Tuesday 27 October 2009

BNP To Get Rid Of Griffin

The utter stupidity, laziness, shoddy and corrupt journalism we see in this country amazes me.

The blatant nature of it is simply shocking.

Take the stories like this one with a misquote from me being used to assert a lie that I and others want to see Nick Griffin replaced as leader.


They still print and recycle the lie even though I have stated many time it is simply a lie.

Well the fact is that I have never said that we need a new leader.

We dont need one as the ONLY person in the BNP who can do the job is Nick Griffin.

If I had decided to say that Nick had to go then the first person I would have said that to is Nick - and I would have said it to him face to face and not on this blog.

What I have been telling Nick for a long time now that he needs to start playing as rough with the journalists as they play with him.

Hence the statement where I said 'he failed to press the attack'.

The reason why Nick failed to press the attack is because he is a nice guy.

Nick really does give journalists and people the benefit of the doubt, and as a result they abuse his trust and resort to bullying and lies.

This is utterly unfair.

Nick comes from a decent, well mannered nationalist middle class background and is one of those chaps who will go out of their way to be nice to people - especially journalists.

Seeing him getting kicked by them time after time is simply sickening.

The way Nick handled QT was the best manner possible in the circumstances.

If I had been on there I would have raged at the audience and the panel for their bullying, stupidity, hypocrisy and idiotic statements.

Thats why I am glad I wasnt invited on - as I would have fluffed it.

In the circumstances of that particular QT then Nick handled it in the best possible way - he was able to turn their bullying back on them by remaining lucid, calm and reasonable.

I doubt if many other 'nationalists' and none in the BNP could have kept their cool, dignity and honour as well as he did that night.

This is why media monkey chatter about a 'leadership challenge' is total nonsense.

It is simply the media trying to stir up trouble - which will fail, but as long as the BNP keep getting in the media headlines with the story then its all good publicity.

I have told Nick that now he needs to be more assertive and to begin to press the attack with the media.

The BNP are 'sexy'.

This means that whenever a media show, newspaper or TV programme has the BNP on or Nick Griffin on then viewing figures go through the roof.

The time has come to tell those media organisations that keep on doing what Adam Boulton did and QT did and persist in giving interviews where they bring up the issue of the statement Nick made on the Holocaust 25 years ago instead of asking questions about BNP policy and treating us with disrespect to fuck off.

Perhaps it is best that Nick does not do this - so what we need to do is simply put a few people on the media who are prepared to tear the interviewer a new arsehole each time they play that trick.

A few studio walk outs would generate mass publicity in the media as well as get across the point that we are not prepared to take the media bullshit anymore.

The British people are looking for a Peoples Champion, someone who will tell the truth and not be cowed by political correctness, the media and the desire to lick the arse of the White Liberal Middle Class and their Ethnic Middle Class Fellow Travellers.

The BNP is that Peoples Champion and Nick must become the voice of their anger.

Therefore we must transmit that anger - the anger of the unemployed, the families who are losing their houses due to the banks foreclosing on their mortgages, the families of the troops in foreign wars and our war dead, the Nationalist Middle Class who are seeing their jobs offshored, outsourced and taxes used to subsidise affirmative action and positive discrminination plans and to bail out the bankers.

This country is a seething cauldron of rage - and we must articulate that rage.

The only people who are not angry are the guilty - the White Liberal Middle Class, the Ethnic Middle Class and the rich bankers, the Bono Vox type cosmopolitan arseholes and the media scum who are paid to print bollocks and keep our people enslaved to lies and the corrupt Liberal / Labour / Tory / political establishment.

They are the enemy.

It is time that we started treated them like the enemy.

The media have demonstrated that they are corrupt, biased, hypocritical, lying scum.

Now we need to start treating them the way they are.

We dont lick the hand of those that hit us - we bite the hand that beats us.

We must start to develop an 'attitude' of anger, contempt and loathing for the media.

They will never support us.

They will never be fair to us.

The media are whores paid to do a job - which is to keep us out of power so the enemies of Britain can stay in power.

The media cannot be reasoned with.

The media cannot be seduced or wooed over to us.

The media are our mortal enemy and the mortal enemy of our people and nation.

Amongst them are a few decent sorts who agree with us, but the moment they express their real opinions they are sacked.

Therefore even the decent ones cannot afford to be fair to us.

In all revolutionary struggles the enemy must be identified and exposed.

The next time some journalist on The Guardian writes a story outing one of our people or putting the stolen BNP list online, then we find out where that journalist lives and put their home address online.

At the same time we find out who owns and runs the Guardian and do the same thing to them.

We know what to do.

We have watched the left, environmental protestors and fathers for justice do the same things for years.

We simply do the same thing and target the media owners and editors.

That way they become as accountable on their doorsteps for their actions as they seek to make us.

