Thursday 22 October 2009

World Hasnt Ended Yet

QT is over.

The world hasnt ended.

I Told you, leftist idiots.

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Anonymous said...


Broken Britain said...

Not many Fascists turned up to protest outside the BBC centre tonight.
500 the BBC said in a city of 7 million.You would have throught with all lies that have been peddled against the BNP 100,000's would have turned up.
I'm sure i would have gone if i believed what is said about the BNP, but i know it's not true and i'm sure the other 6,999,500 Londoners believed the same and stayed at home.

Andraste said...

LOL - is that the best you got? FA

We have won, you have lost. Fact. Now go kill yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed the BBC spent hours of TV filming the crowd of anti BNP protestors outside the TV studio. We were continually told the crowd was growing by the BBC reporter. How many actually were there....about 500. I was expecting half a million!