Wednesday 14 October 2009

A MIRACLE ! The Spectator Reveals A Gem.

Finally someone has written a comment on a Melanie Phillips article that says something worth reading ;


October 14th, 2009 6:35pm

I find you British a curious folk.

On the one hand you decry the loss of national identity, increasing social unrest caused by the, mainly, Muslim immigrants, pandering to the said population, and the whole scope of irrational behaviour brought about by multiculturalism and cultural realativism. So far so good, I get that part. Makes sense - you'd like to feel safe and at home in your own country.

But then, seemingly in a fit of fear that you might offend the new ethos of 'equality' and 'social justice', you are aghast at the existence of the BNP, the only party, dare I say, that is brave enough to clearly articulate the direction away from the abyss that you are facing.

Something does not jive here.

I'm actually beginning to believe that you are naive enough to think that the Tories, or some other dinosaur of a party, will say a few well-written speeches and somehow perform the miracle of gently transforming itself, and then the entire nation, into a cohesive society that once again knows and respects its own traditions, is driven by moral behaviour, and is proud of its accomplishments. One that understands its Christian roots. One that is not afraid.

Well, good bloody luck. Living on an island is just not good enough of an excuse to be so profoundly naive.

Sorry to break it to you, but the way to put your country back together will not be easy or pretty or fair to all. Blood was spilled in your history and will be spilled again. Some people will be discriminated against. Some will have to leave the island or will be assisted in the process. There will be grievances and injustice and a litany of tragedies before things settle down. That's how nations are forged and that's how they rise from ashes. Only one side will eventually win this struggle to dictate the rules, and judging by your wishful thinking and a total lack of commitment, it might not be necessarily you, the indigenous Britons, as destiny owes absolutely nothing beyond what you fight and bleed for. It will be either the traditional, conservative Britain, or it will be the neo-Marxists and their Muslim brothers with their curious ways and nation-destroying multicultural agenda.

Sometimes people just have to make the tough choice which side they are on. There is nothing else out there but the BNP to even begin to collectively comprehend the enormity of the task at hand, but you choose to hold your noses instead of joining the ranks.

Strange people you are, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Now that is a gem. Puts things in the glaring light of reason

Thats where we are at

Anonymous said...

F*ck me! What a straight forward straight talking article...will investigate who wrote it!

Anonymous said...

Okay - further to my glowing response to AdamB I realise that the "article" (it was short!) is, as stated, a response. Having said that - give this bloke a couple of hundred more words and I'm sure he SHOULD get his voice heard/published. The interesting thing is (as I listen to Joni Mitchell) that I was soooo naive to think that this response WAS published and was published by a staff writer at the Spectator or wherever...(Also)it's like when I hear some "leftist" quoting some "far-right" person and before I know what's going on I'm thinking - yep, that makes sense, (the quote not the "leftist")- clear, logical, reasonable - then it's branded as..well you know...blah, blah, blah. Well, as I'm going on I'll stop! Listening to a very interesting artist just now...Mmm - nice!

Wolfblood said...

It must have pained Zionie Phillips of the chosen race to publish it though ;-)