Saturday 9 May 2009

The Establishment Rediscover Their Conscience

After a decade of witless cringing before the liberal fascist pygmy of political correctness, multi-culturalism and the endless arse licking of the ethnic lobby groups and racial terrorists of the race relations industry - the Establishment have suddenly rediscovered their lost consciences over their genocidal abandonment and betrayal of their own people, the indigenous White working class.

The articles below by Craig Murray and Jeremy Seabrook make some interesting points about how New Labour have usurped democracy in order to facilitate postal fraud in local elections by ethnics and Muslims - who were the New Labour cheap vote imported immigrant voting blocs.

The aim of New Labour was to import in an ethnic voting bloc of immigrants to replace the votes of the white working class.

The one thing that Jeremy Seabrook fails to mention is that this Peoples Revolt is not just a white working class uprising but a National uprising where a new National Community beyond class divisions is in the act of self creation. What we are witnessing is the resurgence of our ethnic and national identities unifying under the flag of an indigenous British National identity, as opposed to the previous civic model of British society with its obsolete political paradigm of left and right, globalism and multi-culuturalism.

To say BNP support is predicated solely on support from the white working class would be wrong - The BNP is supported by people of all classes.

The BNP wish to create a National Community where a true meritocratic society is created, one where all individuals in our country have equal opportunites to become the very best that they can be in order that the only best may rule. Therefore we seek a truly classless society, a meritocracy of opportunity where each have equal life chances to succeed on their own merits - and not a politically correct state which imposes bogus politically and socially engineered pseudo-equality of outcome based on racial discrimination against the indigenous British people.

Globalism has made the old left / right political issue redundant.

What matters now is simply Nationalism versus Globalism, and the resulting overthrow of the 20th century Liberal Paradigm and its entire ideological structure.

The National Community Model will replace the Liberal Paradigm.

May 9, 2009
The BNP "Threat"

Harriet Harman's latest wheeze is to warn us that querying MPs' disgusting behaviour will "Play into the hands of the BNP".

There is an excellent article on the BNP by Jeremy Seabrook in the Guardian.

It is absolutely true that under Blair the Labour Party abandoned the interests of the White Working Class. That hasn't really changed. Bankers can have hundreds of billions from the taxpayers, but the Corus steel foundry on Tyneside can go to the wall.

Seabrook's evocative description of "forlorn estates of liquor shops covered with chicken wire, leaky drainpipes, semi-wild dogs and tattered flags of St George – everything that symbolised the last gasp of a disappearing working class" immediately transported me back to canvassing in Mill Hill ward in Blackburn. There was little political downside to abandoning the "sinks". Voter turnout among the hopeless voters of Mill Hill was down to around ten per cent. But I found the people friendly and engaging. I was frequently invited in for tea. They did not vote, not because they were stupid, but because they no longer believed it would do any good.

It was quite simply true that vastly more of the huge amount of public money which underpins the economy of Blackburn, ended up benefiting the immigant rather than the poor white community. But these essentially decent white people fully shared the strong British dislike of anything associated with fascism. The BNP only got just over 5% in Blackburn - the same as I got as an anti-war Independent.

Meanwhile, there was an incredible 29% of all votes cast by postal ballot in Blackburn. This was over twice the national average, and I believe the highest percentage in the country. As part of New Labour's plan to maximise the value of their postal ballot vote farming through patriarchal power structures in immigrant communities, these postal ballots were by law mixed with secret ballots before counting, so it was not possible to record any discrepancy between postal and secret ballots. But I learnt from tellers that they looked to be "over 90%" for Jack Straw. (See Murder in Samarkand p. 365). That means Straw only got about 30% of secret, non-postal ballots.

These postal ballots came almost entirely from the Muslim community, and almost entirely went to Jack Straw. So he doesn't need the white people of Mill Hill.

The mainstream parties exaggerate the electoral threat from the BNP because it is in their interest to do so. The astonishing thing is that the BNP do not have more support from the politically abandoned poor whites of this country. That is a reflection of the British people's fundamental decency.

What is needed now is a politics of fairness and concern, of work and the dignity of labour, and which respects the values of liberty and toleration that still appeal to working class people as a fundamental part of their British heritage. The Labour Party can never again stand for that. New Labour never did. A radical political realignment is beginning to take place in the UK. How men of goodwill should try to influence that for the better is a grope in a forest rather than a march down an open road at present. I hope a track may be found soon. But getting rid of Brown, Harman, Mandelson and this terrible government is an obvious priority.

The BNP can hurt Labour in its heartlands

You don't have to agree with the British National party to see the legitimacy of its claim to represent those written off by Labour
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* Jeremy Seabrook
o Jeremy Seabrook
o, Saturday 9 May 2009 10.00 BST
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Melodramatic warnings by "senior" Labour party figures that any desertion of Labour will offer free passage to the BNP in the European and local elections does not simply reflect a despairing anticipation of a Labour wipeout; it also betrays an old arrogance, a belief that only "the left" (even the etiolated version of it represented by New Labour) stands heroically in the way of the triumphal advance of the far right. Yet New Labour could not wait to repudiate everything the Labour party had ever stood for; and this left its former heartland a political desert, ripe for colonisation by the BNP.

The white working class was seen as an insignificant remnant of the population, since a majority of the British people appeared to have been levitated into a middle class that Labour courted with such assiduity in the 1990s. The rest could be left to their fate in forlorn estates of liquor shops covered with chicken wire, leaky drainpipes, semi-wild dogs and tattered flags of St George – everything that symbolised the last gasp of a disappearing working class.

