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This article confirms that Ivanov got some of his chimps in his experiment from German Cameroon.

I cant access the full article, but the fact that in at least one of his experiments the chimps came from Cameroon proves that the theory of infected chimp sperm transmission via Ivanov insemination attempts with prostitutes is a real theory.

Also secret documents in the Kremlin reveal that Ivanov DID INSEMINATE AFRICAN WOMEN WITH CHIMP SPERM IN WEST AFRICA ;


...In 1927, the Russian √©migr√© newspaper 'Russkoye Vremya' published articles concerning shocking experiments in which Ivanov allegedly tried to artificially inseminate human and ape females with the other species’ sperm. Few people, however, believed these reports. Many in the West at the time were supporting the “progressive” Soviet Republic. Proof came after the fall of the Soviet Union, according to Alexander Potapov, who published his research in ''Na Grani nevozhmozhnogo" newspaper (issue 335/4, 2004). A document was discovered in the state archives of the Russian Federation reporting the findings of a special commission created in 1929 to evaluate Ivanov’s proposed anthropoid interspecies hybridization experiments. These experiments were considered to be of “great scientific importance,” and the report indicated that they were to be continued in the Sukhumi Monkey Colony, a Soviet primate center. The hybridization experiments (the artificial insemination of human females by anthropoid sperm) were to be conducted only with the written agreement of the female. She would accept the risk and obey the required strict isolation regime. The experiments were to be conducted with all necessary safeguards, including preclusion of natural insemination. The trials were to be conducted on as many human females as possible, but in no case, fewer than five. According to Potapov, the Bolshevik elite wanted to destroy the belief in God, and subject nature to serve the new Soviet Man.



Ivanov was sent to French West Africa and on 28 February, 1927, he wrapped two female chimps in nets and inseminated them with sperm from a local man. On 25 June, he inseminated another chimp with human sperm, this time using a special cage and knocking her out with ethyl chloride.

None of the three became pregnant, and at that point he changed tack. He reportedly went on to ask the authorities whether he could, instead, inseminate native women with the sperm of a dead male chimpanzee in a local hospital.

He even suggested the experiment could be carried out without the women's knowledge because he was concerned they would resist.

According to records, the authorities refused permission because the studies would be taking place in a hospital.

Instead they suggested the procedure could be done outside, where no regulations existed, but Ivanov was apparently offended, believing his research should take place in a clinical setting.

It is believed that Ivanov left Africa with a number of primates and went to the Soviet Republic of Georgia.

There, it is thought he worked in a government primate station, where rumour has it he attempted to arrange further experiments on the artificial insemination of women volunteers. No evidence exists that these experiments actually took place.

Also the Russian article reveals that the chimps that Ivanov brought back with him to Russia from West Africa were sick - THEY HAD CHIMP HIV !

The died of TB and wasting away - classic HIV symptoms.

Therefore the human females he paid to have chimp sperm inseminations WERE INFECTED WITH HIV FROM THE CHIMPS !

This proves the theory is correct.

I have discovered how HIV was transmitted from chimps to humans.

I have also discovered more information that confirms ;

1) That the chimps used in the Ivanov experiments in West Africa were from Cameroon

2) That Ivanov did inseminate African women with chimp sperm and paid them for it, probably prostitutes

3) That the chimps used in the experiment were taken to Russia and later died from Tuberculosis and a wasting disease that was probably HIV showing that the virus was transmitted to the women

I guess that now makes me famous.

If you are interested in publicising this theory, then just please credit me when due.

Here are the various facts which prove the theory ;

1) Ivanov was in West Africa in 1927 undertaking Chimp-Human Hybrid experiments.

2) The chimps used in the Ivanov experiments came from Cameroon

3) The HIV infection was present in chimps in Cameroon in the 1920's

4) That the estimated date when Chimp HIV infected humans via transmission was 1930

5) That the location of the transmission from chimps to humans was West Africa

6) That Ivanov did pay African females probably prostitutes, or forced them, to be inseminated with chimp semen. The declassified documents from the Kremlin reveal that Ivanov paid prostitutes to be inseminated with chimp semen and also suggest that African women were drugged by Ivanov and then Ivanov directly assisted in their rape by chimps who were forced to ejaculate inside the women.

