Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Vote Lib Dem if you cant vote BNP

If there isnt a BNP candidate in you area - THEN VOTE LIB DEM.

This is for two reasons ;

1) The lib dems represent the last of the political lifeboats for the deluded masses, and the sooner the lifeboat sinks the better. That way the ONLY opposition party is the BNP. A vote for the Lib Dems will accelerate the destruction of the liberal society, as the more insane policies they impose, the faster our people will wake up. At the moment things arent bad enough for them to wake up - A Lib Dems government would destroy British society with its insane liberalism and hasten our rise to power.

2) The Lib Dems PR proposals would mean the BNP would gain about 60 seats in Parliament.

Therefore if you cant vote BNP then vote Lib Dem.

If Labour does badly next week, it is likely that its new leadership will take it closer to the Lib Dems, perhaps even into coalition. Where will its lost voters go then? Mostly, I suspect, to the BNP. At the European election last year, the BNP scored six percent of the poll and NuLab only 15 per cent.

There is a very likely prospect of the BNP fishing for votes amongst the poorer white ex-Labour voters being hit by unemployment, expenditure cuts and higher taxes on petrol and VAT increases. They might score 10 per cent in a future election – and under the Clegg system finish up with over 60 MPs.

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extant said...

hehe, there can only be "1"

Talking of voting, I found out today how dangerous the Irish really are, dont let them near the Ballot papers for fuck sake, the silly Bastard's have been known to put an X to the party they dont want elected. That may explain how they voted yes for the EU membership ;o)

LABOUR, fuck them X

EU ,fuck that too X


extant said...

You are absolutely bang on mind Lee, it is only a matter of time befour it collapses.
We will be in Power at the beginnging to mid way to a colapse of society, there is absolutely no doubt.But dont think its going to be easy, we are on a one way street to complete colapse, even if we get in right now, the only difference is ,that right now we will win hands down, but it will be real messy.

I dont know if I have said this to you befour, but check your home insurance policy under civil war from 5 years ago and check it now, it is fucking scarey. barclays insurance, 2005 "civil Commotion, covered", thats all it says,now it has 2 full pages of any eventuality of civil war is not covered.
no shit check it out mate..