Monday 26 October 2009

Steve Jones - Court Geneticist

Steve Jones is the premier 'court geneticist' for the Liberal Elite, a man who until the scientific evidence made his ideological position untenable on the issue of race (he said it didnt exist) would have a hissy fit if anyone said race existed.

Luckily we have many honest scientists these days who are prepared to tell the truth instead of merely sucking up to the liberal elite, peddling bollocks and making money out their 'fashionable' lies.

Today the burgeoning science of Pharmacogenomics is revealing that not only do racial differences exist, they exist in vast amounts between racial groups.

The issue of race based weapons is even now a distinct possibility ;

So the fact is that Race does exist and also that ethnic differences exist within racial groups.

In fact this article linked here ;

Is the most important finding in human history.

But you wont know about it - because its been 'forgotten'.

Even when reporting the findings the journalist has to say that Cro-Magnons came from Africa - they didnt.

Homo Sapiens left Africa and entered Europe and then this population of European Homo Sapiens evolved into Cro-Magnons and then some of the Cro-Magnons migrated back into Africa which explains Cro-Magnon remains being found in Africa.

This is hidden because it reveals that all modern humans are not the same.

Europeans are the direct descendants of the Cro-Magnons of Europe - and therefore Race is a process of speciation.

We are all from the lineage of Homo Sapiens, as we were once all evolved apes, but Europeans evolved around 40,000 years ago into a new variant of the Homo Sapiens lineage - the Cro-Magnons.

What we call Race is in fact the evolution of a new species of human beings.

We are not all the same and we never were.

The truth of this has simply been hidden.

The Cro-Magnons, and all Europeans descended from Cro-Magnons are a new branch of the Homo Sapiens lineage. Those in Africa and elsewhere represent the archaic Homo Sapiens lineage.

Nor are we 'all from Africa' - the human lineage evolved in Europe and not Africa ;
Now on the issue of race and IQ Jones is propagandist not a scientist.

It is obvious that in any race a great difference exists between those people - for instance there are few members of any race as stupid as well educated white liberals.

These people are intelligent - but are totally brainwashed to the point they have become retarded.

I have met black people who are far more intelligent than many white people I have met - but the fact remains that taken as a RACIAL GROUP the percentage of people at the higher end of the IQ scale does differ according to race.

It is the exceptions that prove this rule, for they are by their very nature exceptional and accorded respect for that fact.

This is why whenever some debate about race is on the TV they throw in some highly intelligent black guy, or female, to act as the perpetual reminder to the audience that ' hey I am black and I am clever so this must be rubbish'.

Its not rubbish - and the ONLY reason they were picked to the do the bloody show in the first place is because they were exceptional.

In fact Liberalism is one of the most pernicious forms of racism ever invented.

At the same time it dismisses the very idea of Race and racial differences, it has created a monolithic race relations industry that rewards racial groups with affirmative action and positive discrimination plans simply because of their race.

Along with this schizophrenic and mendacious approach to race, it also imposes punitive and racist laws that damage the interests of the Indigenous White British people and also seeks to infect them with a sense of guilt for the civilisation that their ancestors built - and that other races didnt.

Whilst the smug and preening Bonnie Greer, so superior in her 'ethnic' arrogance that she seemed to literally ooze smugness on QT, can say there are no Indigenous British people - if anyone had said 'There are no indigenous blacks in Africa, so therefore the White South Africans didnt have to hand over their country to the blacks or free the terrorist Mandela' she would literally have exploded in a fit of liberal pique.

Of course nothing they say makes sense - its all just trivial, emotive rubbish learnt by rote at schools and universities and absorbed via the media, until people just spew it out and then eat this vomit as truth.

If you tell people long enough that turds are made of gold, then some idiot will believe it.

Thirty years ago, I had one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life. I was in Botswana, land of Alexander McCall Smith and Mma Ramotswe of The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. McCall Smith's picture of the country, albeit saccharine, is fair: a calm and relatively affluent society, with an excellent education system.

I spent several months teaching at the university and was impressed by the ability of the students, motivated as they were, to study at just the same level as my undergraduates back home. In those days, I had misplaced confidence in my own ability to teach almost anything with almost no preparation. One page ahead of the audience was enough (I have, I should add, now become rather more responsible).

I was, for a few weeks, landed with a course in applied biology, which covered everything from slaughterhouses to sterile techniques in hospitals. One day, we visited an agricultural station that worked on ideas on how to farm the desert. An enthusiastic white scientist agreed to tell my class about the research. He started by describing what happened when rain hit the ground. Some, he explained, soaked in, some ran away, and some evaporated. It was important to understand those three processes when planning how to manage the soil. Did, he asked, the students follow that? They nodded, and waited to move on. No, he said, he would go through it once more. He did so, and then told the story again, and again, and again. To my mounting horror, it became clear that he thought that, as Africans, it would take them a whole hour, and many reminders, to understand those three simple facts. After 30 minutes, I could stand no more, and walked out. The students, better brought up than me, sat patiently to the end, although they did roll their eyes about the experience when we were in the bus on the way home.

