Tuesday 20 October 2009

Another Spook Trick

UPDATE - I have an idea how the correct information in the forged list was obtained. Six bags of mail went missing from the Post Office which were new membership enquiries during the European Election campaign.

It appears that the information in these membership applications from the six missing sacks may have been opened and then the contents transferred to a computer whilst they were missing and added to the old list with other false information.

There are no such things as coincidences in politics.

The day that a faked copy of the BNP membership list is 'leaked' The Guardian at the same time as the Murdoch Tory Media lines up its ermine chasing Tory pet generals to attack the BNP is not a coincidence.

This is all classic MI5 spook tactics.

No doubt a section of MI5 linked to the generals has timed this fake list leak to coincide with the Nothing British campaign against the BNP.

There are no such things as coincidences.

The timing of this also reveals something else.

The BNP are the ONLY political party that are demanding ;

1) The return of all British troops from foreign wars

2) An open public inquiry with MP's and Blair under oath on the background to the Iraq War and the dodgy dossier and links between people like the Tory security spokeswoman Baroness Neville Jones linked with the BBC, the people who supplied the dodgy dossier and the arms companies that supplied Saddam Hussein and who profited from selling weapons to the British army to fight the Iraq War ;


3) That there must be no war with Iran

These generals in the Nothing British Campaign are all supporters of the Atlantacist Alliance - they are stooges of the Tory Party who are stooges of Israel and the US.

Therefore the thing they fear most is a British Nationalist government that will only ever allow the British Army to serve the interests of Britain and not the interests of US presidents and the global oil corporations.

I suspect that someone has planned the fake list leak and the tory generals campaign to run together.

Why now ?

Because the War on Iran is in its preparatory stages.

Israel is being supplied with the massive bunker busting weapons to take out the Iranian facilities, Saudi Arabia has given permission for Israel to use Saudi airspace to target Iran, the US and Israel are undertaking at the moment the largest joint military exercise in their nations histories and President Blair will be ruling the EU and the Tories in power in the UK very soon.

All the groundwork has been done for a new war.

All that needs to happen is for the Tories to get into power - and for this they need the Tory media and their Establishment lackeys to attack the BNP.

The war drums are beating.

A few days ago Sunni terrorists armed and equipped by Saudi Arabia killed many of the top Iranian Revolutionary Guards generals.

This was an attempt to undermine the Iranian army before the attacks by Israel begin.

As soon as the US bunker buster bombs are supplied to Israel and they are ready to go - then the new war begins.

This is all about positioning Britain for that war - and to do that they must attack the BNP, for we alone are the ONLY political party that stands up for the interests of Britain and the British people.

We will keep Britain out any more US and Israel wars.

The Tories will take us into them with all the religious zeal of Tony Blair.

There is Nothing British About The Tories - unless arming the murderers and tyrants of the world and invading the same nations that the Tories once armed with their weapons is a 'British' thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

If this is a fake list, as claimed by yourself and Griffin and my name appears on it then is it fake or real?

I need to know is this a real list?

If not then anyone who is on it and not a BNP member can sue for libel anyone who publishes this list.

Defender of Liberty said...

It appears to be a combination of the old list and also some fake names added from elsewhere to form a 'new' list.

I dont know what names are on it as I havent looked.

If your name was on the old list its probably on this.

Such are the games that spooks play.

Anonymous said...

Nothing british about the EUSSR,

Nothing british about the Libs, Labs or Cons.

Just let the scum dare call us fascist on question time!

Over to Nick - `fascist like the EUSSR you mean?` Nothing fascist about the BNP, we believe in referendums on key issues!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply, im the OP anon above.

Ive downloaded the list and cannot find my name on it? I was on the original nov leaked list but not this one?

This is a fake list. totally fabricated.

This is a serious assault against British democracy.

im seriously worried that once the dirty tricks don't stop the BNP's rise the security services will resort to using one of their drones to finish their dirty work, either a jihadist or a crazed far left radical.

Anonymous said...

wow, so many overseas members compared to the leaked list of last year. this is a totally fake list.
there are hundreds of overseas members with scant details, listing only their names and some phone numbers.

i would love to one day have a nice little sit down chat with the owner of wikileaks.

Anonymous said...

Lee,i've had a look at this list and the phone number on this list is the new one i changed to after the list was leaked last year.The only supposition i can make is that either one of my donation forms was intercepted and my details copied down or part or all of the membership list is in the hands of the state.

Defender of Liberty said...


I think the donation forms were intercepted and that your mail may have been in one of the lost sacks.

This is a disgrace - the post office lose the bags, the contents are rifled and collected and then this happens.

Thats my theory.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

I am on the new list and I only joined in march. My full name does not show, my address does not show on the list. The only things that show are my surname, postcode, phone number and member number, which are correct.

Thanks Kenny

Anonymous said...


The BBC have effectively put 49 NI BNP members lives at risk of attack from IRA members and other far left Irish separatists by advertising this.

Why the fuck is this BBC news? This is outrageous.