Saturday 29 May 2010

The EDL - Where Next

There is nothing truly more pathetic than the 'intellectuals' in the EDL leadership trying to court political parties like UKIP.

The EDL is not a political organisation, and any attempt by its leadership to politicise it will destroy the EDL.

Mistrust those who want to politicise the EDL as they are either idiots or working for the state.

What I find hilarious though is how the Nazis on Stormfront (the worlds most active keyboard warriors and inactive activists) are attacking the EDL as much as the UAF.

Heres a tip for the neo-nazi's of the planet - hey guys and gals when you find you are in total agreement with the UAF, the reds and the liberal media fuckwits then perhaps you should reconsider your position on the issue.

The dickheads on Stormdfront spend as much time, effort and keyboard bashing attacking the EDL as the UAF do on Lancaster Unity.

I am beginning to wonder why it is the collection of morons on Stormfront havent yet realised that perhaps many of the anti-EDL posters and 'Nazis' on stromfront are also the same posters on Lancaster Unity - but when did an Internet Nazi ever have the capacity to think.

I have been warning the EDL for months that they will have undercover journalists, undercover police and undercover AFA in their ranks by now - and in todays Guardian they have a couple of articles about the EDL.

You can almost sense the fear in the article, for the Guardian realise that the EDL is primarily a white working class phenomena attracting other working class mixed race and ethnic groups into their ranks.

The decades of anti-white hatred, anti-British hatred, anti-Nationalism hatred pumped into white working class and ethnic kids in the UK has been smashed - and that instead of the media and education system conditioning working, these lads and lasses have managed to escape their programming and re-programme themselves.

Now wonder they are scared.

If the Red scum and liberal scum teachers all through the education system have failed to brainwash the EDL youth, and the media conditioning is failing to keep them brainwashed by reinforcing that conditioning all the time - then thats why the fear is rising from the elite and its lackeys in the media.

A people that thinks for itself is a threat to those who want to keep them enslaved.

The EDL though does need to dump any so called 'intellectuals' that want to divert it from its one mission - to oppose Islamism.

Those like Alan Lake in the EDL that think the EDL should morph into a political organisation linked with UKIP are not just living in cloud cuckoo land - they are actively endangering the movement.

The moment the EDL goes political - the EDL will be smashed by the state.

The state cannot smash protest movements, as the state has to allow protests in a democracy.

But protest movements with political aims can be smashed by the state easily, as the state has decades of experience in infiltrating political organisations and turning them against each other.

The constant handwringing of the Guardian over the EDL's racism towards Muslim extremists is pure hypocrisy - as The Guardian has supported the Far Left that have espoused and supported racism against Jews, Israel and America and Americans for the last fifty years.

Racism against Jews and Americans is supported by The Guardian when it is middle class racism, peddled from within universities and intellectual circles, but any hint of racism by the white working class against a designated 'Victim Group' is attacked - eg Islamists.

The last thing the EDL needs is witless self appointed leaders that know NOTHING about the media and the political system.

The idea that the EDL needs to lick the media arsehole and beg for their support is moronic, as the media will never support the EDL simply as the role of the media is to support the brainwashing by the state that we get at school.

The media want to smash the EDL - and the moment the EDL surrenders its core principle and strategy to oppose Islamism and links to a political party or embraces political aims, then the EDL will be smashed.

The EDL must remove all those people pushing for political links within it ranks, and also realise that it will never get media support - so just stop trying to get media support.

The aims of the EDL must be to ;

1) ensure that the overt racism in the EDL is stopped. The primary role of the EDL is to oppose Islamism and also to prepare youth, of all races, for their part in the struggle to oppose Islamism in the future. That means all racial groups have to be welcome in the EDL as all racial groups in the UK will be targeted by the Jihadists when the street war erupts.

2) To prevent any politicisation of the EDL and ensure the EDL remains a lawful protest group.

3) To ensure that the correct targets are hit by the EDL in the future eg demonstrations at the massive Islamist conferences in Birmingham and across the country held in venues like the NIA and NEC. The next time the NIA or the NEC or the O2 venues hold an Islamist rally then the EDL must target an event at the venues not connected to the rally eg a trade conference and flash mob the venue s to put pressure on the management not to allow Islamists and their supporters and funders are not able to hire those venues in the future. The venue owners must be made aware that when they offer their venues to Islamists then they will face constant disruption of their other clients who use those venues.

