Tuesday 20 October 2009

Call the nurse in for the Liberals

There are some real gems being posted on the British Democracy Forum website at the moment.

Here are a few of them ;

1) http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/bnp/67073-now-army-pitch-against-bnp.html

Well not the whole army (yet) but a bevvy of generals and others have decided to throw a political brick at the BNP and are having a ***** about using images of Spitfires and the like in their election materials.

Gen Sir Mike Jackson et al should remember who it was who actually built and PAID for those aircraft along with their succulent remuneration and retirement packages and shut his flapping pie-hole. He didn't give a flying sh*t about the insanitary condition of his troops barracks and married quarters did he? No he waited until he was out and collecting the pension before he had a whinge about it.

It's on constant rotation on News 24 right now, they've roped in Simon Weston for a 'vox pop' and surprisingly PC rant and came out with some tosh about "When I was on service I wasn't deployed to visit discrimination on them." or some such ill thought out bolx.

No Simon you went because you were ordered to because you chose a career in the services and had no f***** say in the matter, alright!! Just remember your place Simon and that of the armed services. You are EMPLOYED BY US to PROTECT our freedom NOT TO BE THE B@STARDING ARBITER OF IT.

And do remember Simon that a BNP government would not have sacrificed over 200 servicemen's lives (their LIVES!!!! because that's what were talking about ultimately) fighting a proxy war for Isreal.

Simon I am rapidly losing my bloody patience here. You invoke the spirit of the men of the 1st WW and the 2nd and that they were fighting for "British Values". Is that a fact? When those men went over the toip at Ypres, Paschendale, the Somme they didn't do it with a draft copy of the f****** Equalities Bill in their breast pockets did they, they had pictures of their families and friends didn't they?

They didn't die in their tens of thousands for "diversity" or f****** "tolerance" or any of that fictious bullsh*t touted by Blair and Broon as "our shared British values." They didn't do it so that 60 years hence the dross of the planet would have free right to enter their country without let or hindrance and then ethnically replace their offspring. They fought with and for 'honour, glory, preservation of their land and culture and their children's birthright. The British have NEVER been a 'tolerant' nation until the recent left/liberal/conservative parties agreed to re-write our cultural and military histories to make it appear so. We were one of the most dynamic and dangerous to f*** with nations and empires the world had ever seen and we were extremely intolerant? Tolerant? No, thick-skinned? probably and "icy willing to wait, till every count be proved 'ere the English began to hate."

Jesus H Christ on a titanium pogo-stick. Simon Weston Ladles and Gentlespoons. A compliant stooge, a disrespectful boob and a screaming PC idiot to boot.

2) http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/bnp/67091-tom-wilde-condemns-bnp.html

Just off Reuters: Tom Wilde, a veteran Liberal commentator and moderator on the widely respected British Democracy Forum has today added his considerable weight to the anti-BNP juggernaut steamrollering in defence modern and multicultural Britain. In a devastating statement that will embarrass the beleagured party Tom said, "Up to now only a few minor celebrities had joined the fight to crush the racist and hate filled thugs of the BNP, I consider it my duty to join in the fray at this crucial stage in the campaign".

On top of recent news affecting the BNP, this will be a killer blow. As the establishment and its radical left allies train their heavy artillery on the BNP Bunker, the news that the withering fire from Wilde's peashooter will also be added will dismay many hardened members.

Leading BNP commentator on the BDF "Vortex" told us, "Up till now we have absorbed everything the state could throw at us, but this latest addition to the enemy's arsenal is a killer blow. I am advising my colleagues to surrender immediately and report to the nearest reeducation centre to undergo awareness training. We were valiantly holding on but when we heard Tom Wilde was actively opposing us we knew the writing was on the wall".

3) http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/bnp/67090-newsflash-inventor-web-condemns-bnp.html

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, has condemned the BNP saying they have no right to use his invention to promote their abhorrent racist views and fascist ideology. He has written to Nick Griffin personally ordering that the BNP website be taken down immediately.

In other news... the family of Karl Benz, who patented the first automobile, have lashed out at the BNP saying: "Karl did not give us the car so that Nazis could conduct their hateful business in Britain". The Benz family plan to take the BNP and its membership to court in order to prevent all people affiliated with the BNP from driving. It is believed that the DVLA have agreed to back this move.

And in other news... British banks are formulating new plans to ban BNP members from entering their premises. A spokesperson for Barclays today said: "Far-right extremists like the BNP are not above carrying nuclear bombs into banks. They've been very outspoken in their criticism of the banking industry and we must take precautions to ensure the safety of our customers". The ban is due to come into effect as of 2010.

More news... BNP members to be banned from pet ownership. According to the RSPCA: "Odious far-right monsters will mistreat animals, there's no doubt."

4) http://www.democracyforum.co.uk/bnp/67099-toddlers-condemn-bnp.html

My son's pet hamster has gone. Griffin's kid must have broken in and eat it. My son wants Dimbleby to challenge Griffin's. kid on this on the kids edition of Question Time. When is it on ?


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Anonymous said...

Adopted liberal Poster Boy Simon has carved himself a very lucrative and prestigious niche in establishment Britain.

How did he do that?

We need a nationalist revolution ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ said...

And the latest killer blow is that the Queen has instructed her image to be removed forthwith from ALL postage stamps incase she catches "something deadly from these awful BNP people when they lick the stamp" thats it everyone i'm off to join the SWP. Donna