Friday 23 October 2009

QT And The Ethnic Middle Class Arseholes

Image - The QT rigged audience. 42 % non-white. Totally non-representative of Britain. All the audience were ethnic middle class and white middle class. No working class people were allowed to appear on the show or speak on the show. They probably couldnt find any who still lived in that part of London.

Image - Jack Straw. Used his Jewish ethnicity to play the race card in QT. Member of middle class.

Image. Tory Peer Baroness Warsi. Used her race and religion as cards in the debate. Member of the Upper Middle Class.

Image - Bonnie Greer who is a black American citizen. Used her race to play the race card in QT. Assistant director of the British Museum. Member of Middle Class.

Image - Posh Jew in QT audience. Used his Jewish ethnicity and the issue of the holocaust. Member of the rich and upper middle class from his voice and appearance.

Image - Middle Class Black in QT audience. Used his race to attack nick griffin using the race card. Obviously a member of the Ethnic Middle Class, well dressed, well spoken, articulate, middle class professional.

One thing struck me most of all after watching QT last night, and that is just how much a bunch of selfish arseholes the new Ethnic Middle Class are.

We had Bonnie Greer, Baroness Warsi and a host of middle class posh Jews, blacks and asians in the audience all playing the Race Card to attack Nick Griffin.

And what a bunch of arseholes they all were.

These are the all the members of the new Ethnic Middle Class, the socially engineered 'pet class' of the White, Middle Class liberal pricks that have ruined our nation for generations.

Did you hear them all playing the race card against Nick every chance they got, throwing their race and ethnicity in his face and expecting him to despise his own race and ethnicity as a result.

These scum, and they are scum, are the most selfish, opportunistic, greedy and self serving people in this country.

Not because of their race, religion or ethnicity - but because they are the latest 'fellow traveller' members of the White Middle Class Liberal Elite.

Whilst they play the race card at every occasion these new Ethnic Middle Class solely to benefit themselves and their ethnic community at every opportunity - at the same time they dont give a flying fuck about the White Working Class who have been abandoned as a result of multi-culturalism, mass immigration their selfishness in this country.

Multi-culturalism was a project by both the Tories and Labour to build a new Ethnic Middle Class voting block to replace the white working class.

The Tories knew the white working class have always despised them so they supported the project and New Labour begun the project after realising that the innate patriotism of the white working class made them the enemies of liberalism, socialism, fabianism and communism.

The white working class are nationalists, whilst tories and labour are globalists.

Therefore each undertook to create a new Ethnic Middle Class to replace the White Working Class.

The Tories knew that once the 'ethnics' that they allowed to be imported in as cheap labour had been 'gentrified' and turned into Middle Class lemmings by political correctness that they would vote Tory - as all selfish bastards do.

The Labour Party knew that many of them would always vote Labour due to their ethnicity and imported them in a block vote - as they nearly always do.

Therefore both had a stake in the project.

The White working class though have been abandoned.

They live in ex-mining towns and steel towns, fishing communities and derelct council estates like Native American Indians, mired in inter-generational poverty, unemployment, social deprivation and squalor.

Go to Brixton and take a look around.

You will see vast new housing estates, new libraries, new colleges, new schools, sports facilities, rap studios and community centres for black kids and every ethnicity under the sun - but fuck all for the poor, white working class minority of Brixton.

Go to the North of England and you will see endless towns and villages that resemble something out of the 19th century where young poor white children play amidst burnt out cars, discarded syringes and scattered rubbish, places where entire streets are boarded up and after dark people hide from the gangs that roam outside.

These white working class kids have nothing.

They have no community centres, new libraries, new swimming pools, new schools - they have nothing.

The white working class are failing the most at school - so who does the New Labour government fund with extra teaching grants.

Blacks and Asians.


But worst of all is the selfishness of the Ethnic Middle Class when they succeed and become wealthy proffessionals in good jobs.

What do they do.

They keep on playing the race card so as to benefit themselves time after time after time.

How many times have we seen one of these mouthy black middle proffessionals like the one on QT last night screaming at Nick that he was 'disgusting' ever stand up and say ' I am not going to take advantage of affrimative action, political correctness and positive discrimination. I am going to stand for equality of opportunity instead of politically correct racism. I will stand up and demand the interests of the white indigenous working class are represented and looked after as they are far poorer than me and my community'.

Never, that how many times.

Instead we see the Ethnic Middle Class taking up the best jobs whilst still playing the bogus race card for every opportunity.

Never do we see any of them say ' I believe we should stop using the race relations industry for our individual and community benefit and start looking after the poorest people in our society - the unemployed, the disabled, the old and the white indigenous working class'.

That was where Nick failed to press the attack.

He should have stood up to these whining, middle class hypocrites that use the race card for self enrichment - and thrown the truth right back into their fat, sanctimonious, hypocritical self serving faces.

