said, 'everyone knows that'

They expect to get away with this and impose their New World Order
on our kids because by then, the kids will simply think that what they see around them is normal.

The way to screw up their plans is to ensure that youngsters learn the truth.

Take for example the word family, if you erase it from the vocabulary, if you only promote single parents on TV, divorce, bickering between men and women etc.
If the word marriage dissapears from common use, or perception then so will marriage itself.

if their control over the media had been better, I would still have been believing the lies about 9-11 etc.

The alternative media like Infowars initially gave me the possibility of an alternative version of the truth.
Initially, I did not believe it.
However, once give the possibility of an alternative explanation I was able to put the jigsaw together and I think this is important.

Everyone thinks slightly different, differing bitsof evidence mean more to some than others, to an accountant for example, he might be suspicious to learn about Stock trades just before 9-11.
He may know nothing about the implications of a free fall collapse of THREE Buildings in a single day.

Of course if he never heard of the stock trades just prior to 9-11 he
would possibly remainly ignorant of any alternative explanation for 9-11.

The point I wish to mke is that you may not have to convince anyone of the truth, you simply have to raise the possibility of an alternative view.

The kids growing up today see men and women arguing on their favourite TV shows, this then iindoctrinates them how to behave they never consider that men and women could actually be friends, and actually love each other because that possibility is never presented to them, and so as they grow up, what they have sat in front of watching becomes their reality.

We don't have to convince them that our ideas are correct, we just have to present them with an alternative possibility for relationships between men and women.

Dances with Wolves

Of course our children are not presented with that possibility for a very good reason.

As we have come to expect, the reason why Love and marriage between men and women is not pushed in our society has to do with money.

Aaron Russo on how the Banksters set up the Feminist movement

So the point I think is we don't have to tell them that positive discrimination will work against them, we just have to ensue that the possibility of this happening is a possibility, then let them decide if its happening.

If the possibility is not suggested, then of course they will never consider the possibility.

So our Job is to ensure that the possibility of anti white racism is raised as an issue.
Simply seeing the words 'anti white racism' will raise that possibility.

It doesn't need to say anything else, it's self explanatory.

How about a sticker campaign on public thoroughfares, like tube and train stations, public walkways in all major cities.
Doesn't have to be a large sticker, an inch or so, placed on the hand rail in tube station starways will be seen by thousands a day, repeat this in every city, over months suddenlt you have raised a possibility of something occuring that is never mentioned ( so is not happening ) in the minds of millions of people.

Ade said...

The BNP are anti establishment and a bit taboo, what's not to like for our youth.

Some Illicit BNP DVD's spelling out what is really going on, Marxism, psychological warfare in the media. might be quite popular too.

Anonymous said...

There was some statistics somewhere saying that white British male boys were doing the worst at school under Labour. That makes them a natural BNP demographic - an indigenous majority being oppressed by a foreign elite.

Also, I was reading an old profile about Nick Griffin on the BBC recently and it said he set up a Nationalist group while he was at university in Cambridge. Is it still going? If not, I think a new one should be set up because it's important to get supporters from elite universites because they will bring in much needed skills, connections and money.