Only when the media realise that targeting us in their pages will be met with us exposing them, will they cease their exposures.

For far too long those like Viscount Rothermere, the owner of the Daily Mail, and other media owners have been able to hide in the shadows as their minions do their dirty work and put our people in danger of attack from lunatics, reds, Islamists and criminals.

The minute that these people who allow their staff to undertake such actions realise they can no longer hide in the shadows, is the moment they will stop doing it.

The day that a coach load of BNP supporters turn up at Viscount Rothermeres country mansion and estate, climb the walls and then have a tea party on his lawn with a load of banners and placards is the day that he will realise that power must be met with accountability.

Sure we will get arrested.

But whoever said victory can be gained without a cost.

This a struggle for the survival of our people, our nation and our culture.

The idea that we can win without paying a price is the ultimate fantasy.

I have had BNP disabled members ring me in tears after the Guardian released and publicised the BNP stolen list.

They have had death threats and vile abuse from idiots in their communities because the Guardian publicised and supplied the information to the wider public with the direct intent that we are attacked as a result of that information being provided to the public.

A week ago the technology editor of the Guardian wrote an article inciting people to hack the BNP site because he didnt have the balls to do it himself ;


A few days later this happened ;


Now thats what I am talking about.

Payback in kind.

An eye for an eye.

Of course the BNP had nothing to do with the hack on The Guardian site, but I am very glad that someone, somewhere taught the Guardian a lesson they really, really needed to learn.

I have had families ring me who have been driven from their homes as a result of local black criminal gangs in their inner city areas targeting them as a result of the leaked list.

We have all heard stories from people who the media have attacked with lies who have lost their jobs.

Therefore because the media will not stop targeting us, we must now target them.

We have nothing left to lose.

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Dave said...

There's a new group on facebook.

One million to boycott press/media lies


Almost 1000 members now.

Peter said...

"What I have been telling Nick for a long time now that he needs to start playing as rough with the journalists as they play with him"

I totally agree with this. The day after Question Time Nick was certainly a lot more bullish and combative with reporters. Simon Darby has been excellent lately taking interviewers head on.

Someone who wont be taking Nick head on is David Cameron who has just stated on Sky News that he will not have a leaders debate with Nick Griffin.

Anonymous said...

"start playing as rough with the journalists"

Excellent advice.

But never, NEVER get up and walk away from an interview. The few mainstream politicians who have done this look like complete prats.

Nationalist politicians who did this would be portrayed as cowards or idiots unable to answer the questions put to them.

But yes, when faced with an abusive interviewer, STOP smiling, tell them to behave more like a professional and insist they allow you to answer fully.

If they keep talking over you then just keep talking right back over them. The interview may become pointless but you have stopped being a victim just sitting there accepting their abuse. They will have lost the chance of a good news item. They need good news items. That is their bread and butter!

Nick has to have stop being a gentleman with these low-life.

Organizm Seven

Andraste said...

Suggesting that there is to be a leadership challenge to Nick Griffin is something that the media have been trying to concoct for ages - it is simply a strategy to destabilise the BNP. I for one support Nick 1000% - he is a great leader.

Defender of Liberty said...

Totally agree seven.

What we should do if the media ask us a question and then either dont give us time to answer it is ;

1) Stay silent creating 'dead air' in the interview until they realise they better stop it

2) talk over the journalist and just answer the first question and just keep talking until they stop - this is what I told the producers I would do on the Moral Maze if they asked me a question and did not allow me time to answer before throwing in a new question. Once they realised that all they then created was an unlistenable miss, they stopped it.

Two people talking at the same time ruins an interview - therefore impose yourself on the interview and simply keep talking until then interruptions stop from other people

3) tell them that if they keep interrupting and do not allow us to respond properly that the interview will be terminated and if they continue walk out

4) You are right that in the past this made the person walking away look a plonker - but if we calmly say to the public 'I have asked you repeatedly to allow me time to answer the questions so the public can know the answer. You wont allow me to do this, therefore this interview is now over. If people watching have any questions they can submit their questions to me via the BNP website and I will answer them all on the BNP website. "

That should do the trick.

Anonymous said...

"What I have been telling Nick for a long time now that he needs to start playing as rough with the journalists as they play with him."

Glad to hear that, Lee. After QT I just hope he takes your advice on board.

What we need is a Barnes/Griffin hybrid. :)

Defender of Liberty said...

Ha ha ha good one.

What a monster that would be !

Runesword said...

