Monday 19 October 2009

Peter Hain, The War Criminal and the Terrorist

So Peter Hain, the illegal Asylum overstayer, has spouted a load of old crap in the papers about the BNP should not be allowed to go on the BBC as it is an 'unlawful party'.

Its not.

Hain is an idiot and a hypocrite.

Look at the image above.

Theres Peter Hain sitting next to Tony Blair the war criminal who started FIVE WARS whilst Prime Minister and whose decisions to invade Iraq resulted in hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths and hundreds of British soldiers killed.

The Afghanistan War is still going on.

Then there is Martin McGuiness, the ex-leader of the IRA who is thought to have personally killed 11 people and ordered the deaths of hundreds.

The War Criminal and the Terrorist are the political allies of Peter Hain.

On the anniversary of the day that the IRA bombed Brighton Martin McGuiness spoke at the latest Labour Party conference ;

Therefore Peter Hain will meet with killers, terrorists and his party, the Labour Party, are willing to start illegal wars but Peter Hain, an illegal over stayer himself, wants the BBC to ban the BNP.

Hain the hypocrite.

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Andraste said...

Lee I am sure you are overwhelmed at the moment with everything that is going on at the moment, you are doing a great job. And all your recent posts have been dead-on. Keep up the great work.

Oh and Hain is shitting his pants big time.

Anonymous said...

Top post, this is what Mr Griffin should have in his pocket. In a frame. And then place it facing the audience.

That would be a great opener.

(Remember, make sure the Been don't switch the pic for something they'd prefer, don't trust the sneaky buggers after Politics Today show.)

Anonymous said...

Great Posts