Saturday 24 October 2009

3 on Sunday

UPDATED - One more media stories on this article here ;

Ha Ha Ha Ha - I love these two stories below.

On Lancaster Unity I am being attacked as being 'one of only two people to support Nicks perfomance on the show' at the same time The Guardian say I am attacking Nick !

Unreal - the media and Lancaster Unity have developed a psychosis !

The fact is that the first thing I told Nick when we spoke after QT was that from now on he should stop being so bloody nice when dealing with the scum like those who formed the lynch mob on QT.

Nick is a nice bloke and they take advantage of that fact.

I told him to show the bastards your teeth from now on when they try and throw their bullshit at you.

Every bully is only defeated when you stand up to them.

And as for the person who runs Harry Place, I didnt even know he was Jewish.

Not that it matters a single jot - he is a total twat regardless of his ethnicity, race or religion.

Perhaps these people really do think they are above criticism.

Oh the arrogance of the liberal elite.

They really do think they can do and say what they like about the BNP and that we will simply whimper, roll over and lick their boots whilst they kick us again.

I dont think so.

The way those in power treat us now, is the way we will treat them when we are in power.

Interesting though that the owner of Harrys Place is Jewish, as Harrys Place main writer Edmund Standing is also Jewish and Richard Desmond who owns the Daily Express who printed the article is Jewish and the article quotes the CST, which is the C18 of British Zionism and a Jewish Zionist para-military group that have issued death threats to me many times in the past.

My favourite death threat from the CST was the one where they said they would tie me to a chair and slowly strangle me.

I think that what we have here is the UK Zionist Network revealing itself, the UK wing of the Israeli Foreign Ministry using media terror and physical death threats to silence their opponents.

It appears that terrorism is all they know.

I am just surprised the delightful Melanie Phillips mas not roped in as usual to have a pop.

And just for the record re The Guardian article - take a read of the articles I have written over the last few days, especially the one called simply 'Superb'.

Its pretty tragic when the newspapers dont even know how to lie properly anymore.

Also the Express article concerning the statements I apparently made on Harrys Place has actually changed the word 'punctuated' into 'political'.

This is probably because the journalist that wrote the article thought that Daily Express readers were too stupid to understand the concept of 'Punctuated Equilibrium'.

On the issue of the 'white riots' read the article here to see where I was explaining that Britain faces two choices - democratic peaceful change via the BNP or the inevitable descent into sectarianism and eventual civil wars if the apathetic establishment parties stay in power.

They just cant helping lying can they.

When I say ' Britain faces riots if things dont change' then the media say I am inciting a riot, but when David Cameron and Union leaders say the same thing then thats fine.


Oh well, whoever said the media had to have integrity.


The leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin, found himself the victim of an extraordinary attack from his own supporters last night following his controversial appearance on the BBC's Question Time.

As a public postmortem into one of the most divisive broadcasts in the corporation's history attempted to gauge its impact on the party's fortunes, Lee Barnes, the BNP's legal officer, accused Griffin of "failing to press the attack" during the televised debate, which was watched by a record 8 million people. Others sympathetic to the BNP's views expressed dismay at Griffin's flustered attempts to appeal to the mainstream.

The BNP's critics were quick to use the comments as proof of deep divisions within the party's membership over how it should position itself with the electorate. Griffin has claimed that he has dragged the party into the political mainstream. But the resulting backlash from those on his own side suggests many are uncomfortable with the BNP's attempts to cloak itself in more moderate terms.

Barnes complained on his personal website that Griffin "should have stood up to these whining, middle-class hypocrites that use the race card for self-enrichment – and thrown the truth right back into their fat, sanctimonious, hypocritical, self-serving faces". He accused his party's leader of "failing to press the attack" on the "ethnic middle class" for "taking up the best jobs while still playing the bogus race card for every opportunity". And in a move that is likely to reinforce concerns that Griffin's appearance will spark violence, Barnes used his personal website to suggest that "perhaps there needs to be a few 'white riots' around the country a la the Brixton riots of the 1980s before the idiot white liberal middle class and their ethnic middle-class fellow travellers wake up".

A spokesman for the anti-fascist organisation Searchlight said: "This strips away once and for all Nick Griffin's pretence that the BNP is a non-violent organisation. Lee Barnes is not just another BNP member, he is the organisation's legal officer, and here he is talking about riots in the streets. The BNP hoped the Question Time appearance would mark their entry to the political mainstream, but instead they have pushed themselves back to the violent, extremist political fringe where they belong."

Labour MP Jon Cruddas said: "If this is the view expressed by Griffin's legal officer, imagine the views among the hardcore BNP membership."

Griffin's performance on Question Time, in which he was ambivalent about incendiary comments he had made in the past, admitted to links with the Ku Klux Klan, attacked Islam and appeared sweaty, smirking and evasive, has been widely derided in the media and by politicians from all the main parties. But the party's sympathisers are also joining the attack. Negative comments from BNP supporters were posted on the party's website yesterday, but many were quickly taken down.

One comment read: "Maybe some coaching could of been done so that Mr Griffin could of answered any questions articulately."

And in far-right internet chatrooms, the mood last night was one of a missed opportunity. In the Stormfront online forum, a BNP sympathiser said: "It was quite a bad performance by Griffin in comparison to his other TV appearances. Though he managed to get one or two things over (despite the constant interruptions and barracking) that would appeal to the majority, he did seem overawed by the occasion and was not, for the most part, at his best."

Another said: "It's almost like Nick went on expecting a normal episode of Question Time, it was always going to be a hatchet job and he should have been fully prepared for questions relating to his past. This lack of preparedness left him open to attack and flustered when asked to provide a reply." Another commented: "I'm starting to think this appealing to the mainstream approach is the wrong direction. I would rather have seen George Lincoln Rockwell [founder of the American Nazi party] on the panel, there would have been a riot."