The scientist – and he was a South African of Afrikaner descent during the days of apartheid – was (although he meant well) conditioned to believe that black people were intrinsically less intelligent than whites.

I was equally programmed to be certain that this could not be true. Our received attitudes were – and are – quite irrelevant to the truth, for in the end, and whatever its implications, the question of race and intelligence is a scientific one (although what to do about any differences, should they exist, is certainly not).

Today's television shows how hard it is to separate the objectivity of science from the subjectivity of daily life. On Channel 4 tonight, Rageh Omaar – usually a master of calm and impartial reporting – stars in a programme with the unduly alarming title of Race and Intelligence: Science's last Taboo; and last week, Question Time welcomed the sinister figure of Nick Griffin, whose views on the subject are well known.

Science knows no taboos and if there were any interesting questions remaining about race and intelligence they would be asked. The Channel 4 programme dredges up a number of living fossils – elderly exponents of racial difference – many of whom I thought had passed long ago to the Aryan hunting ground in the sky (my own brief appearance puts me into their age group, if not their shared Valhalla). With impressive but misplaced confidence, they roll out a series of hoary, dubious and predictable claims about the abilities of different racial groups; those with lower scores living, oddly enough, in the poorest countries with the worst schools. My Botswana kids, alas, would have no chance in their ethnic universe, for they are doomed by their African heritage.

My own experience proves them wrong. As Rageh Omaar points out, there are many reasons apart from biology why one group might do well or badly. Plenty of African-American students, given good teachers and sufficient encouragement, have thrived. Even so, they have not reached the academic heights of Asian-Americans, who flock to places like the University of California at Berkeley, driven by a culture so obsessed by education that some who succeed have their names inscribed in gold on their ancestral shrines in China or Korea.

In the days of British rule in Africa, there was much concern about under-achievement within one ethnic category. Its members might, it seemed, never amount to much because of their feeble heritage. They were the Afrikaners, then an underclass, defeated, uneducated, and bitter. Not until they got the chance to lord it over the blacks did they rise to positions of power, mishandle them though they did. Now, their nation has a government which struggles in its attempts to maintain racial harmony.

I was myself once belittled on grounds of social prejudice by the man who became its second African president. A young Thabo Mbeki was, in the late Eighties, in exile in London. He had real concern about the South African state murder squads then pursuing the African National Congress. My wife – as she now is – was producing a documentary about apartheid and wanted to film him. It appeared that a suitably obscure spot would be my own house in Islington. I was keen to meet Mbeki, and she agreed that I could if I cooked lunch for his entourage. Easily done, and on the day I served up an excellent repast. I was surprised by the response: from his point of view, it was clear that I might as well have not have existed.

After a few minutes, the penny dropped: if one had a nice place to live then one would have a houseboy, and that must have been the deferential Jones as he spooned out the soup – a man beneath notice. Not until I was introduced as a university teacher did the future president's attitude change. He became charm itself. Such is the power of prejudice. It drives intelligence as much as snobbery. All over the world, IQ scores are rising fast, perhaps because more and more people are moving into the social mainstream and living lives that sharpen their wits. Average scores are rising more quickly for blacks than for whites.

I often go to schools and – quite often – find it inspiring, with racially mixed and enthusiastic audiences. My own classes at UCL have students whose ancestors come from all over the world. There are, as far as I can see, no manifest differences in ability that can be traced to biology. Except, that is, for one. Girls do better than boys at exams nowadays, and the Y chromosome is a real handicap for many who bear it.

White working-class boys are, in relation to their numbers, much less likely to get into university than are girls of African or Asian background, and as a group are the worst educational achievers of all. Rageh Omaar's superannuated interviewees should contemplate the plight of those modern Britons who – on their criteria, if no one else's – would be abandoned to their fate as imperfect and hence second-class citizens. To Nick Griffin's gang, of course, skin tone outweighs brain power every time.

Steve Jones is Professor of Genetics at University College, London. 'Race: Science's Last Taboo' begins on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm

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Anonymous said...

The second a scientist starts to peddle mumbo jumbo as science due to his political belives or finances is the day he ceases to be a scientist, but rather an evil conspirator against science and progress.

Anonymous said...
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peter said...

"Steve" Jones is not a scientist he is merely a propagandist. He developed his views as a teenager taking in the zeitgeist of the 60s and never changed them. As a scientist he starts with a result and conclusion and then works backwards so everything fits his views. He has always been far left and why the tory Telegraph employs him is a mystery. He described private schools as a cancer.
He is a stupid man and although he is a pin up for the liberal chateratti his works have no value.

Defender of Liberty said...

That was a funny comment about the house, but I cant put it up as its illegal.


regressive progressives! said...

The irony here is these scientifically regressive morons call themselfs in true orwelian speak - progressives!

Anonymous said...

'a fit of liberal pique'
I like it!

Andraste said...

Jones and Monbiot:

Anonymous said...

There you are Bonnie Greer dear