Tuesday 20 October 2009

Political Correctness Kills British Whites

This is how political correctness kills white British people.


A white schoolboy was battered with a claw hammer in an attack at a school where politically correct teachers were afraid to deal with racial tensions, the High Court has heard.

Henry Webster, aged 15, suffered a fractured skull and brain damage after being set upon by a gang of youths during a fight on the school tennis court in 2007.

In the six years beforehand it is alleged that staff looked the other way during a string of incidents involving ‘radicalised’ Asians.

Teachers were too anxious about being seen as bigoted to intervene as a ‘culture of racist bullying and harassment’ built up around a 30-strong gang called the ‘Asian Invasion’.

At the same time, white pupils were branded ‘racist’ by the headmaster and given harsher punishments than Asians, the High Court was told.

Fourteen youths, some of whom were pupils, have already been jailed over the attack on Mr Webster but it was not prosecuted as a racially motivated attack.

However, his family have now brought a civil action against Ridgeway Foundation School near Swindon, Wiltshire, claiming there was a negligent failure to maintain proper discipline and deal with racial tension.

They are also seeking compensation of up to £1million.

Today, Robert Glancey QC, representing the family, said that existing tensions escalated after the July 7 2005 bombings and when more Asian pupils joined the school, some of whom were ‘radicalised and hostile’.

Racial intimidation and violence became a ‘feature of the life of the school’ with eruptions of 'extreme acts of violence', it was alleged.

Asians were ‘encouraged’ to separate from white pupils and formed a gang that would hang around the corridor laughing at other pupils and abusing them.

Serious incidents included the riot in May 2006 on the playing field, which led to armed police attending the school.

There were also two attacks almost identical to Mr Webster’s beating.

According to Rachel Barker, a trainee teacher at the school, Mr Glancey said: ‘She thought the punishment system was ineffective and, for example, she was told by Mr Walton, the acting head, not to give out any more warnings to pupils as it would look bad on their disciplinary records.

‘In her view the school did not promote cohesion or integration and the Asians felt superior and were never disciplined or if they were lesser punishment was handed out to them than to white pupils guilty of similar offences.

‘She felt the school did not deal with the problem effectively because they were fearful of being accused of racism.’

The court heard the school ‘closed its eyes’ to the growing unrest and when parents and staff repeatedly complained they were met with complacency and rudeness.
Henry Webster

Court battle: (l-r) Elizabeth Webster with Henry, his brother Joe and his step-father Roger Durnford in London today

At the same time, white pupils were being targeted for unfair treatment, the court was told.

One boy was disciplined for wearing an England shirt while Asian pupils were not punished for wearing hoodies or listening to music on their mobile phones.

A father of one pupil claimed that during an assembly Mr Walton had said that, in his view, white pupils at the school were racist.

According to Mr Glancey, this showed how teachers were ‘clamping down on white pupils while doing little to tackle the bad and worsening conduct of members of the Asian gang’.

He added: ‘There were a large number of incidents, events, complaints and warnings which would or should have made any school which was being reasonably competent realise there was a serious problem in this school with racism, violence security, discipline and misbehaviour.

‘Viewed cumulatively in this way the large scale violent incidents were evidence of a very bad situation in the school as a whole, tips of an iceberg of very bad behaviour.’

The attack on Mr Webster, who had been a victim of bullying, took place in January 2007 after a 15-year-old Asian pupil picked a fight with him.

The keen rugby player was lured to the tennis courts thinking he would have a one-to-one fight by his adversary who summoned reinforcements using their mobile phones from outside school.

Ridgeway School disputes the allegation and says blaming it for the attack, carried out by a non-pupil, is ‘unprecedented and far-fetched’.

The case is being brought by Mr Webster, his mother, Elizabeth Walker, 46, who runs her own nanny recruitment business, his younger brother Joseph, 14, and his step-father Roger Durnford, 44, who runs his own building company.

They say they were traumatised by witnessing Mr Webster’s suffering, and are also seeking damages.

The case continues.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1221759/Hammer-attack-victim-seeks-1m-damages-politically-correct-school-closed-eyes-racial-tensions-Henry-Webster-Asian-Invasion-Swindon-Ridgeway-Foundation.html#ixzz0UVkm08Tb

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Andraste said...

OT. We are definitely bothering the media big time... just found this article on BBC website which might be of interest:


extant said...

I am in the middle of a review with a Politically correct Private School, that expelled my Son because I reported them to the Police for Racism.
My Son was subject to one way treatment from Teachers whenever it involved "Asian" pupils for over a year.

This included coming home with bruises all the way down his spine from being hit with a Cricket bat, Teachers present would not respond.
On the last occasion , I was asked to attend the school because my son made a terrible racist comment "go back to Asia land", this was in retaliation for threat's from 2 much older children, who said that they would kill him.
During a recent review with the School, a Governor attempted to trivialise threats to kill,by telling us all that it means nothing, and everyone says it.
On a separate occasion when I asked the school to deal with my Son and another Asian Pupil in an equal handed manner over an incident within the school grounds, they were then called to the deputy head the next morning and instead of just my Son just having Detention, neither of them would be punished.

Shortly after this incident the Asian pupil who was known for bullying, was given express legitimacy to carry out his attack's on other pupils,instead of reprimanding the child, the school made him a prefect so that his behaviour was then justified.

There were many other incidents of one way Racist treatment toward white Children, friends of ours were forced to remove their Children because of bullying from Asian Pupils.

We know of course that "Asian" is just a PC Racist broad meaning, the Asian pupil is not the problem !!

Whenever any Parents see these actions from a School, it is their Job to report them to the Police, before it escalates to what happened to Henry.
The Police are duty bound to give you a crime number and investigate, if they refuse you are entitled to report them for serious breach of Duty.

Anonymous said...

'The keen rugby player was lured to the tennis courts thinking he would have a one-to-one fight by his adversary who summoned reinforcements using their mobile phones from outside school.'

yes that how ''Asians '' work

Anonymous said...

Sleepwalking into mass ethnocide.

The NWO have as much media chloroform lies as it will take, just as long as THEY get fat on it.

it's racism at its ugliest - the ethnicide of a great people for nothing more than profit and greed.

Adrian P said...

Meanwhile the Liberal establishment entrain the public to tell their Kids, it's wrong to fight.

Anonymous said...

We all know that "Asian" is the politically correct codeword for "Muslim"!