Sunday 25 October 2009

White Riots and The Brixton Riots

Here is what Wikipedia says about the causes of the Brixton Riots ;


Brixton in south London was an area of deep social and economic problems — high unemployment, high crime, poor housing, no amenities — in a predominantly Black community.[4] The police were strongly disliked, as they were seen as largely reactionary and distant. An attempt at proactive crime control and an intimidating presence including mental and physical abuse to those seen as second class in their own place of birth did much to increase tensions.The Metropolitan Police began Operation Swamp 81 at the beginning of April, aimed at reducing street crime, mainly through the heavy use of the so-called sus law, which allowed police to stop and search individuals on the basis of a mere 'suspicion' of wrong-doing. Plain clothes police officers were dispatched into Brixton, and in five days almost 1,000 people were stopped and searched. The local community was not consulted about the operation and tensions between the black community and the police on the streets of Brixton reached breaking point. Local residents complained about young, inexperienced police officers being sent on the streets, provoking confrontation.[5]

So lets analyse the causes of the riots ;

1) social and economic problems

2) high unemployment

3) high crime

4) poor housing

5) no amenities in a predominantly mono-ethnic community

6) biased and racist policing

7) people felt oppressed in the 'place of their birth'

Now apply these social conditions to virtually every town and city in the North of England and apply the following ;

8) racist employment policies that actively prevent white applicants from applying for jobs

9) Racist employment policies that force employers to employ non-whites for jobs

10) entire communities taken over by drug dealers and foreign criminals

11) extremist and racist Islamists ethnically cleansing whites from towns and cities

12) a government that spends its funds on ethnic minorities and ignores the most impoverished and failing white communities

13) a government that has pumped billions into places like Peckham and Brixton and billions to build ethnic only community centres, festivals, events and ignored the white working class community totally

14) white working class communities in the third generation of unemployment and poverty

15) white communities who leave school knowing they will not find jobs where they live., wont get council housing as the lists are filled with immigrants, whose parents are unemployed and where no work exists at all except for the Servile State - and those jobs are being cut back due to the recession.

16) white working class communities who are forced to watch as the government creates an Ethnic Middle Class and abandons them to inter-generational poverty

17) white working class communities who exist in levels of poverty that are Third World and in social conditions reminiscent of Victorian era slums and yet they see the Ethnic Middle Class who have good jobs, live in gentrified middle class areas, earn good wages, have secure careers and who are impeccably Liberal Middle Class still playing the Race Card for their own greed, selfishness and self advancement - and yet still call themselves 'British' and ignore their own people, the white working class British, in favour of the race relations industry and their own ethnic, racial and religious communities.

18) a government that has abandoned the white working class for the twitterati and the liberal 5 % that win elections

19) a media that creates 'martyrs' out of every victim of white racism, yet that ignores every race crime against whites even though we are the majority victims of racism

20) an education system that discriminates against the white working class and that churns out white working class children who are at the bottom of the educational results tables

21) a political establishment that likes to parade its middle class pet ethnics who went to the same universities, worked in the same law firms and media industry as them - and yet that calls the white working class 'chav scum' and 'the underclass'.

22) A political and media establishment that portrays fake pseudo-working class parasites like John 'Three Homes' Cruddas and Billy ' I have a mansion in Dorset' Bragg as the self loathing voices of the gentrified white working class. There are no working class politicians in parliament or in the media or in the music business - for as soon as you join those institutions you become one of the Liberal Middle Class.

You can only escape the White Working Class by betraying it - in that you are only accepted into the White Liberal Middle Class if you adopt their ideas, views and hatred for nationalism, patriotism and the White Working Class itself.

Those that call themselves working class and earn a hundred grand a year and have three houses or who live in a mansion in Dorset AND WHO BANG ON ABOUT THE NEED TO FIGHT RACISM AGAINST MINORITIES WHILST IGNORING THE PLIGHT OF THE WHITE WORKING CLASS AND RACISM AGAINST THE WHITE MAJORITY are sell out National Traitors and Class Traitors.

23) The forthcoming Equality Bill that will allow Affirmative Action and Positive Discrimination Plans.

24) 10 million more immigrants to enter the UK over the next twenty years with associated social costs and over crowding

25) cuts in public spending that will hurt the white working class the hardest in order to subsidise the banks and bankers

26) A police force that operates a racist policy of prioritising race crimes against ethnics and that ignores race crimes against whites.

27) A equality body, the EHRC, that ignores race attacks on the majority (whites) to politicise and exploit race attacks against minorities.

28) A police force and courts that refuse to arrest and prosecute those that inflict race crimes against whites

29) A judicial system that minimises race attacks on whites and refuses to prosecute those that commit race attacks against whites

30) A judicial system that allows criminals to play the Race Card and white, liberal middle class judges representing the interests of the white middle class elite then let go free

There you see a recipe for chaos and civil war.

Those on the left see the Brixton Riots as 'insurrections against a racist and oppressive state that abandoned them' - I wonder what they will say when the whites begin to riot ?

One lesson was learnt by everyone from the Brixton Riots - which is that they caused real social change.

The government and politicians realised that they better not ignore the plight of the blacks in Brixton anymore.

Billions were pumped into the area in regeneration money.

That is a lesson that many in the white working class will have learnt as well.

When you put people in the position that they have nothing more to lose, then they have everything to gain from revolution.

I havent called for riots.

I dont need too.

They are going to happen anyway.

They are an inevitable result of a corrupt political system that is based on winning the support of just the Cosmopolitans, the Liberal Aristocracy, Middle Class White Liberal and Ethnic Middle Class. Today all the parties seek and need the support of just 5 % of the population to get in power and thereby constantly say 'fuck you' to the white working class, the Nationalist Middle Class and the Abandoned British.

