Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Death Sentence

You read a story like this every few months ;

These people are going to spend 23 years in prison at a cost of around £50,000 per year to keep them in prison.

That equates to around 1.2 million pounds just to keep them alive.

Just hang them.

Its cheap, its efficient and it protects the national gene pool.

Just as we must be excluding war criminals, criminals, terrorists, rapists etc from entering the country - we must also seek to prevent such people breeding as well.

The new science of Cultural Neuro-Science is proving that Culture and Genes are linked, in that it is the genes of an individual, and a nation, that define the culture they create.

This means that the genes of war criminals create individuals whose offspring are more likely than other individuals to be involved in war crimes in the context of social situation likely to be conducive to war crimes - or that criminals spawn criminals.

The nature of a nation is defined by its people.

Change the people of the nation and you change its culture.

The more colonists enter a nation, the more the nation is culturally and socially destabilised.

The more the nation permits the criminal elements amidst its population to propagate their genes into the national gene pool, the more the nation is destabilised from within.

Mass Immigration and the death penalty for criminals such as the ones above are essential tools in the higher evolution of the nation state.

In an age of resource scarcity, global eco-conflict, Peak Oil, mass migrations of people due to climate change ( or over population as it should be named ), WMD Terrorism, global famine and mass epidemics of disease due to drug resistance - all of which are coming in the next few years and decades - the nation state must commence changes to enable it to cope.

This will involve ditching the Liberal Social Consensus on mass immigration, political correctness, Colonisation, multi-culturalism, globalism, economics, industry, energy security, agricultural self sufficiency, national protectionism of essential corporations and industries and other internal readjustments.

The era of the Liberal Social Consensus must be extirpated and cast into the dustbin of history alongside Communism, Globalism, Liberalism and all the other petty 'Ism's' that sustain the present parasitic 'Oligopoly' that masquerades as a Global Free Market and the Corporate Media-Social Establishment Duopoly that controls politics and democracy.

The myths of universal liberalism are predicated upon a cultural foundation of a recognition of the existence of universal human rights, but this cultural concept of 'universal human rights' is specific ONLY to the people who created it - and cannot be exported to societies whose cultures are alien to that tradition eg China, Islamic nations and African nations, for these have their own cultural manifestations.

Therefore if culture and DNA are entwined, then the idea that democracy, human rights and green issues are relevant to all nations, people and cultures is flawed - and must be recognised as a form of Cultural and Moral Imperalism.

The West cannot be exported, nor can our culture.

Nor can other cultures, peoples and communities be imported into the West without them destabilising our nations, cultures, society and communities.

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Ade said...

I'd like to live in a Society where the Death sentance wold hardly ever be necessary Utopian perphas but I believe it is possible.
I have no objection though to it being an option once all appeals have run out.
If four or Five Judges make the same decision then....

But Once we dig our selves out of this hole, I'd like to think it would hardly ever be used.

Anyway, Chemtrails, it seems vit D is an exceptionally important nutrient, far more important than they want us to know about.
It's made by sun exposure.

Could this possibly explain chemtrails.

Vit D / Chemtrails

More on Vit D

extant said...

Re-This means that the genes of war criminals create individuals whose offspring are more likely than other individuals to be involved in war crimes in the context of social situation likely to be conducive to war crimes - or that criminals spawn criminals.

I know a person who is a Rapist Peadophile, his father is a Rapist Peado who served 11 years in a military prison for the murder and Rape of a 15 year old girl, the son was never brought up by the x Army Seargent, but his son is also a Pervert who was expelled from School at the age of 14 for moulesting a young girl, who was aloso never raised by his Father. I knew these pre-destined unfortantate peado's personally and I give you my absolute word im telling you the truth .
You are more right than you will ever know mate.
It has been scientifically proven that Peadophiles have a lack of white matter, the part of the brain that carries signals.


extant said...

Sorry perhaps I never made my self clear-
So we have 3 generations of Peadophiles, who have no direct social association with eachother ,only biological, all 3 are convicted rapist peadophiles.

Dont forgive them Lord, for they know what they do !!

All Communist Traitor scum also have a predetermined destination :O)

out of the frying pan said...

The only death sentence i currently see is the BNP backing the NWO Hitler youth plans and conscription, we are descending into a NWO police state and the BNP supports it!

Give us strength!

Anonymous said...

Careful Lee , what you are suggesting is eugenics which had universal acceptance until 1945 in the west from Sweden to the US. However we all know thanks to the MSM where that led ie human skin lampshades, soap bars made from Jews etc etc. No, safer to follow what are masters decree and support the globalist corporate agenda. Dont rock the boat.

Stop Globalism said...

We should not allow that kind of dirty dancing where the participants are dressed like total whores and simulating sex at BNP parties. And belive me I have witnessed it. Any of that kind of people need a stern talking to. They need to get some standards or leave. Otherwise we can find these psycho scum in some way linked to our innocent party.

Ade said...

Gerald Celente's Blog

Anonymous said...

Some private charity is offering drug addicts £200 to get sterilised:

Modern warfare is all about birth rates. Whoever has the most babies wins:

The classic example of this kind of slow conquest is Kosovo. The Serbs could always defeat the Albanians on the battlefield, even when outnumbered, but the Albanians had a huge advantage in the most important military production of all—babies. According to the BBC, the birthrate of Kosovo Albanians 50 years ago was an amazing 8.5 children per woman.

The Serb/Albanian conflict offers damn near perfect lab conditions to prove my case that birth rate trumps military prowess these days, because the Serbs always beat the Albanians in battle, yet they’ve lost their homeland, Kosovo.

In places where tribes hate each other, a tribe that outbreeds its rival will become the majority, even if it can’t fight. So, after generations of skulking at home making babies, letting the Serbs do the fighting, the Albanians finally became the majority in Kosovo and therefore the official “good guys,” being oppressed by the official “bad guys,” the Serbs.

To win the way the Albanians won in Kosovo, you need to make a lot of babies. It’s that simple. And to see how it works, you have to drop the namby-pamby liberal idea that people only have babies out of “love.” In lots of places on this planet, baby-making is a form of weapons production.

In some places, it’s open policy. For example, in Palestine there’s an all-out birthrate war going on between the Palestinians and the Israelis. And one of the most frustrating things about this kind of struggle, from the Israeli perspective, is that the worse you make life for the people in the occupied zones, the more kids they have. The Gaza Strip, for instance, has one of the highest fertility rates in the world outside Africa, at
5.6 kids per woman.

The rate for Israeli overall is about 2.8 children per woman, high for a rich country. But the most amazing rates anywhere, even higher than for the Gaza Palestinians, are in the most extreme Zionist groups, the Haredi “ultra-orthodox” Jews. Until recently they averaged eight or nine children per woman. There was actually a
big panic in the Israeli settler press when news hit that their rate had dropped to a mere 7.7 kids per woman.
That’s actually higher than the rate for Mali (7.38 per woman), which has the highest birthrate in the world.

The settlers don’t hide the fact that they’re producing as many kids as they can in order to change the demographics of “Greater Israel” in their favor—above all to make sure the Palestinians never become the majority.

I'm waiting for the BNP to start a "lie back and think of England" campaign. The only we we are going to get our country back is to breed our way to victory - Make love not war!