Sunday 18 October 2009

The BNP and the Liberal Fin De Siecle

You can sense their fear cant you, these liberals.

They know that we are in the fin de siecle of liberalism, the last dying days of its diseased reign as it staggers towards it fall and the collapse of Western civilisation beneath a tsunami of mass immigration, terrorism, resource wars and climate change due to human over population.

The cults of ugliness, decadence and greed that we see as feminism, liberalism and economics are ushering in the apocalypse of liberalism.

This is because of the paradox at the heart of liberalism.

Liberalism is a product of the nation state, for rights are guaranteed primarily through the social contract.

Yet liberalism is predicated on the notions of universality of rights, the removal of national borders, the free movement of people and the global free market.

Each of these are the primary destroyers of the nation and the state.

The triumph of liberalism is the death of liberalism.

At the moment liberalism achieves its ideological orgasm of the nation without a state where the free market and individuals exist as they wish, then the forces of barbarism will take over.

The only guarantor of civil rights is the state - remove the state and you remove peoples rights.

Moral and cultural relativism act to destroy social cohesion at the same time as national cohesion is removed via the dismantling of national borders, national public services, the national state systems and a nationally controlled economic and political system.

Political correctness facilitates the erosion of the bonds between us regarding history, culture, ethnicity and community by terrorising people and communities into silence as their communities and streets are changed beyond all recognition by mass immigration.

Liberalism is a slow acting acid that eats away a nation from within.

It is a poison, which contaminates at all levels British society.

We now live in a Five Class System.

This the system liberalism has created ;

1) The Cosmopolitans

The Cosmopolitans at the top are the rootless, globalist elite like Bono, Madonna and the rest of the super rich elite who no longer live, think or exist as nationals of a national state. They own homes in London, New York, Tel Aviv, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai and Berlin. They owe no loyalty to a community, a society, a nation or a people - they are the cosmopolitans. They are the main proponents for a world without borders, universal human rights, blah blah blah as due to their money they owe no loyalty to any nation or people.

2) The Aristocracy, The Ethnic Tokens and the White Liberal Middle Class ;

The Aristocracy, the Ethnic Tokens and the White Liberal Middle Class are the next group. These are nation state based. The aristocracy are, as owners of the majority of the land in Britain, a hereditary ruling caste regardless of the historical theft or legality of the land grabs that generated their hereditary wealth. Then we have the White Liberal Middle Class. These are the impeccably politically correct media / human resources / Guardian reading liberal elite. These are the people that regard working class whites as chav scum and working class ethnics as 'victims of socio-economic injustice internalising their anger'. For these white middle class liberals they see the victims of criminals as the criminals and the criminals themselves as victims of society. The white liberal middle class put the interests of immigrants, aids infected junkies, sexual minorities, religious minorities and racial minorities before their own people, their own country and their own culture.

The Ethnic Tokens are those who have the advantage of a higher melanin skin content and so who been able to take advantage of the multi-cultural and politically correct laws and terrorism to obtain for themselves economic and political advantage. These are the race relations extortion professionals - the reincarnated caste of witch finders, shamans and ghost hunters exorcising the phantoms of institutional racism from hideously white organisations like Sky News and the BBC. These are the middle class Hindu professionals, the black social workers and footballers, the glamorous Muslim and the posh sexual minorities that fit so easily into the world of the white middle class liberals in their ivory towers.

3) The Nationalist Middle Class

Then we have the Nationalist Middle Class, the mass of the country but who are so cowed for fear of being called racist, they would rather be shot.

Literally in most cases.

These are the people whose fathers and grandfathers fought fascism. This fascism wanted to remove our national borders, invade us with immigrants (germans), remove our free speech, issue with ID cards, force us to obey the laws of the nazi high command (the EU), who would have sent our troops to fight imperial wars for oil (such as the Eastern Front), who would have made us obey the minuscule adherents of minority religions (positive christianity re Rosenberg)and bring in arrest based on secret evidence, the suspension of Habeus Corpus and internment without trial.

Yet today they allow all this in the name of liberal fascism. They are British by culture and proud of Britain, but are afraid to talk freely of what they really think and feel for fear of being called racists.

They would rather be shot at by the Taliban than try and explain to the media or their neighbours why the indigenous British people have a right to remain the demographic majority in a Britain with a proud British national culture.

4) The Multi-Cultural Working Class ;

Then we have the Multi-Cultural Working Class. The Multi-Cultural Working Class are the white indigenous British working class and the profusion of assimilated naturalised immigrants. These are all working class and if they are immigrants they are fully assimilated into British culture.

They are British by culture and are proud to be British.

They join the army and die for Britain.

5) The Abandoned British and the Colonists ;

Then finally we have the Abandoned British and the Colonists.

These are the white underclass who are primarily the white British welfare dependent working class in towns which were once mining, steel or fishing communities. Thatcher abandoned these people to perpetual poverty and New Labour abandoned them for the Liberal Middle Class and Token Ethnics. The Abandoned British are the people abandoned by all the mainstream political elite and these people have to live alongside the Colonists. The Colonists are the immigrants who have come here to colonise our country, to impose their ways, their values and their way of life on us. They use legal terrorism via lobby groups to get the courts to rule for them, political correctness to terrorise public institutions into obeying them and Islamist terrorism to impose sharia law in British society.

The Abandoned British and the Colonists are primary revolutionary forces in our society.

The Multi-Cultural Conveyor Belt ;

At the same time as we have the five classes we also have the Multi-Cultural Conveyor Belt at work.

This is the process whereby politically correct laws such as the forthcoming Equality Bill and the race relations acts have allowed Positive Discrimination and Affirmative Action Plans to impoverish our own people. The Conveyor Belt allows less qualified ethnic minorities to be recruited before better qualified white British citizens. This is an active process that is moving the National Middle Class out of their socio-economic placement and down into the Multi-Cultural Working Class. The Conveyor Belt only moved ethnic minorities up into the Liberal Middle Class and never members of the White Working Class. The National Middle Class will see their sons and daughters leave university and them have to watch less qualified ethnics hired and promoted before them. Their kids will go from being members of the National Middle Class to just another consumer / worker in the Multi-Cultural Working Class.Thereby the less qualified ethnics become middle class as the National Middle Class is destroyed.

This is the Fin De Siecle and the liberal media are fascinated by us, as they know that the collapse is coming and that we will be the only ones capable of saving our country.

They are fascinated and afraid.

They are afraid of what they have done and afraid when it is found out of the punishment to come.

They know that the stage of history belongs to us.

Once the fall begins, then we alone can rebuild a Greater Britain from the ruination that they have created.

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