All agreed, however the burden of pushing forward cannot be borne soley by the chairman.
What we must do is gather a plethora of people capable of articulating specific arguments around our political and philosophical core.
Biologists, climatologists, historians, economists, anthropologists and the like who can collectively attack the central memeplex being constructed by the corporate internationalists.
Start with the climate change scam. Call it "globalist" warming, deconstruct it and explain why it is a quasi-religious device used to shift the blame for the profit-driven destruction of terrestrial biology onto the consumer instead of those responsible.
Then go on to explain how the same psychological inversion trick is applied accross the spectrum of deceits in order to create a universal paradigm, contrary to the natural order and which results in the enslavement of the mind to the fat controllers and the usual suspects.

One other thing. Islam is an unstable intermediary between the dead paradigm of the past and that being constructed to displace the natural emergent paradigm of the 21st century.

It's time take the fight to the enemy.

Wolfblood said...

Good image, Lee.
Let's show them our teeth!

Anonymous said...

Grumpygit: I really must agree that Nick Griffin must become more assertive with what passes for a free press and media in our country. However, we must remember that the current crop of thieves, traitors and charlatans have had many years to perfect their performances and spin their lies and deceits while appearing to be honest brokers. But now the game is up for them. Nobody believes them any more.

I think that as Mr. Griffin is invited to speak on radio and tv and gains more experience in dealing with hostile interviewers, his technique will improve.

Looking to the future, I suggest that a BNP government pays scarce attention to the media. If they are shut out completely, while the BNP gets on quietly with the job of reversing our country's misfortunes, then they can only print and broadcast conjecture. It will be the tangible results that will prove to be popular with the voters, not what they are being told by a lying media.

alanorei said...

As indicated earlier, I listened to you on The Moral Maze, Lee.

You confounded them all, especially Mel P and the panelist you offered to write a response for on a sheet of cardboard with a crayon because he didn't seem to catch on.

That's what's needed for the BNP on QT. You would certainly have been thorny meat for the anti-BNPrs last Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Spot on. Time to attack the MSM scum. Boycott Their stinking rags too. Most people are not even aware that it's NUJ policy to dicredit the BNP. This should be exposed over and over again. Rant over.
ps Loved the Michael Collins poem re Irish referendum.

Anonymous said...

I would support LEGAL demonstrations outside newspaper offices and banning contact with obvious Searchlight agents like Fiona Hamilton of the Times
Otherwise -cool, calm and patient must be our approach. Remember that the media would just love to see our people losing their tempers-it would play straight into their hands and bring bi broad smiles on to their faces

Ex Member Now EDL said...

Call me a traitor and part of the Lab/Con conspiracy as I have left the BNP to join the EDL but the EDL are gaining pace day by day and are going to make a name for us this Saturday in Leeds, and become the party of the true english people.

Mark my words!

Defender of Liberty said...

Good luck to you.

I have no problems with the EDL.

They are doing a good job, and I will explain why.

I am going to do an article on the EDL tomorrow - so check back,


Anonymous said...

Barnes on question time? I have this image in my head of Lee not being able to pass the filth protesting outside, hanging off the top of the railings and swatting them like flys with their own placards. Now that would be TV.

Here's a funny one for you. Driving to work this morning i heard Sarah Kennedy on Radio two reading out the news headlines. She said that an online poll published on stormfront showed that a large percentage of BNP members wanted NG replaced as leader.
Now, this surely demonstrates the levels of piss poor journalism the BBC have stooped to. Since when did anyone, especially the BBC, rely on a poll carried out on a largely neo-nazi/red/special branch, loaded website? It's not exactly Reuters, is it?

Ulster Patriot

adrian P said...

There is a potential trap here, supposing BNP do put a journalist or editors name online, what is to stop someone, security services perhaps targetting them, bricking their windows or worse, BNP gets the Blame, BNP publicises his address, then some right wing extremist ( security servives ) bricks his windows.

OT but
Alex Jones Fall of the Rebublic is worth a watch, very relevent to what is going on over here.

Best put the Kettle on though, it's over 2 hrs long, I'll bring the popcorn round in about an hour.

Fall of the Republic

And no, I'm not with the security services making the BNP innefective by tying all their main players up watching 15 hour long ( ok slight exageration ) Videos.

Phil said...

Nick is the best man for the job. But I would presume the easy life Nick has given to hostile press will soon be coming to an end. The BNP makes its own publicity, and we're not about to milk the sympathy vote for long - people will come to us out of sympathy for a while, but unless we become more steely-eyed, they won't respect us for long.

extant said...

Ask your self this-

How would you feel if you had the full pressure of the Evil doctorial State Machine working against you, all at the same time.
How would you feel as you walked into a studio facing the real prospect that you could possibly be shot before you even walked into the building.
Have I said enough as to why a Human being looked slightly nervous ??
Not to mention the combined interrogation from the fixed Audience and the professional scum sat either side !!
He done well, considering the odds; in fact I would say he is a Martyr and that is what he will be "forever" if anyone dare touch him.

Well done Nick, you are Human after all !