The New Class War is the White Working Class, the Nationalist Middle Class and the Abandoned (what others call the Underclass) against the Cosmopolitans, the Liberal Aristocracy, the White Middle Class Liberals and the Ethnic Middle Class.

The old idea of Class War is dead.

It has no relevance to our nation anymore.

This is because there are now five classes not three ;

1) The Cosmopolitans who are the super rich who have homes on every continent and who speak about 'one world' solidarity as they no longer live or think in a national or nationalist context. These are your Chris Martins, Bonos and Bob Geldoff's - the sanctimonious, hypocritical super rich who bang on about Third World Poverty from their many mansions and executive private jets as they fly across the world and yet ignore their own people and the needs of their own people. They care more about the plight of poor Black Africans than the poor White British. These are those idiots Like Emma Thompson, Madonna and Angelina Jolie that adopt Black children from African orphanages but who would never adopt a poor white child from a British orphanage.

2) The Liberal Aristocracy, the White Liberal Middle Class and the Ethnic Middle Class. These are all those section of society infected with political correctness and liberalism - the proponents of the Soft Liberal Fascism who despise the white underclass as genetic inferiors and who regard the White working Class as anachronisms and who regard the Nationalist Middle Class with fear, horror and loathing for their 'reactionary nationalism and patriotism'.

3) The Nationalist Middle Class - the silent majority who are about to be stripped of their wealth and their children leave university and be thrown into the White Working Class due to them being white and British. These are the patriots and nationalists who are the backbone of the country but who have been so cowed by political correctness, the media and their social 'superiors' who call them racists if they talk about defending Britain, British culture and the British people. They are angry but not yet ready to rise up and take their country back because the 'Marxist terrorism of the word' that is 'racism' still works on them. But sooner or later they will become immune to its poison and wake up and rise up - when they have lost almost everything they ever worked for and stood for. I also include in this class the rich Nationalist Aristocracy that still support Britain and British values and traditions.

4) The White Working Class. There is of course the non-white working class but they are still using, and prepared to use the Race Card for self promotion into the Ethnic Middle Class, so therefore their can be no linking of interests with the ethnic working class until they repudiate the race card and stop playing it for self promotion, racial group advantage and social advancement. The Ethnic Working Class must become assimilated, patriotic, nationalists who stand up for the interests of all impoverished, disadvantaged and disenfranchised Britons, as well as their own race groups, before we can trust them to work with us. The main beneficiaries of the New Labour Junta has been the non-white British population, now its time they started speaking up for their fellow white, poor Britons - if they truly are Britons and not just opportunists that call themselves British but are simply in this country seeking self and racial advantages and social benefits denied to those whites who cannot play the Race Card.

5) The Abandoned White British and the Colonists (these are those immigrants who are unassimilated, who live in ghettoes, who are culturally alien and who are here to impose their way of life, culture and religions on us )

The Colonists are those self imposed exiles from the system that are producing the Islamist terrorists like we saw on 7/7 - and their terrorism is what will provoke the conflagration. They are not defined by their wealth, as many are rich, they are defined by their self imposed seperatism from the system.

The Abandoned British are ranked alongside the Colonists as both are excluded from the system totally - the colonists by choice, the Abandoned British by successive government social, employment and political choices.

Dont say I didnt warn you.

The New Class War is about to begin.

The Nationalist Middle Class, the White Working Class and the Abandoned British versus all the rest.

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Anonymous said...

A Truthful account of the current abomination of the establishment government and the plight and oppression of the true British People in todays Britain

Anonymous said...

Wuite frightening really, because the people who are affected most ARE THE WHITE WORKING CLASS (NO.4) there is a small minority who are nationalists and know this, but on the whole a large percent of the rest are so full of apathy, they cant see the wood through the trees. quite sad relly they are helping to cause their own destruction.

Shaun said...

It seems to me that we (the English) have been well & truly fucked over by the "elite", since 1066. Prior to that, we had a proper all inclusive society. This is demonstrated by the way fortifications were built to defend everyone, from Prince to peasant. Post 1066 fortifications were built to keep the peasantry at bay. The class system then developed with an appointed aristocracy and a university system that basically said, "you have to think like us to join us".
With the advent of franchise for men in the 19th century, the liberals maintained power by the great reform acts and then pulled the strings of the labour movement into this century.
This is now well demonstrated by new labour. Where are the regional white working class men? With the election landslide of 1997, they could be dispensed with. Now, they are to scared to knock the doors, let alone go to a working class pub.
They have been weighed, measured and found very very wanting!

Anonymous said...

Yep Shuan, correct.

Also consider the various 'Enclosure Acts', especially the 18th-19th centuries which more or less forced farm/agricultural labourers and small landowners (and associated professions, such as carpenters, blacksmiths etc from the land and move to urban areas, to live in boxes, which expanded the cities.

The industry that generated, forced and supported such migrations from the countryside to city are no longer there, only stagnation exists now (other than service industries and secondary and tertiary employment) it's hidden behind a veneer of financial enterprise gloss, take-aways, resturants or tacky consumerist shite - in essence and practice spawned from the productive industry that flows, for now, from China.


David T said...

Once again Lee - you nail it. I've had many discussions with a mate of mine about class but now I know my class - nationalist middle class. Trick is to get people like my mate who's falling into the trap of liberal aristocracy removed from that trap and into the welcoming but silent arms of the nationalist middle class. I think the liberal aristocracy if they continue their ways will soon find that the ethno-middle class will always beat them and will eventually beat them at their own game as they'll continually play the race card, thus never acknowledgin equality - why would they? It is not in their interest to be genuinely equal and have equal govt money spent on them as spend on a white family. So the race card puts more food on the table and they know it and that's why the BNP movement is so offensive and scary to them, even when BNP assure them they can stay.