Friday 23 October 2009

Just As I Expected

This survey is very revealing.

The fact that over half the people questioned agreed that whites felt that they had no voice and that the government has forgotten the indigenous white British community should terrify the government and the Twitterati.

Things aint gonna get any better.

The Recession has just been revealed to be the Second Great Depression on the eve of the first Great Depression.

With immigration to add to our population by 10 million by 2020 at a rate of a million a year just as the economy is collapsing means the Tipping Point is fast approaching.

Political Revolutions begin with a shifting of the social consensus.

It is the shifting of the tectonic plates of the public perceptions that cause the true political earthquakes.

The fact that 22 % of the public are considering voting for the BNP is about the correct percentage of our core vote.

What we must do now is unlock community support on the ground in our own communities.

Vote building is built on community networking and political activism.

We need an Operation White Vote to go out into our communities and ensure local supporters and local people have registered to be BNP voters.

The true revolutionary moment for any party is when it goes from being actively opposed by a minority, actively supported by a minority and passively opposed by the majority to being opposed by a minority, supported by a minority but the majority remain ambivalent or undecided.

New Labour was elected into power on just 22 % of the British people. 78 % of the British people did not vote for New Labour. But they took power.

Majorities dont win elections, organised minorities do.

Our challenge is to become an well organised political minority, for by so doing we unlock political power.

Support for the party has increased in the last month, a survey for The Daily Telegraph indicated.

The findings will lead to accusations that the BBC’s decision to invite the far-Right MEP on to its flagship current affairs programme may have backfired by giving him a national platform.

The YouGov poll was taken hours after Mr Griffin’s appearance on Thursday, before which anti-fascist protesters rioted outside BBC Television Centre in London.

The survey found that 22 per cent of voters would “seriously consider” voting for the BNP in a future local, general or European election. This included four per cent who said they would “definitely” consider voting for the party, three per cent who would “probably” consider it, and 15 per cent who said they were “possible” BNP voters.

Two-thirds said they would not consider voting for the party “under any circumstances” with the rest unsure.

Mr Griffin’s performance, during which he was challenged about his views on the Holocaust, immigration, Islam and homosexuality, has divided the political establishment. Some senior figures criticised the BBC for inviting him on to the programme.

David Lammy, the Higher Education Minister and one of the first black men to serve in a British government, gave warning of a potential rise in racist and anti-Semitic attacks, saying he was “very worried about the days which will follow”.

More than half of those questioned said they agreed with the BNP, or thought that it “had a point” in wishing to “speak up for the interests of the indigenous, white British people ... which successive governments have done far too little to protect.”

This included 43 per cent who said that, while they shared some of its concerns, they had “no sympathy for the party itself”.

Twelve per cent said they completely agreed with the BNP, while 38 per cent said they “disagree totally with the BNP’s political outlook”.

YouGov found that overall voter support for the party had risen from two to three per cent since last month.

The party claimed that 3,000 people had registered to sign up as members since Mr Griffin’s Question Time appearance. The BBC is likely to face further questions if Mr Griffin’s appearance results in a rise in racial assaults.

France’s far-Right leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, praised the corporation for inviting the BNP to appear and predicted the party would enjoy a surge as a result.

In a vindication of the BBC’s stance, however, the poll showed that nearly three quarters of the public supported the decision to invite Mr Griffin to appear, compared with 63 per cent when the same question was asked last week.

Labour encouraged mass immigration to help socially engineer a “multicultural” country and to try to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair.

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Anonymous said...

Treason Felony Act 1848: "It is treason felony to compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend to "move or stir" any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom or any other country belonging to the Queen."

The law is still in force.

extant said...

Well as you know we are all suffering as a consequence, including our Children !

Some of us will unite and become stronger no matter what,those of us that is that truely understand what we have lost.
Some of us will just keep talking the same talk ,terrified of some association because it may harm their self gratification they are consumed with !!

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with the BNP is the apparent Zionist phobia and I think this is an issue of not separating the wheat from the chaff, not of 'Jew-hatred' itself at all. Things however got muddled over time and so there is a mess of misunderstanding that needs urgent attention.

From what I can see, the problem is 'self-hating Jews' who are sell-outs -- like Goldstone and his pro-Hamas UN report and the many secular left-leaning Jews who hate Israel and attack their own nation and it's people at every opportunity going -- and whatever host country they live in also is under attack from them and their left-wing ideologies. But they are not Zionists at all, they want to destroy Israel, not save it, it's not Jewishness, but left-wing delusions that drives these people.

Real Zionists (the people who care about Israel and don't bother other nations as they are far too busy attempting to hang on to their own...) don't have much sympathy for those traitors who make Jews and Israel look bad everywhere.

Other than that, keep up the good work, but don't let those self-haters sow strife amongst people who should be friends, the Israelis are in the very same boat as the English, who themselves have no shortage of self-hating leftwingers.