The emerging splits within the BNP's core support over Griffin's performance came amid claims that Question Time had acted as a recruiting agent for the far-right party. A poll for the Daily Telegraph published yesterday suggested that 22% of the electorate would "seriously consider" voting BNP, while the party claimed thousands had registered for information following Griffin's appearance. "By the end of the night 9,000 new people had signed up as registered potential members or on our mailing lists," Simon Bennett, the BNP's webmaster, declared. "In the Euro elections, we gained 40,000 enquiries, but spent £500,000 to do so – on Question Time we spent peanuts but gained almost 25% of the Euro election total in eight hours! We had to upgrade our server capacity enormously, which allowed us to cope with extra traffic."

The claims seemed to reinforce concerns expressed by the Welsh secretary, Peter Hain, who had opposed Griffin's appearance on Question Time. "The BBC has handed the BNP the gift of the century on a plate and now we see the consequences," Hain said. "I'm very angry."

The BNP – and indeed the entire far-right movement – is no stranger to infighting and claims of splits will be dismissed by its high command. Griffin, a former key player in the National Front, assumed control over the party only after ousting its founder, John Tyndall.

Since then he has shored up his position, surrounding himself with a core of lieutenants and taking control of party finances. This has led to concerns that Griffin has become too powerful. Several senior BNP members quit after he overhauled the constitution to make his position as leader practically unassailable.

In far-right chat rooms yesterday many were asking whether the Question Time appearance was a watershed. "Griffin carries too much baggage to act as spokesman for the BNP," one said. "I lost count of the number of times past quotes came back to haunt him."

Sunday October 25,2009
By Ted Jeory

ONE of Nick Griffin’s most trusted lieutenants sparked fresh outrage last night after he warned British Jews to “show respect” or “reap what you sow when we are in power”.

Lee John Barnes, the BNP’s legal director, produced the outburst as he debated Mr Griffin’s appearance on Question Time.

While Mr Griffin tried to claim his party had ditched its anti-Semitic past, his inept sidekick exposed its true colours on an anti-extremist website.

Goading opponents that the BNP had won a massive propaganda coup, he aimed his threats at lawyer David Toube who runs Harry’s Place, the website which campaigns against the BNP and Islamic extremism.

When Mr Toube, one of Britain’s most prominent Jews, told Mr Barnes, 43, not to get “too smug”, the BNP man replied: “That’s fine. Just remember though, ‘You will reap what you sow’. “The way you treat us now is how we shall treat you in the future. The example you set us is the example we will follow when we are in power.


“The many different pressure points are beginning to converge towards a ‘tipping point’, a moment of political equilibrium when revolutionary social and political change occurs.”

He added: “Best you show us some respect, some day you will want us to respect you.”

Mr Toube said: “Lee John Barnes has shown us what leading members of the BNP really believe.

Luckily, we live in a free society in which even extremists are allowed to peddle their message of hate.

But if the BNP came to power, freedom for all British people would come to an end.”

Mr Barnes, who polled 205 votes when he stood for Medway District Council in Kent six years ago, is one of Griffin’s closest advisers. He considers himself an intellectual with a grasp of European history, but opponents say he a dangerous fool.

On his own website he describes BNP opponents as “insane liberal idiots”. On Friday, he hurled insults at members of the Question Time audience who had attacked his leader.

Under a photo of 17-year-old Jewish but everything to gain from rising up. “Just watch to see what will come next, arising from devastated white working class communities as spontaneously and naturally as wisps of flame from smouldering, angry embers.”

Mark Gardner, of the Jewish Community Security Trust, which organises security at all Britain’s synagogues, said: “The BNP is now claiming to be a normal legitimate political party.

“The behaviour of Lee John Barnes in this instance is clearly outrageous. He is not fit to be in any political party, not even the BNP.”

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you are such a fucking moaner!! Can't you see life in the bigger picture?
I actually can't imagine waking up and going to bed as angry as you, your regular assertions on race and your general putrid hatred.

I actually hope you die of colon cancer

Anonymous said...

Nick wiped JAck straws arse on QT. JAck Straw the poor bastard couldn't even explain why his party has allowed the BNP the massive support they have.
He could hardly speak when NG reminded him that his father was a traitor, (just like his son is.)
And even the token Muslim Conservative admitted that Immigration needed fixing.

EVERY-SINGLE blog, website and newspaper comments section agreed that UK immigration was out of control, this is a 100% fact.

Lee, chill out, fuck UAF, fuck the Guardian they are just trying to stir shit up within the ranks.

Good news is, every newspapers readership is either pro BNP or pro immigration reform.

Nick Griffin did his job regardless, remember it was one man against 100.

Anonymous said...

"Under a photo of 17-year-old Jewish but everything to gain from rising up."

Why doesn't the Jewish community actually stand up against Islamofascist attacks as to what happened recently in Golders Green when Islamofascists stormed the area, attacking Jewish owned shops and shouted anti-Semitic threats.

The Green Arrow said...

I really enjoyed your article and assessment of the "new" middle class.

I suppose you have already seen this but I post just in case you have not.

alanorei said...

Re: "Nick is a nice bloke and they take advantage of that fact."

All too true. I saw the film version of Tom Brown's Schooldays the other day.

I liked the part where Tom and his mate Harry East thumped the daylights out of the bully Flashman. A good lesson there for Nick and the BNP from now on.

Daily express reader said...

You shuuld nut call daily express reeders stupid,thiss is oot of orrder and complitterly untrue.