Sunday 11 October 2009

Ethnic British and Civic British - THE LAW

The majority of journalists in the media are thick.

They may be educated, but they are also ignorant.

Having a degree does not mean you are educated, as some of the most well educated people in this country are the most ignorant.

Here is what the law says for the ignorant and the thick journalists in the media ;

Ashley Cole is not Ethnically British.

He is half ethnically British as his mother is an ethnic Briton, his father is a black immigrant with naturalised British citizenship status.

The Ethnic British are those that are descended from the ethnic British people, and they inherit their nationality status as Ethnic British on the basis of Jus sanguinis -

Those whose parents are Naturalised British Citizens are not Ethnic British, they are Naturalised British Citizens (logically enough) ;

This is what the law says.

Therefore Ashely Cole is Dual Nationality Status British Citizen - one who holds both a British passport and also the right to claim citizenship status in the lands where his father came from if he wished.

There is an important legal distinction between Ethnic British and Naturalised British - that of Lex Sanguinis, which is a right of return to the lands of ones ancestors.

Ashley Cole will have a dual nationality passport which will allow him to claim, if he wishes, a right of residence in the land where his father came from.

Ethnic British people do not have such rights - for this is our only homeland where our ancestors came from.

To attack the two BNP chaps, who are unknown to the party and the media by the way (a joke) is to attack them for the truth of what they are saying !


Now comes the subject of the English.

Ashely Cole is not Ethnically English - he is half Ethnic English, English culturally and born in England.

Therefore he qualifies to play for England as he was born in England.

But being born in England does mean that you are Ethnic English - only those who are born of Anglo-Saxon lineage from both parents can claim to be Ethnic English.

I cannot claim to be Ethnic English as my fathers ancestry are Irish.

I am English by birth and culture and half English by Ethnicity.

You can be English by culture and neither Ethnic English nor need be born in England.

But you cannot be Ethnic English unless all youre ancestors were Ethnic English, you were born in England and you are English by culture.

Those who want to sweep away the very idea of the existence of the Ethnic English are the real fascists.

They want to impose a fake plastic version of Englishness that steals our identity, culture and nationality away from us.

These fascists must be resisted as much as the media morons that are too thick to understand the law or the basic legal reality of the laws of citizenship.

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JPT said...

That's what I thought when I read it this morning. The journalists are either thick or think that their readers are. Both probably.

Anonymous said...

Very true. I do not consider myself English, I am ethnically British (or Anglo-Celtic) as I have Irish and Scots ancestry.

lormarie said...

I agree with what you are saying but is anyone really claiming that this guy is ethnically British or English? Is this label limited to race? Can one be Jewish and be an ethnic Briton? What if they are part some other European nationality?

Andraste said...

I think that there are two types of so-called journalists, the first type is the brain-dead, moronic retard that would believe anything that is told them by their masters, if they were told that 2+2=5 they would believe it, this type are the grovelling rat-scum that gleefully lick the arse of their master.

The second type is the sinister, calculating, narcissist, self-loathing sociopath that is pathologically driven to destroy all things traditionally English - this type are the ruthless careerist maniacs who work the sadistic power structure. It is this second type that are going to great efforts to obfuscate what ethnically English is. They have no trouble identifying an "ethnic Albanian" or "ethnic Tamils":

Anonymous said...

lormarie@05:36 'Can one be Jewish and be an ethnic Briton?'
I would argue no. The Jews wanted their homeland and for better or for worse they have it. It has resulted in and always will, endless conflict. There are two ways of making astronomical amounts of money and that is war and debt. Perpetuate both and the Zionists who really control the western democracies have it made. I would re-classify anyone Jewish or of Jewish ancestry Israeli because that is where their heart lies and their eyes look towards. They cannot have it both ways which is the way they have it now and why so much is wrong in the world. Our government and estabishment is crowded with pseudo Britons who are more Israeli than British. The Israelis wouldn't stand for it so why should the rest of the world?

Andraste said...

If I became a Chinese citizen, that does not make me ethnically Chinese. And should I return to the UK and start telling people I was ethnically Chinese they would think I was mad - I would be a Chinese citizen, that's it. In exactly the same way this extends to ones place of birth, i.e Ethnically English Mr and Mrs Smith move to China and become Chinese citizens then they have a child - that child is not ethnically Chinese, it is ethnically English and a Chinese citizen.

Just because a dog is born in a stable does not make it a horse.

What is so hard to understand about this?

Anonymous said...

What is so hard to understand about this is that Ashley Cole is half English and half something else - is it Jamaican? (For the sake of this discussion let's assume he is half Jamaican). He is half English - half ethnically English. 50% of his ancestors go back as far as Nick's or anyone else's on this island. What is wrong is that some of you want to deny him that - was it Joey and Mark on the radio? You are asking him to be 100% Jamaican it seems. Under your rules he has a choice - to be of two places. It's a privilege he enjoys. And why shouldn't he. It is who he is.