Friday, 16 April 2010

Our Insane Drugs Laws

I read today that the husband of a BNP candidate has been arrested for smoking cannabis when he suffers from chronic arthritis.

For Christs sake havent the police got the brains and balls to do their real job, which is to arrest CRIMINALS instead of people suffering chronic pain from a medical condition.

The British drugs laws are a sick joke.

Whilst dealers, importers and junkies involved with hard drugs like heroin are growing every day, and the money made from hard drugs used to support Islamic terrorism, the police arrest a man with a chronic medical condition for possession of cannabis.

I have seen what hard drugs do to people, as I saw a brother die from heroin abuse.

I have also seen what Cannabis can do to help people in real pain.

I used to work with a group of MS sufferers including a young lad of around 23 who had severe MS.

He could not even wipe his own bum after going to the toilet, his mum used to do it for him.

After smoking a cannabis joint he could wipe his own bum - and for a little while he had his dignity and self respect back.

Yet he also faced being arrested - and that is simply unacceptable to anyone with a brain and a sense of morality.

To deny a man access to a herb that helps his medical condition that in the entire history of humanity has never killed a single human being, whilst we are in the midst of a war for oil in Afghanistan and Iraq that has killed millions, is simply evidence we live in a sick and insane society.

Any system of drugs laws that allow the state to arrest people suffering from chronic pain are not moral laws nor are they sane laws - they are the sick laws of a sick and corrupt legal system.

The BNP should not support the present drugs laws - we must pass laws to change them all.

This is because everyone, from the police to charities helping people with conditions that respond positively to cannabis, know that the drugs laws in this country are pernicious and evil.

For the BNP to support evil drugs laws passed to benefit the global drugs companies, that imprison people in severe pain, that deny sick people a medicine that helps them both physically and mentally is to abandon our core principle as a political movement - which is to put the interests of our people before the interests of the laws, ideology and demands of the present corrupt system and its profiteers like the drugs companies.

We in the BNP must pass laws to put our people first, not perpetuate the present failed drugs system.

I have blogged on this issue before - so read what we need to do here ;

I stand beside all those people in our society who are in pain, who are denied their right to choose a medicine that works for them and I stand up for the people in prison with such conditions because of idiotic drugs laws that are unworkable in practice, that reward only the criminals and the Industrial Police and Prisons Complex and that profit groups like Serco and Group4 whose profits are based on imprisoning people and who then donate to the political parties that pass the idiot drug laws.

We need a root and branch reform of the drugs laws.

Legalisation is not the answer and nor is prohibition.

We must begin to issue Licenses to those who have genuine medical conditions and who benefit from drugs like cannabis - just as they are doing all across the United States right at this moment.

The UK is the idiot brother of the United States.

Where they lead then a decade later we follow.

The US is changing its laws and moving forward the drugs debate and allowing medicinal cannabis and licenses to possess and grow cannabis to be issued to people with chronic medical conditions under the authority of their doctors - whilst the UK continues down the same idiot path of prohibition it always has done.

The BNP is not here to appeal to the present Establishment and its corporate interests.

We intend to put the interests of the British people first, not the profits of the industrial police and prison complex or the drugs companies.

That means the drugs laws will change - and for the importers and dealers and money launderers of hard drugs, then that means the death sentence.

For the junkies on hard drugs that means compulsory rehab and compulsory weekly testing and being released into society on a license that requires them to prove they are clean on an ongoing basis.

For the people with chronic medical conditions it means they can apply to be licensed by a doctor and not have to live in pain because of laws drawn up by idiots in the pockets of the drugs companies.

Any society that criminalises the sick and suffering, is sick itself.

Within a decade we could end the drugs nightmare - but in order to do that we must stop parroting the pathetic rhetoric of the other parties, we must start to put the interests of the British people first and we must be prepared to impose harsh penalties on those in our society who profit from hard drugs.

Only then will the law work.

Until then the law is sick and evil.

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tonyjames said...

Kids used to buy mephedrone online for a cheap legal high. While it is foolish to take such a drug, the availability of the latest crap legal high was diverting kids from the real evil of backsteet dealers and a connection to a black market where any old illegal filth is pushed on kids for the maximum amount of profit. Now the dealers are back in control, nice one.

Anonymous said...

The main criteria should be, as with most of our laws,

cause none harm nor loss.

