Monday, 5 April 2010

The International Health Service

When are people going to learn that the reason why the NHS employs so many foreigners is because the NHS treats so many foreigners.

The NHS is in fact the IHS - The International Health Service, open to all comers from around the planet and paid for out of our taxes.

But never mind eh.

All you thick as pig shit sheeple 'La-baah-our' voters and Tory voters keep voting in the politicians that keep bringing them in and who keep using your taxes to pay for it - so you get just what you deserve, you morons.

NHS Trust forced to hold English lessons for foreign nurses

By Sophie Borland
Last updated at 2:49 PM on 05th April 2010

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Hospitals are being forced to send foreign staff to English lessons because they can't understand basic phrases such as 'nil by mouth'.

Nurses, cleaners and porters recruited from overseas are being dispatched on 10-week courses funded by the Government to help them improve their language skills.

Although many have a very good grasp of textbook English, they struggle with common abbreviations used on the ward such as 'bleeping a doctor' or 'doing the rounds'.
John Radcliffe

Communication gap: The John Radcliffe hospital, one of the centres forced to give English lessons to foreign nurses

Hospital staff admit there have been 'near-disaster' cases when a porter has mistakenly delivered a meal to a patient having not understood the 'nil by mouth' sign on the bed stating he cannot eat or drink.

Although all doctors recruited from outside the EU must pass a special English language test set by the General Medical Council before they can practice, the same rules do not apply for other hospital workers.

Instead staff including nurses, cleaners and porters are usually assessed on their grasp of English at their interview.

Overseas workers at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, Oxford are being encouraged to attend 10-week English for Speakers at Other Languages courses run at the nearby Oxford and Cherwell Valley College.

More than 70 different nationalities are employed at the trust, largely from the Philippines, Poland, Burma and the Caribbean.

But other hospitals have similar schemes, all funded by the Department of Health.

There have been increasing concerns over the language skills of foreign doctors ever since the death of 70-year-old David Gray in 2008, killed by a German GP whose English was so appalling he had been rejected by other health authorities.

Dr Daniel Ubani, 67, who was covering an out-of-hours-practice in Cambridge, had never faced an English test due to an EU loophole which allows doctors from member states to work in Britain without having their language skills or qualifications checked.

Staff at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals said that English lessons for overseas workers should be compulsory - rather than on a voluntary basis as is currently the case.

Jacquie Pearce-Gervis, of the Oxford Radcliffe Patients' Forum, said: "Patients and relatives have been calling for this for a long time.

'The language barrier can be a real issue. The most common problem is "nil by mouth".

'There have been cases when porters have delivered a patient food despite the fact there is a clear sign on their bed saying "nil by mouth".

'Obviously this could have led to disaster but fortunately the patient has been intelligent enough to point out that they are not allowed the food.

'I think it should be compulsory. There can often be problems with common slang terms used on the ward.'

Another member of staff, who did not wish to be named, said: 'It's a real problem here and the language lessons can only be a good thing. We have so many foreign employees here and it's very worrying if they don't speak English.'

Rainy Faisey, deputy director of Human Resources at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, said the courses were a way of giving staff in lower-paid jobs a chance to develop their skills and further their careers as part of the NHS ‘Widening Participation’ initiative.

'As an employer, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust offers a wide variety of training and development opportunities to its staff to help them to provide excellent care for our patients and further their career in the NHS.

'Like all good employers we provide all our staff with the opportunity to develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills, whether their first language is English or not.

'These courses are centrally funded by the European Social Fund and Skills for Life in the Workplace.

'Our overseas staff are an integral, important and valued part of our workforce.'

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, like the Dr of a foreign name that wrongly diagnosed thousands of Cancer tests

Ade said...

Didn't some muslim cleric warn the West, those who heal you will kill you, that was shortly after Glasgow.

myself, I prefer to do my own diagnosing and treatment.

Life Extension Foundation

The US Govt has been trying to shut them down for years, just like Whitehall has been trying to shut down the BNP for years.
Recomendations don't come much better than that.

Ade said...

In just the same way as the Conservatives Conserve nothing, and the Bank of England is not the Bank of England, I will leave it to your imagination what I think the true agenda of the National Health Service is.

But I draw your attention to the 7.2 million abortions carried out by the state since 1970 and a desire to sterilise our children.

Sterilise Schoolchildren

The Flu Case

Jerusalem in England's Green and Pleasant Land

Ade said...

Incidentally Lee, you mentioned you didn't know how to embed you tube vids, well, I think ( but don't know for sure )

If you find a youtube vid you want to use, you will see the embed code.
or at least a button that will allow you to get the embed code which i presume if you post will do the trick.

If not there are some tutorials at on html and other stuff.

Jade said...

I left the NHS thirteen years ago. Iam a nurse(trained conventionally in the seventies), and I saw how the NHS was wasting good resourses employing these people. Apart from the danger aspect, due to lack of language skills, their lack of hygiene and in some cases compassion appalled me. There are indigenous Britons who have trained here , in both medicine and nursing, who cannot find work. Why does the NHS continue to employ these foreigners?

UK palliative care hospice said...

The reason they'll not employ locals is because there is an agenda that seeks to racially and familially atomise communities before introducing a global government. If you are Anglo-Saxon, Celt or any other brand of White with multi-generational heritage within the land of your ancestors, then you are actively discriminated against so as to empower the new migrant. This new migrant, usually unaware of what's going on, will instinctively work against your interests because he has been placed there to do exactly that...Its not necessarily the migrants fault, but he/she's a useful idiot. The new migrant punches his/her fist in the air and tells you that your country is a multi-cultural country now....You were offered no opportunity of refusal.

Your affairs are managed by Kapos, collaborators and Brown nosed quoit kissers that look like you and speak with a similar accent and still attend the memorial shrines of those who they would have you believe fought and died for "multi-culturalism" and your own elimination as distinctly different and intrinsically valuable people.

Ade said...

So our elderly, having worked all their lives to build up a Pension Pot get what when they retire.
Do they get all that money back.
Nope, they get the interest on the Pot of savings each month, the Pot of savings aquired from a lifetime of saving for a pension, either privately or from the state remains in the hands of the state or the Finance companies.
The Pensioner gets obly the interest each month, the Pot is stolen when they die.
Which explains their treatment once they are sent to care homes, drugged up all day, the Govt and the Finance companies want them dead asap, they don't want to be pating out interest to these now useless eaters.
So they asset strip them ( force them to sell their homes to pay for care ) then get them into care homes where they can be......well, we all know ther rest, there have been enough cases reported.

The people who have set this system up are hideously deranged beyond anything most people can imagine or believe.

The Pension Scam