Before we can move forward politically we must demolish the myth of 'Ethnic Minority Racial Victimhood' and expose these sanctimonious, middle class ethnics that use the race relations industry as a means of extorting wealth, power and privilege from cringing, gutless white liberals.

The fact is that there is only one racially oppressed section of British society - the White indigenous working class.

They have no voice, no power and no-one cares except the BNP.

Perhaps there needs to be a few 'White Riots' around the country a la the Brixton Riots of the 1980s' before the idiot white liberal middle class and their ethnic middle class fellow travellers wake up.

The more I see the Baroness Warsis, the Bonnie Greers and the Trevor Phillips and the Melanie Phillips bang on about anti-semitism, white racism and islam-phobia the more I realise I am watching the latest batch of selfish parasites to join the selfish parasites of the white, liberal middle class.

The more these wealthy, privileged, middle class, powerful people self promote themselves and their own racial, religious and ethnic communities and abuse the race card the more I realise that multi-culturalism is a total load of racist, hypocritical old bollocks.

Multi-Culturalism is an enemy of the British people.

It must be extirpated, ideologically destroyed, its proponents villified and prosecuted for their crimes against our nation and people and those who have grown wealthy from it have their wealth repatriated and given to those who truly deserve it - the poor, the disabled, the white working class and the elderly.

There were no white working class panel members.

There were no white working class people in the audience.

There were no white working class people allowed to put questions to the panel.

There were no white working class people allowed to comment on the questions.

This was a Middle Class farce of a TV show, a sanctimonious middle class wankers 'hate fest'.

Get ready for the Revolution.

Whilst the Ethnic Middle Class and the White Liberal Middle Class build their ivory towers, the white working class are preparing for The Uprising.

We have nothing left to lose by staying silent - but everything to gain from rising up.

Because of the complacency, greed, arrogance and selfishness of these people then just watch this to see what will come next, arising from devastated white working class communities as spontaneously and naturally as wisps of flame and fire from smouldering, angry embers ;

White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own
White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own

Black man gotta lot a problems
But they don't mind throwing a brick
White people go to school
Where they teach you how to be thick

An' everybody's doing
Just what they're told to
An' nobody wants
To go to jail!

White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own
White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own
All the power's in the hands
Of people rich enough to buy it

While we walk the street
Too chicken to even try it

Everybody's doing
Just what they're told to
Nobody wants
To go to jail!

White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own
White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own

Are you taking over
or are you taking orders?
Are you going backwards
Or are you going forwards?

White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own
White riot - I wanna riot
White riot - a riot of my own

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Anonymous said...

my daughter last night watching question time mads a comment which says it all

Anonymous said...

Well Said Lee, I agree with everything you have said, last night was a f....... joke. We will never give in to this scum no matter what they throw at us.

JPT said...

Your picture: back row, second from right, lime sweater, white man. Every time I saw this man on last nights show he was applauding an attack on Nick Griffin and even applauded at one point an attack on his own race.
Can he not see the multicult Trojan Horse?
He claps for his own demise.

Sammie Hall said...

The idiot leftists think that the way to discourage people who are leaning toward the BNP, is to show everyone that he's a racist.

They engage minorities to shout invective, intending to 'expose' this 'racist', assuming that the not yet committed will identify with, then take up that ethnic persons point of view.

They have no conception of the fact that it is precisely BECAUSE of the level of todays vitrol and invective and accusations of racism from the ethnic minorities toward the white British that people are leaning toward the BNP in the first place.

So instead of discouraging the not yet committed, the lefties end up reinforcing their reason for taking up the BNP ideology.

These PC lefties have no understanding of human nature.

Anonymous said...

You do realise that the song 'white riot' was written in admiration of the working class black community in London and performed by The Clash who, if you did a simple google search you would know were left wing and extremely anti-racist and anti-discriminatory. I've actually never read such an ill informed piece of shit in all my life. Read a fucking book.

Defender of Liberty said...

I have been listening to the clash before you were even spat out you prepubescent idiot.

I put the clash song in the article for two reasons ;

1) It reflected the concept of white rage and a white riot

2) I knew it would piss you lefty pricks off.

Now spread the news you dumb fuck - I am claiming the clash song White Riot for the far right.

Bite on that.

Peter said...

What happened last night Lee is what I was most afraid of. I cannot imagine the pressure the Chairman was under but it must have been immense. I am in a daze to be honest and I'm certainly running through things in my mind as regards the positives and negatives too come out of the show... Which was a lynching!

Nick last night must have been expecting something as what unravelled as we all received an email saying so the night before. What I didn't expect is the abuse he received to be left unanswered or not challenged... I am trying to say that he's too nice to someone who threatens him (Nick) with their ethnic persuasion, just because they are an ethnic.

