Monday 12 October 2009

Mad African Orangeman Attacks BNP

Yet again Peter Hain had had a pop at the BNP in The Guardian.

Who cares.


Peter Hain is mad.

The scumbag son of scumbag white South African terrorists, Hain is a nutter who should not even be allowed in the country. The fact Britain ever gave this scion of terrorists asylum is a source of shame and disgrace to this country.

Peter Hain is about as British as Chairman Mao and has about as much right to be a British citizen as any other war criminal or terrorist from an African state.

The day we take power we shall rectify that situation.

Apartheid is over, so he should have been returned back to his own country with his family many many years ago as his legal entitlement for asylum ended as soon as Mandela was released from prison and democratic elections took place in South Africa. When back home in South Africa, he would be able to participate in building the wonderful peaceful democratic system in South Africa that his parents used violence to build and terrorism to install.

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