Sunday, 4 April 2010

The New Labour Mafia

From David Yelland the former editor of The Sun ;

" I was untouchable. I was cocooned and protected, a "made man", an unelected member of a tiny elite that runs the country and never has to pay a price."

" I had the prime minister on the phone agreeing with me. "

" I had a BlackBerry with the mobile numbers of most of the Cabinet, the Murdoch family and a chunk of the British elite."

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Ade said...

Article here suggesting US military finally conceding

9-11 an inside Job

Although they must have known all along, at least some, I don't doubt that it's possible to be senior and not in the loop and just too bust to look closely, but if this is true and becomes more mainstream...

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee, Thanks mate, I was the one that sent you this earlier, thought it would take your interest. Makes sense doesn't it, everything that you have said plus others such as Alex Jones fits into place. When you have the 22nd second richest man in the UK brag about manipulating the media and controlling the UK government then you know that everything you have ever read about the "unelected elite" is true. plus how yolnd got drunk and sent the Sun pro islamic and supported islam, this is damming stuff.
Lee, you do a Yeoman's job, thank you.

Ade said...

Youtube Video on Military specialist confirming 9-11 inside Job.


Ade said...

Best wishes from the Ukraine

Lest we forget, we are all just pawns to the Globalists.

Pres Of Iran Christmas message