If someone wants to smoke cannabis in the privacy of their own home it's none of the Govt's business.

If they start playing loud music, ranting and raging, or go out to drive dangerously then it's Govt business since they are then causing annoyance or are a threat to safety, or in breach of the peace laws.

Adrian P said...

Another reason they probably wont allow it is because they want CONTROL.
Absolute life and death Control over every aspect of our lives.
The people making these decisions are absolute whacko's,deranged psycopaths that surpass anything ever dreamt up by science fiction.

Codex to outlaw micronutrients

Agenda 21

This is another subject BNP could benefit from, there are millions out there that want leadership on this matter.
There are thousands of Doctors out there, maybe some would dare to stick there heads above the parapet and offer policy advise on health.


Adrian P said...

Here's an interesting thing

Govt tells us we need to wear sunblock, right, because they care about us and want to reduce the risk of us and our children catching cancer.
Obviously I've given the game away already.

There are two types of UV light
UVA and UVB.
One causes cancer, ( more accurately leads to a significantly increased risk )

The other stimulates the Production of Vit D3 in the skin on exposure to sunlight, Vit D is important in hundreds of biological processes.
It is in fact not a vitamin at all ( Vital amino acid we can only obtain from food ) it is in fact a Steroid Hormone, as such a deficiency of this is as serious as any other hormone deficiency.

The importance of Vit D

Vit D is formed in the skin by one of the two forms of UV Light.

Before you view the next videos,
See if you can guess which filter is actually put in sun block.

The one that blocks cancer or the one that Blocks the formation of Vit D.

No cheating now.

Vit D Formation supressed by Sunscreen ?

Look at the flu season, when does flu occur, in winter when there is less sun, depression, winter blues.

Now we have the Chemtrail phenomena, now why would someone want to limit the amount of sun exposure to the worlds population.

And it has been admitted they are blocking the sun with chemtrails, though they say its to help combat global warming.
Govt admits Chemtrails are real

So we have miniscule RDA's for Vitt D3 being curtailed even further by Codex.
We have the wrong UV light being filtered out by sun screen.

And we have Chemtrails.

Is anyone thinking what I am thinking.
The times ran an article last year.
Billionaire club meets to discuss global population reduction.

Does the BNP have a health policy advisor.

There's a class action case for you Lee on behalf of Milions of British people who have died early, or suffered debilitating subclinical ( which is where they like to keep us because its profitable ) illnesses caused by reducing the availability of micronutrients.

Anonymous said...

Simmer down hippies. As much as I'd love to see cannbis legalized and all the crack cocaine on the planet stuffed into Pete Doherty and then have him fired into the sun, but it simply isn't on the cards.
Every type of stimulant, from crystal meth to red bull will always be in demand. I often hear simpletons talking of how things work magnificently in Holland with their relaxed stance on cannabis, but with each visit the amount of cocaine I encounter grows and grows, and despite the class A problems we have in this country, you could fill your cloggs with smack ten times easier and faster in jolly old Amsterdam.
Making cannabis more readily available for those suffering from chronic or debilitating illnesses is highly desirable, but the black markets that funds the Tony Montana clones will in no way be affected negatively, hence why the government don't even pretend to give a fuck.
The duality of the problem is not a problem for those in power. It is a problem for the teenager who gets stabbed for his ipod, or the cancer patient who has to arrange clandestine meetings with Mr. Tambourine Man, who unfortunately has given up on percussion and moved into drive-bys.
As long as the authorities are seen to clamp down on illegal substances the rest of the nation can carry on binge drinking and footballers can keep claiming coke fuelled orgies on expenses.

The police do have my sympathy's. If I were a plod, and I was faced with nicking a stoned MS sufferer, or a twitchy, knife wielding crack head who percieved me as threatening smurf, I'd have to take a minute to think before deciding. Eventually I'd pick the crack head. But, moral reasoning and rational thinking aren't everyone everybody's cup of tea.

Legalizing cannabis will have its benefits, but the rest of the bug eyed drug world will go on. A few dealers may not be able to have their moats cleaned on expenses for a while, but little would change in terms of crime and hard substances affecting the country.

I genuinely can't think of any reasons for not making it legal. It'll do no more, if not less harm than the electric soup knocked back in clubs each weekend.
Should it ever become readily available; I sincerely hope Tescos don't lead the way in selling it, the self service counters are complicated enough.