Monday 12 October 2009

War Criminals Ban BNP from Parliament

Oh the irony, the cabal of war criminals in Parliament ban the BNP from entering their brothel because the BNP 'are not beyond doing physical harm' - and this from people inside the House of Commons who voted for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars that have killed hundreds of British soldiers, thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans.

All Euro MPs will today be barred from the Commons in the wake of the British National Party's poll victories.

BNP leader Nick Griffin and his fascist sidekick Andrew Brons are entitled to Westminster security passes after being elected to the European Parliament in June.

But the pair and 70 other British MEPs will lose them under a Commons motion due to be passed this evening.

Harriet Harman tabled it in her role as Leader of the House because of "growing pressure on facilities".

Her spokesman said the BNP was not singled out and added: "It is about all MEPs."

But one Labour whip said of the far-right, racist BNP: "These are not people you want around. Some of their supporters are not beyond doing physical harm."

Foreign Secretary David Miliband claimed Tories put Britain's standing in peril by allying to European parties with neo-Nazi links.

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