Sunday 25 October 2009

European Nationalists Unite !

Fantastic news.

The European Nationalist Alliance that will act as the hub for us working together to liberate our nations, peoples and Europe is finally taking form.

The National Liberation struggle is not just in Britain, it is in all our European nations.

European Nationalists must form a new nexus where we work together towards our common goals.

I also want to see our BNP activists working with our European partners both in the UK and abroad when we require help - such as festivals, demonstrations and events.

The day that British Nationalists stand alongside and march alongside German, French and all other European Nationalists to reclaim our nations and Europe itself from our enemies is the day that a New Europe will arise from the wreckage of the present system.

Our enemies are not just in the UK, they are all across Europe and the world - the same globalist institutions, corporations and supra-national institutions threaten us all.

European nationalist parties form alliance
Associated Press
2009-10-24 10:01 PM

Five European nationalist parties are forming an alliance in opposition to the European Union and globalization, officials said Saturday.

Hungary's Jobbik, France's National Front, Italy's Three-Color Flame, Sweden's National Democrats and Belgium's National Front formed the Alliance of European National Movements, saying the British National Party, Austria's Freedom Party as well as groups from Spain and Portugal would join them soon.

Far-right parties won a surprisingly large number of seats in June's European parliamentary elections. Jobbik got three seats and nearly 15 percent of the vote in Hungary, while the British National Party won two seats and 6 percent of the vote.

Nationalist parties are usually opposed to immigration and increased rights for homosexuals, say globalization will homogenize independent cultures and don't want supranational bodies like the European Union to limit the rights of individual countries.

"This is an important step ... for the renaissance of sovereign nations," Marc Abramsson, president of Sweden's National Democrats, said about the alliance. "It is a struggle for our own culture and heritage."

"Globalists would like to have one world, with one language and one culture. Their interest is to get money from selling the same products all over the world," Abramsson said.

Representatives from the five parties signed an agreement detailing their common goals, such as advocating for a confederation of sovereign states to replace the EU, increasing support for families to reverse Europe's population loss and opposing "religious, political, economic or financial imperialism."

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WillMossop said...

It would be interesting to see if any of the parties connected to Cameron's traitors in the EU would be suitable partners in such a venture. That would embarrass the hell out of him.

Anonymous said...

A superb site, thank god for
'Thinking' nationalists.
I've always thought our
European brothers closer than
North Americans.
The time is near.
Yours, with best regards,