Sunday 25 October 2009

New Labour Funding Terrorists

Image - IDF soldier threatens 'terrorist'.

The Israeli army’s murderous assault on Gaza has been carried out with weapons made in Britain.

The British government licensed £24 million of British arms exports to Israel in the first half of last year – a £6 million increase on exports licensed during the whole of 2007.

Exports included components for combat aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, naval radars, electronic warfare equipment, weapon sights and military communications technology.

Image - Martin McGuiness ex- senior leader of the IRA. Involved in 11 killings ordered deaths of hundreds if not thousands.

Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness, today robustly defended his fellow Sinn Féin MPs over allegations they were fleecing the taxpayer over expenses.

In fact, the Mid Ulster MP said, the government owed Sinn Féin millions of pounds in unpaid salaries.

Batting away criticism following revelations that McGuinness, Gerry Adams, Pat Doherty, Michelle Gildernew and Conor Murphy claimed more than £400,000 on a pair of London flats, he said they did nothing wrong.

In the last financial year the five were reported to have claimed £105,000 on the flats even though they do not take their seats at Westminster.

Image - IRA funded by BBC via Comic Relief. That means New Labour government that funds the BBC also funds the IRA.

More than £ 80,000 was given to Tar Isteach, according to Comic Reliefs newly published annual report for 2001-02. The organisation is based in Belfast and aids released terrorists who are often still IRA supporters.

Image - INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) responsible for hundreds of murders in Northern Ireland.

The Irish terror group which murdered Tory MP Airey Neave is disbanding amid claims the British Government has given it more than £7million.

The Irish National Liberation Army - also thought to have a hand in the Omagh bombing and the murder of two British soldiers in Northern Ireland this year - will pocket the taxpayers' money over five years, it was claimed yesterday.

Image - Hizb ut-Tahrir activists Omar Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif who became suicide bombers in Israel.

Accounts filed at the Charity Commission show that the Government paid a total of £113,411 last year to a foundation run by senior members and activists of Hizb ut-Tahrir — a notorious Islamic extremist group that ministers promised to ban.

Image - PLO funded to the tune of 20 million per year by New Labour. Involved in murders, racketeering and extortion.

Now being trained by British police to undertake crime more efficientely.

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Anti-Globalist said...

Isn't is schizophrenic how nulabour (or perhaps they should be called "cheap Labour") funds both the Jewish terrorists AND the Muslim terrorists who oppose them? Who gets the most help? The government seems to like Jews the most imo. I would describe our international relations policy as "Israel First" after all, we are out in the middle East fighting wars for Israel. Perhaps they only fund the Muslim causes to make it less easy to prove where their loyalty really lies.

Anonymous said...

The IRA were freedom fighters.

Up the RA!!

Anonymous said...

If you are a friend of Britain she will sell you out and if you are an enemy of Britain, she will buy you out.

Throughout two world wars the people of Ulster have stood beside Britain, without fear or question. Labour,Conservative and liberals refuse to recognise loyality, only the British National Party recognise the sacrifice that the Ulster folk have given in the perservation of their Nation.
Lets stand together for the cause of British Nationalism???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The IRA were freedom fighters.

Up the RA!!

So were the Ulster Freedom Fighters, the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Ulster Defence Association.

Will you be cheering those terrori.. sorry.. "freedom fighters" on as well?

Make sure you wear a nice short skirt which matches your pom-poms.