Tuesday 20 October 2009

Retired Generals and the BNP.

Image - Lord James Bethell, Tory Toff and writer for Conservative Home website as shown on link here ;


Why is it that when retired generals working with the Tory front group, Nothing British About The BNP, which is run by two tory toffs Tim Montgomery and James Bethell of Conservative Home and who are employed by the Tory Party, say the BNP are 'exploiting the army' they are still are taken seriously by the media when they are still using their ex-military titles, are speaking as retired generals of the British Army and are speaking on issues in politics related to the British Army for a Tory supporting front group - but of course say they are not exploiting the British Army, but that the BNP are when we put a picture of Churchill on a leaflet.

The only reason why the Tory Generals were used by the Tory Toffs on the Nothing British About the BNP website to attack the BNP was because they were retired generals who support the Tories and they were prepared to work with the Tories to attack the BNP, and they were therefore 'politicising' and exploiting the British Army for their own political ends.

The fact that General Dannatt was outed as a Tory recently shows us that the generals arent averse to using the British Army as a political tool when it suits them.

This whole thing was a cynical media stunt cooked up Camerons chinless wonders, Montgomery and Bethell, as part of their Tory front group Nothing British About The Bnp - which is in reality is a project for bored aristocrats like Lord Bethell who dont have to work due to their vast inherited wealth.

The retired Generals Sir Mike Jackson and General Sir Richard Dannatt are well known Tory stooges.

Simon Weston was outed as a Tory last year ;


" David Cameron says the government is not meeting its duty to armed forces personnel risking lives for Britain.

The Tory leader launched a commission, headed by author Frederick Forsyth, into the "military covenant", which he says has been "well and truly broken".

It will advise him on issues affecting the armed forces like recuperation, training and families' welfare.

The government says nobody in the armed forces said the covenant was broken and it has made "significant improvements".

The Commission, which will also involve Falklands veteran Simon Weston, will look at how to ensure troops serving abroad get the right equipment, better telephone and email links with family and the best health treatment. "

No doubt Andy mcNab has been promised a touch of the old ermine by the Tory Toffs in Nothing British About the BNP when the Tories are in power.

Tim Collins is another Tory lackey ;


He supported David Davis in his successful July 2008 by-election campaign.[10]

Since leaving the army Collins' views on the Iraq conflict and other military issues have been widely sought by UK and international news media, and a succession of outspoken comments have meant that he has seldom been far from controversy. In 2006, for example, he questioned the effectiveness of today's Royal Air Force and called for it to be disbanded.[8]

Tim Collins is such a defender of the British Army he has advocated the abolition of the RAF.

With leaders like that we might as well be in the EU Army.

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Anti-Globalist said...

The generals found it outrageous that the BNP do not use Nazi military imagery and conform to their prescribed stereotype. What could their IQ be...! It's like declaring how outrageous that we aren't all skinheads with jackboots on calling for an immediate holocaust (like the Muslim fundamentalists are). How can these men tie their laces?