Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lethal Bizzle Twitter Page Erased

I made a formal complaint to the Twitter people in San Franscisco a few hours ago.

The entire Twitter page of Lethal Bizzle has now been removed.

The police are also investigating and will interview Nick tomorrow about the complaint.

This is where the page was ;

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churchnill said...

The vile person is still there

Defender of Liberty said...

Yeah, it looks like they removed just the page with the threats on it which is fair enough.

Anonymous said...

Lee this will give you a good laugh - bottles of piss thrown on stage.!

Anonymous said...

he already sent out the message, twitter stores all messages, get the scumbag arrested and subpoena all twitter messages he has sent. this rapper is a spokesman for gang crime, his message is an order. this mafia crime boss needs to face either a criminal or civil court. this wasn't free speech, this was a death threat.

Anonymous said...

Lee there is also another entry on Twitter - April 26th at 2.09pm from this person "Watching that BNP advert has pissed me off! Wanker i will knock that BNP leader out if i see him! Wat a cunt".....Donna

Anonymous said...

lethal b isnt a mafia crime boss lol your whites are so naive sometimes this guy makes electro pop and shitty music he doesnt majke gangsta rap just cos he dresses urban dont make him gangsta he used to do grime that was in liek 04 now he does pop like dizze rascal he never was a gnagster he used to sell stolen cars noone listens to him furthermore noone will kill nick griffin because he said so lol fools if anyone kills nick griffin its cos they wanted to