7) That Ivanov went to West Africa with the intention to inseminate African women with chimp sperm.

8) That Stalin paid him $200,000 dollars to pay for the programme and ordered him to use African women for insemination

9) That Ivanov did pay African women for them being inseminated and that none of the women got pregnant

10) That Chimp HIV can be transmitted via chimp sperm into HIV in humans

11) That the chimps he used in the experiment were returned to Russia and died of what sound like HIV related diseases, such as TB and wasting diseases, as the research papers on Ivanov reveal. These are classic chimp HIV symptoms.

12) That Arvid Noe contacted HIV in West Africa from prostitutes

13) That prostitutes had kept the virus alive by sexual contact with clients since the first infection in the prostitutes used by Ivanov.

14) That this theory is more likely in relation to transmission requirements for the virus to enter a human being than the 'Bushmeat / Cut ' theory which presently dominates the debate on the origins of HIV 1 in human beings.

15) That the virus could not have been kept alive in human beings unless it was within sexually active groups within West Africa eg prostitutes and therefore the sexual transmission that was required to keep human HIV 1 alive until it was contacted by Arvid Noe and then the later non-Africans who caught the virus from having sex with Africans in West Africa was present.

No-one else anywhere on the internet has even suggested any of the above facts and theories, let alone linked the entire thing together.

Therefore I have to take credit for 'Ilya Ivanov - The Father of Aids Theory'

The Father of AID's Theory is my theory.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, Lee. It sounds very plausible, too.

Just one thing, though - there's no apostrophe in AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Well done Lee, Personaly, i think you should recieve an international award for your ingenious discovery and feature on the front pages of all the scientific magazines worldwide. It goes to show how intelligent BNP members really are.


extant said...

Lee, the Hiv virus started life as the simian virus,which was non transferable to Human's.
It was later modified through alleged Polio vacine trials within Africa for and by British and french colonies.
During 1953 french press reported that British and French Scientists now have a Biological agent that erodes hosts imumne system, thus' modern day HIV strains.
The most worrying aspect of the original ,now mutated strains is that they are undectable, "O" for outliner.
Even through modern PCR and Elisa testing they are completely undetectable,particularly from Camroon and sub suharan Africa.

Mass immigration and Globilisation will get us in more ways than one, imagine the blood banks for one !!


Anonymous said...

scientists and genetic researchers fucking with us? you must be laughing mate (sac off)

Why is it that the H1N1 is being pushed everywhere, it's on the tv, radio, billboards all over the place pushing their untested vaccines on the world's populations by companies such as Baxter (who sold contaminated vaccines to africa).

More people die of the common flu each year than H1N1, about 200 people died all over the world of H1N1 and WHO claimed this was an epidemic and vaccines should be created ASAP.

Guess who benefits from vaccines? The likes of Baxter.

Lee, you probably know all of this but the sheeple will be left like sheep to slaughter by these drugs companies.

Please, when the BNP get in power can they launch a full investigation of Baxter and if possible close down the UK facilities and possibly make arrests for bio warfare against the British population.

Could you imagine if some lone muslim launched a crappy bio hazard attack which injured a few people in the UK, the nation would shut down and more police would be diverted in terror policing, yet Baxter et al have launched dozens of assaults against the people all for profit and greed.

This is not conspiracy just google baxter and contaminated vaccines!!!

Even leading world scientists have concluded that H1N1 is man made.

Sorry for the rant and a crazy post but I'm seriously pissed off that we are being treated like shit by our governments and corporations.

Lancs UAF said...

Doesn't Richard Bumbrook have TB?

Print that you fucking imbecile.

Andraste said...

Very interesting articles Lee. Some time ago I found this video on Youtube.


Andraste said...

Lancs UAF said...

"Doesn't Richard Bumbrook have TB?"

LOL - wow, that's clever. BNP are now reeling from your devastating attack. Pathetic, brainwashed fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

The internet was invented for people like you. Well done on your fantastic detective work!