You cannot reason with these people with chips on their shoulders, you can be diplomatic but you cannot reason with them. Nick had plenty of opportunities to turn the arguments around but the old British weakness of reason, and tolerance which is in all us indigenous British people reared its ugly head to cause us to give way to opposing self pitying "your picking on me" ethnic views.

We tried last night but was stopped in our tracks and trampled over because we were too nice.

If we get another chance lets go on the offensive and stop being apologetic for historical details that happened sixty or seventy years ago.

extant said...

You sound angry Lee and so rightly so.
I have now had the opportunity to speak to several people who are not part of the BNP and have no political affiliation.
They have all remarked on QT audience and said it was disgusting.
When ordinary people see real bully's at work, the only ones to miss the whole point are the bullies them selves.
Mark my word, they will be punished at the next elections.
The last time I was in London, I saw the Asians driving up and down queens road with their Rolex's on ,pumping out their violence inciting Regae shit from their expensive pimped out x5's and Range Rovers for every one to hear, on the same street I witnessed white tramps asking for money.Sickening.
A British man came up to me and my friends with dirty ingrained hands and said "please will you buy a magazine from me", I gave him a few pounds, he didn't stop thanking me and walked away with his head down, I found it very upsetting.
The previous time I was in London, a white tramp came up to me and asked me for a few coppers,again I gave him a few pounds ,he then sat down and spoke to me for several minutes outside a cafe.He said that he just came out of prison after a 11 year stretch for murder, after he was attacked by two blacks in Brixton.
He was attacked because he would not give his Taxi fair over to them.
He showed me a scar that went from his waist right around his back to his mid chest, it was about 2 feet long .
He said, they tried to cut him in half after they shot him, (he then show 'd me the bullet scars and the adrenal injection scar )as the men walked away laughing, he picked their gun up that was dropped in the struggle and shot them both.
He was subsequently jailed for 15 years.

His real crime was being white in the wrong part of town, he now displays the scars and memories of the damage caused by the Political elite for life
As he left ,he thanked me continuously and shook my hand.

Before you think I don't take fools gladly,believe me when I say I have considerable experience dealing with the public and I know this man was 100% genuine .

I have no doubt, that the future of whites in Europe will be the same as the aborigines in Australia and the American Indians.


Anonymous said...

We've seen the true face of liberal totalitarianism on that QT show.

Read all the regular news blogs out there, even the BBC have your say, the majority of people are disgusted at the bias towards Nick Griffin . Most people support the BNP's right to free speech, their rights as a democratic party and for once NG looks like the guy that identifies with your average bloke in the pub and working class mate at the office or factory.

3000 new members according to the BNP's site, how will this translate into votes?

If the elections were today NG would wipe the labour party off the map.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahah. You are a fanny mate! :-))) Claiming the Clash song for the Far Right!!! Hahahahahahahahah. Is this the same as your claim to be a lawyer?? I predict that you will end up in a mental institution from listening to the drivel that you spout and trying to keep your arguments going without contradiction! Cheers for giving me a laugh though. ;-)

Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

Can you imagine the BBC putting a black politican like Malcolm X through what Nick went through?
No of course they wouldn't, it's only because Nick is White that they did it.
Pure racism.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes went to law school and graduated with a law degree. this fact makes him a lawyer.

Typical UAF scum cannot believe that a lawyer could actually be a BNP supporter. More prejudice from the far left intellectual classes, in their eyes working class and the indigenous British of the BNP cannot possibly be allowed a good education.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

fanny mate? You can buy those on the QVC channel, very popular with old women in Florida.

But seriously, I would love to see a thousand white working class riot and make demands what the asian muslims do to get heard.

Phil said...

15 years ago my Primary school in the Black Country was 40-50% Asian Muslim, and our Primary school had a swimming pool, community centre, library etc. Not a Senior school, but a PRIMARY school.

All the other local schools used our facilities - they didn't have swimming pools because they were predominately white.

And that was 15 years ago.

Stewart said...

35 years ago, my primary school had one asian student. we had a swimming pool. The primary school down the road had a swimming pool too. Maybe this is significant, or maybe this blog is a pile of ill educated twaddle.

It's clear that the BNP is a joke. This blog just reinforces that conclusion.

David T said...

Lee, first time to your blog and reading your detailed analysis was like a breath of fresh air. You think like what many people like me have always thought deep down but afraid to say, even afraid to think. Any hint that one supports a BNP-ish agenda invites anger and hatred from even some people who claim to be good friends. Well I'm getting sick of those "friends" and have been for a while. How can they be friends to me when they support agendas to continue the multicultural experimentation when my own family will become an ethnic minority in a few years time? Lee can I also say that your post displays a huge amount of intelligence, contrary to the smears of the left that somehow people with your views are stupid. You have depth and vision about you, the left can't see further than their own growing noses.