Thursday 20 May 2010

Hugh Muir and Voice of Africa Radio

An interesting little note about yours truly in todays The Guardian by Hugh Muir.

Whilst Hugh is more than happy to have a Voice of Africa Radio station in London run by blacks for blacks, and that’s fine of course, I wonder if he would support a Voice of Europe radio station for whites run by whites.

Oh yeah, I am sure dear Hugh would be just fine with that.


Hugh makes reference to my ‘strange logic’ when I said in the interview that I enjoy watching the film footage of Rodney King getting a good beating.

I do so love that movie clip.

To see a drunk, PCP taking, hallucinating mad man ex-convict who was driving through a suburban street high as a kite who when he was finally stopped in his car started to attack the police getting tasered and having the shit beaten out of him always makes me smile.

In fact, as I stated in the interview, I want all drunk drivers to get a good thrashing from the cops.

The interviewer asked me about Bob Bailey and his drink drive conviction and whether he deserved a thrashing and of course I said yes.

One does try to to have some logical consistency on these things.

Having been run over twice in the past I have to say that it bloody hurts.

Therefore I have ZERO sympathy for drunk drivers.

Unlike Rodney King though, if Bob Bailey had been given a good beating by the cops he would not have ;

1) Been able to scream ’RACISM’ until Al Sharpton and his race relation terrorists came to town and started a riot which killed 53 people and which featured, racist black gangs attacking innocent white people like the truck driver Reginald Denny.

2) Been a pussy who would have complained about the kicking in the first place, simply because as an ex-Royal Marine, Bob Bailey can give a good kicking (as we have all seen on You Tube - Bob Is Britain Epic White Beard, but minus the beard) as well as being able to take a good kicking if required.

Bobs a real man, unlike Rodney King who was a whining, weak assed criminal pussy who screamed racism to hide the fact that he was a convicted, repeat offender drunk driving, PCP snorting, maniac.

Here is what Wikkipedia says about the Rodney King incident ;

On the night of March 2, 1991, King and two passengers, Bryant Allen and Freddie Helms, were driving west on Foothill Freeway (Interstate 210) in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. The three men had spent the night watching a basketball game and drinking at a friend’s house in Los Angeles.[2] After being tested 5 hours after the incident, King's blood-alcohol level was found to be just under the legal limit. This meant that his blood alcohol level was approximately 0.19—nearly two and a half times the legal limit in California—when he was driving.[3] At 12:30 AM, Officers Tim and Melanie Singer, a husband-and-wife team of the California Highway Patrol, spotted King’s car speeding. The Singers pursued King, and the subsequent freeway chase reached speeds in excess of 100 mph.[4] According to King’s own statements, he refused to pull the car over because a DUI would violate his parole for a previous robbery conviction.[5]

The fact is that the media footage shown on the TV news only showed around one minute of the total 9 and a half minute video footage, which if it had been shown in its entirety would have shown King lunging at the officers and attacking them.

For nine minutes and twenty-two seconds, Holliday kept his camera trained on the scene, but it was just one minute of footage that would shock the world and spark 'the Handicam Revolution'.

By the time Holliday started videotaping, LAPD officers were already beating King. His tape begins when King charges officer Laurence Powell, who knocks King to the ground with a blow from his baton. Three other officers hit and kick King, who tries to rise several times, until he is taken into custody just over a minute later. In total, officers swung at King fifty-six times, delivering a beating that required hospitalization. King suffered facial injuries including fractured bones, and one of his legs was broken.

Realizing the significance of his footage, Holliday phoned the local police station, but claims that the person who answered the phone 'blew him off'. Next, he tried CNN, but no one was there to take his call. Finally, Holliday took his tape to local Los Angeles station KTLA. They edited out the blurry first 13 seconds of the tape showing King charging Officer Powell, and broadcast the last 68 seconds of the beating. The next day CNN and NBC obtained copies, and the tape was seen around the world.

Therefore the idiot deserved all he got - if you go to attack a police officer when drunk then expect to have the fuck beaten out of you.

But hey, all that never mattered did it.

All that mattered was that he was black.

Yeah right.

Give those cops a medal, because as a result of his beating Rodney King is now a reformed man.

He aint drunk driven again.

Goes to show a good beating aint done him no harm at all.

With the wounds of defeat still fresh and a party divided, things are difficult in the Nick Griffin bunker these days. And harmony may be more elusive than ever after yesterday's appearance by Lee Barnes, the legal director, on the Voice of Africa radio station. Oh we love you Africans, Lee said. And the softsoap was going well until the presenter Space Clottey raised an Observer story, revealing that Barnes posted on his blog a video of the infamous police beating in Los Angeles of black motorist Rodney King. Added to the post was Lee's note saying the footage was "brilliant" and that he laughed each time he watched it. It's not about colour, said Barnes, flustered. It's about policing. I think anyone who gets caught drink-driving by the police deserves a good hiding. So does that also apply to your fellow BNP lieutenant Bob Bailey, who was convicted of drink-driving last year, the presenter asked him? Should the police have given him a good kicking? "Well yes," said Griffin's legal adviser, trapped by his own strange logic. "Totally."

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Shropshire Lass said...

Hi Lee,

Were you aware of "UK BLACK"?

Courtesy of the BBC of course!

"Kwame Kwei-Armah brings you UK African and Caribbean community news and cultural programming highlights from across BBC local radio."

Let's see the Guardian protesting about THAT!

So how's about us having a "UK WHITE" radio proggy from Al Beeb? We can't of course.. THAT would be "waycist"..

Anonymous said...

If that is the best they can do Lee? things must be desparate at pravda!

Perhaps they are unhapppy that they haven't sent millions to their deaths yet under the guise of a communist utopia, many to gulags for political offenses but no death squads just yet!

Then again they do have a soft spot for war and usery, lead by the corporate elites they work for, which as it happens murders hundreds of thousands women and children each year, which bearly a colum inch from the rightous!

How very dare you actually have some integrity and not be a two faced, backstabbing, subversive, fraud Lee!

How very dare you showing integrity, you must be aware this hideous trait is now outlawed by the plastic wannabe murdering marxists!

Anonymous said...

Everytime i have been lead to read the Guardian, what do i find? Anto white race hate, nothing more, nothing less, pure race hate.

All in severe violation of the human rights of indigenous peoples too!

Is it any wonder why the dead tree press are going the way of the betamax?