Thursday 22 October 2009

David Cameron Gives IRA 1 Billion Pounds

Not only does Cameron meet the IRA, he gives them a 1 billion pound bribe to keep the guns hidden away whilst they take control of Northern Ireland policing.

Cameron is scum.

This was rewarding terrorism and bribing terrorists.

The old saying is true ' Britain betrays its friends, and buys off its enemies'.

David Cameron became the first Conservative leader since the Partition of Ireland to meet an Irish Republican leader yesterday, when he told Martin McGuinness that he would support a £1 billion package for Northern Ireland.

The historic meeting took place after Mr McGuinness, Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister and a former chief of staff of the Provisional IRA, and his government partner Peter Robinson, the First Minister, signed off on a financial agreement with Gordon Brown to fund the transfer of policing and justice powers from Westminster to Stormont.

The Prime Minister had earlier called it the “final piece in the jigsaw of the Northern Ireland peace process”.

All sides are said to accept the deal, which will fund all Northern Ireland security costs. It includes a multi-million-pound reserve fund to pay for any extra demands on the police caused by fresh outbreaks of the Troubles.

Mr Robinson has been using the issue to delay agreeing to the devolution of justice and policing powers.

The £1 billion is to pay for so-called legacy issues, including compensation and pensions for police officers as well as building a new academy, but there is still no certainty that Mr Brown’s largesse will square the circle for Mr Robinson and hardliners within his Democratic Unionist Party.

With a general election next year, Mr Robinson wanted assurances from Mr Cameron, widely expected to be the next Prime Minister, that he would honour Mr Brown’s pledge.

As a result of that request, Mr Cameron became the first leader of his party to meet a Sinn Féin leader since 1921 when Austen Chamberlain was a member of David Lloyd George’s team negotiating the Anglo-Irish Treaty with Michael Collins and a Sinn Féin delegation. Those meetings led to independence for southern Ireland, but also to the partition and decades of conflict that still persist, albeit on a lesser scale since the 1998 Good Friday agreement.

John Major, the last Conservative Prime Minister, said in 1993 that it would turn his stomach to negotiate with the Provisional IRA, even though that was what he had authorised in secret. William Whitelaw was the last senior Conservative to meet IRA leaders, playing host to Gerry Adams at secret talks in London in 1972.

Mr McGuinness said after meeting Mr Cameron: “I am very happy to report that he is very supportive of the immediate transfer of powers on policing and justice and that he will respect the agreement that we have come to with Gordon Brown.”

The Prime Minister told the Commons that he had made arrangements for the cost of dealing with security emergencies in Northern Ireland to be met from Treasury reserves in order to deal with concerns at Stormont that future violence might swallow up devolved budgets for services such as education, housing and health.

The Prime Minister’s financial blueprint says that the Northern Ireland Executive will have access to reserve funds to support policing and justice in the event of exceptional circumstances, while the Treasury will also make up to £37.4 million available in 2010-11. Money will be made available to finish building a police college.

An additional £20 million a year to the end of 2012-13 will help to overcome a backlog in legal aid payments. A payment of £12 million will ease pressure on courts. Up to £39 million more will be provided if necessary.

The Government is to give four military bases to the Stormont Administration. Sale of the sites will ease pressures such as equal pay claims facing the Civil Service.

Other changes will tackle a deficit in the police pension fund.

Police officers’ hearing-loss claims will be met by the Northern Ireland Executive funding the first £12 million cost each year, with government helping to meet any cost above that level. Sinn Féin wants devolution of the powers by Christmas but the DUP is likely to play for time because of dissent within Unionist ranks.

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