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Rochdale - rotting from within

When grandmother Gillian Duffy suggested immigration was a problem in Rochdale, she was swiftly dismissed as a 'bigot' by Gordon Brown.

But the Prime Minister was betraying not only his real feelings about the worries of millions of Britons, but also his ignorance of what has been going on in the northern town - which provides an acute case study of issues afflicting the whole nation.

For ethnic populations in Rochdale, ten miles north of Manchester, have been rising so fast that the Home Office has been warned it is at risk of race riots, and the council has had to draw up a special housing plan for minorities.
The Falinge area of Rochdale which had the highest number of benefit claimants in Britain

The Falinge area of Rochdale which had the highest number of benefit claimants in Britain

Government research last year showed more than a quarter of primary school pupils in Rochdale spoke English as a foreign language - and named one school. Heybrook Primary, where every single one of the 453 pupils spoke English as a second language.


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Large scale immigration to the town began in the post-war years, when thousands of Asians arrived to work in dozens of cotton mills.
Gillian Duffy was called a 'bigoted woman' by Gordon Brown when she quizzed him about immigration in Rochdale

Gillian Duffy was called a 'bigoted woman' by Gordon Brown when she quizzed him about immigration in Rochdale

The mills have now gone, but the Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims who came to work in them have remained, along with their children and grandchildren.

And census figures have shown that while the white population is actually falling by 2.3 per cent a decade, thanks to high birth rates the Asian population is doubling every 20 years. One church has reacted by offering services in Urdu and Punjabi.

Statistics produced in 2006 counted 16,000 people of Pakistani-origin in Rochdale, one in twelve of the population, along with 3,100 Bangladeshis, and another 8,000 non-whites.

On top of that there were another 5,000 eastern Europeans and other non-British whites.

Yet even in the four years since those figures were produced, the ethnic minority numbers have grown rapidly.

For the opening of European Union borders has led to ever larger numbers of Poles and other eastern Europeans coming to take up low-paid jobs in the town.

The Daily Mail found that numerous Poles were working in a Woolworths depot in Rochdale, while sleeping up to 13-at-a-time in cramped terrace houses.

Rochdale Borough Council recently produced a special 'Black and Minority Ethnic' housing strategy for the town 'in recognition of the increasing ethnic diversity in Rochdale' and the minorities' 'level of housing need'.

In addition to the Asians established locally for decades, the document goes on, there are 'newer and emerging ethnic minority groups' making up the 'refugee and asylum seeker communities for Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries', as well as eastern Europeans, mainly Poles.

The council document notes: 'In 2007, Rochdale borough had a black and minority ethnic population of 12 per cent, which is projected to increase to 20 per cent by 2021.'
Boarded up shops in Rochdale's main shopping strip last year

Boarded up shops in Rochdale's main shopping strip last year

Three years ago it was reported that taxpayers were funding the refurbishment of 500 homes a year for asylum seekers in Rochdale - at a cost of £3,000 a time, with fittings including, freezers, microwaves and even ash trays.

Even before extra strain was placed on resources by the arrival of east Europeans and asylum seekers, recently released Home Office papers showed that in 2001 Rochdale was highlighted as potential race riot 'hot-spot' following violent anarchy in nearby Oldham.

And race relations in the town caused problems for Labour in the last General Election too, when it was claimed a raid on 25 suspected illegal immigrants on a council estate inundated by Africans had been postponed to avoid embarrassing Tony Blair.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Mass immigration was always a lie pushed on the Gullible, myself included, when HMS Windrush docked in 1948 the nation was told we need more people.

How many were they going to import within the next 20 - 30 yrs via boat and plane.

Why did they not simply adopt family friendly policies, within 20 yrs they would have increased the population by farm more than could have been shipped in by boat and plane.

It was a Con, it's plain to see now their intention was to exterminate the British, and since it's happening all over Western civilization, despite the fact that I've not looked into it that much, It's not too difficult to see that the moment they got Rid of Hitler, they began their agenda in earnest around the Globe.

I think this explains WWII far better than the crap we've been told.

It explains Patton's remark after WWII.

'We fought the wrong enemy'

Imagine if our WWII vets were to be told what WWII was really about bringing western civilization to this point.

What a twisted bunch of deranged psycopaths lay behind this hideous plot.

Time to get some contraband DVD's out into the communities, telling people the truth.
Or at least presenting an alternative view.

Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party organised a "Hasbara" type spin yesterday from Labour party HQ. Whenever readers or viewers were invited to comment the board was flooded with pro Gordon comments from the BBC to the Daily Mail . This was even pointed out on the BBC make a comment board
2505. At 10:08am on 29 Apr 2010, PompeyOops wrote:
1148. At 7:32pm on 28 Apr 2010, angry_of_garston wrote:
@comment 716.

You are quite correct.

On just this page up to your post the following comments supporting Brown
have been made by recently joined posters who have only commented on this topic.



You 2 are not far wrong!

I have clicked on a few of their names, & many of them appear to be new members, or the same person lol. So I guess you could be right & staff at Labour HQ having a lot of typing to do today.


Anonymous said...

according to blair cameron and clegg of the cultural marxist party, there really is no problem with immigration. all 3 tiptoed around the word immigration, even failing to show up brown and his "bigot" remark.

what a con.

Anonymous said...

first downfall parody on bigotgate.