Tuesday 6 October 2009

Searchlight and UAF Fiddling costs

All these idiots campaigned against the BNP.

This is what they spent to rig an election.


This is a disgusting record of interference in a democratic election ;

Board of Deputies of British Jews 35,445

National Union of Teachers 25,194

Public and Commercial Services Union 74,794

Searchlight Information Services Ltd 137,409

Unison - The Public Service Union Not yet submitted

Unite Against Fascism 86,987

USDAW 3,604

= £ 363,433

They should be all banned.

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NoisySiamese said...

Please DIGG this post!


Anonymous said...

The usual suspects are all there.

Latest news from the BBC web site is that Ed Milliband has found one of his lost relatives from Warsaw in Russia...no doubt she had been down as one of the "six million". The reappearance of these people and reunions is getting rather tiresome.