4) The EDL must start targeting universities that allow radical Islamists to teach kids and organise flash mobs in lectures of the Islamists in the universities that also allow Islamists to lecture

5) Target the people that fund, support and offer logistical support for the Islamists eg Tower Hamlets council and the Islamist groups that have political control in the council eg target Tower Hamlets councils with sit ins and demonstrations

6) Target the mosque developments paid for with money for Saudi Arabian Wahhabist extremists who fund mosques in the UK that promote Jihadism such as was revealed in the bookshop of the massive East London mosque by tv reporters a few months ago.

7) set up an EDL Prisoner Support Group - you have lads in prison right now with families and mortgages etc - you need to raise money to help their families, pay for lawyers and to buy them toiletries. Get the buckets out for the lads and raise money for them at demonstrations. Appoint proper and decent people to collect / bank and distribute the money to the lads in prison.

Standing around in the cold in a metal cage erected in a car park by the police for a few hours is pointless, its what the Old Bill wants the EDL to do.

But having the main EDL group draw all the police into one area whilst autonomous cells of activists have their own flash mobs elsewhere is very usual.

Use the power of the state against itself.

The EDL have to start organising select groups within the EDL of trusted activists who can organise themselves into small cells to target specific locations with flash mobs.

On the day of a big publically announced demo, these small cells can then target other sites for their own smaller demonstrations.

The leaders of each cell are in contact only with each other and only on the day of the event the location is revealed by the appointed group strategist calling the leaders of the cells.

For example a big public demo is held in London.

The cell leaders then hold their own action in London at another venue, for example they hold a demo at a conference venue in London that hosts Islamist groups.

So you get two demo's for one event.

Just remember the gloves and face masks lads eh. No point in making the states job easier in targeting people in our fascist Surveillance Society created by the New Labour Nazis.

The EDL must become more targeted and also the trusted activists within the EDL better organised.

The large public demonstrations are usual for propaganda in the media but the EDL must also start to target directly those that assist the Islamists.

As for the morons on Stormfront, dont even bother debating with them.

Half of the people on Stromfront are UAF and the other half are do nothing, big mouthed, keyboard warrior dickheads.

Fuck stormfront and its Hollywood Nazi morons.

The EDL will now face the full weight of the state.

Thats why the trusted activists have to start organising cellular structures right now for future events.

The public demonstrations are the way to draw the police, media and state into an area where YOU want them to be - so therefore use that opportunity to go on the offensive OUTSIDE those areas.

When you have big public demo then the cellular groups can go on flash mobs and have other protests elsewhere - which will also allow the two groups to raise morale as they see that the EDL is able to evade the police cordons erected for them.

Now the EDL must start creating trusted cells amongst its activists, listing targets for future demonstrations and recruiting more and more people into its ranks.

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Jane said...

The EDL is multiracialist and wants us to do Israel's bidding to the last detail. I can't help seeing Islam as a lesser evil than Judaism sorry.

Dr Shipman voted Tory said...

Lee, off subject, but i see on the news today that the North Koreans are saying that it was the South Koreans who torpedoed their own Navel ship a number of months ago.
This was my first throught when i heard about this sinking and i put a comment on this blog saying so.
I am inclined to agree with the North Koreans 100% and i'm sure you do.
Makes you think doesn't it? We are more likely to believe the Communist government of a third world country than our own.

Anonymous said...

The BNP should create their own version of the EDL, in a certain way we have but we lack turnout numbers.

We need to increase membership by making it £15 and motivate our new members to get active on all fronts.

WE need to be seen and heard to form a public consensus, forget the EDL the BNP have 14,000 members and probably a further 5,000 lapsed members.

The BNP could get 25,000 members in 2 years if planned right, look at how the EDL has exploded, the people that joined the EDL would have joined a well organised active and visible BNP.

Anonymous said...

Yesteday I saw a series of posters 'against the Bolton EDl dmeo' in Bolton, these posters were next to a series of antiBNP posters you know the statemnt 'the BNP are a naxi party' and then underneath it had ' immigration isn't the cause of job losses or housing shortages' all printed by the swp (people for Islam pro - invasion islamfication Britain ..)

Needless to say these posters were left up and untouched by an y council employee wanting to clear up the place ....but then we are talking a once middle-class area (now highly multicultural where the posters are eovelooked by Muslim hahal busineses of Manchester run by labor nazis