That a gloomily introspective Labour party should now present itself as the only bulwark against racist parties is a vain effort to retrieve the disregarded and neglected, those sacrificed to its own will to survive.

It is significant that the term "working class" was expunged from the political vocabulary after Margaret Thatcher had demonstrated the transforming power of globalism. She understood that the best way to be rid of troublesome organised labour was to destroy the economic base on which it depended; and she was an early proponent of outsourcing manufactured goods. She set about the demolition of industry with gusto, and with it, the unmaking of the working class, her allies the invisible army of apparently invincible global economic forces.

A Labour party that saw its original constituency erased from the political map readily abandoned the victims of these processes, those it had always taken for granted. "Our own people", they possessively called them, adding that, no matter what Labour did, "they had nowhere else to go". This fateful miscalculation is at the root of the current discomfiture of New Labour. People always have somewhere else to go; and where many of them have gone – or are going – was regarded at first by the Labour party as a symptom of perplexity or apathy. Only later did Labour fully appreciate the depth of disaffection of its wayward children, and the disorientation they expressed when they spoke of living in a country they no longer recognised as their own. This has led Labour into a competitive auction with the BNP; especially through the efforts of its immigration minister, who seems to believe that an expression of distaste for foreigners – including the unfortunate Gurkhas, whose unique position he saw as setting "a precedent for future decisions on other immigration categories" – is the surest way back into the hearts of the party's estranged voters.

There is a deep irony in this. For many supporters of and sympathisers with the BNP make the point that they are "the new Labour party". By this, they mean not "New Labour" as defined by Tony Blair in his repositioning of what (and who) Labour stood for, but rather, the contemporary equivalent of old Labour, when it first burst on to the political scene in the early part of the 20th century.

There are some compelling parallels. A hundred years ago, a Labour party, more radical than the Liberals, to which respectable "working men" had looked for protection, was busy outflanking it on the left. Members of the Labour party and trade unions were often dismissed from their workplace as industrial troublemakers. "You'll never work in this town again" was the taunt hurled at those who made a principled stand against efforts to suppress the working-class movement. In the process, martyrs were made, and the cause of organised labour strengthened. The party was regarded by respectable society as dangerous and deluded, a threat to order, against nature and a violation of all they held dear; an unhappy precursor of today's BNP, which offers a caricature of its Labour predecessors.

The echoes of this are unmistakeable in the current attempt to outlaw the BNP. Its members sometimes make explicit the similarities they perceive between a Labour party knocking at the door of the political establishment in the early 1900s and the efforts by the BNP today to gain acceptance – evidenced in an attempt to distance itself from its racist origins, to reassure the country that what it most wants is only justice and recognition for those it represents; "inclusion", in the contemporary jargon.

The similarities should not be exaggerated. The Labour party bore the hopes of millions of people whose economic and social function in the industrial process could not be denied. The BNP depends for much of its support upon a smaller base, particularly those left high and dry by the collapse of the industrial base. It is significant that the "white working class" was recently rediscovered, not only in Nuneaton, Barking and Burnley, as a result of "perverse" voting patterns, but also across vast areas of the US in in last year's presidential campaign. In both countries, the term "working class" had for a long time been excluded, outcast, like the phenomenon it designated. Only when the working class made its own voice heard, refusing to accept its status as "underclass" or "white trash", was a social group rediscovered, which, under the powerful blanket of silence thrown over it by the media, might as well until then not have existed.

You don't have to agree with what the British National party stands for to recognise the legitimacy of its concern for "these people", those written off by a party which, assuming seigneurial rights over their vote, had exiled them to the periphery not only of its own consciousness, but also of the declining industrial towns and cities they inhabited.

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totalitarian or libertarian - which way the modern political wind? said...

Off course you are right Lee,

Politics will become polarised as you say, the Tories who have sold out to the EU/NWO just as Labour have, the Tories will be wearing the same globalisation/immigration anti free speech, tyranical strait jacket that the NWO placed on Labour.

However the NWO is ramping up its efforts and comming out of the closit, Australia, USA and Britain have announced civilian conscrpted Armies - these are simply the soft introduction of full scale conscription into the NWO army.

No doubt headed for Russia or China in the not too distant future.

The NWO needs the military manpower and this is how they will achieve it, backdoor conscription.

They are banning organisations slice by slice, limiting freedom of speech slice by slice, invading countries and putting their stooges in place as they have for the last 60 years - no matter what the cost.

Take a look at the NWO attack on Michael Savage, they are already trying to close him down in the States and the whole UK thing is orchestraited by the NWO, Jackboots has no idea what this is about, she is simply given her orders and her script.

Unfortunately for the NWO they got it wrong as jackboots and liberal Britain has no credibilty with the average American these days.

This has backfired.

The spying laws are off course to make it easy for the NWO to target dissadents and opponents of the NWO and send them off in the near future to the `camps`.

Savage has started to sway away from the `safe` Conservative republican NWO stoog party and is more open about the NWO, and the people who are running the show.

He is exposing it big time to the masses and he is intellectual enough to gain credibility, for the information he reveals.

As far as the NWO is concerned he must be stopped at all costs, and the same will be said of the BNP if the BNP rise any further to become a real threat.

Time for the BNP to drop conscription and the lax gun laws!

I think this is why Nick says we need conscription and more liberal gun laws, however i feel that this is a HUGE mistake, as right now conscription and more lax gun laws are the last thing the public want in view of the totalitarian direction we are currently heading.

Such totalitarian policies WILL cost us power and will give the left and the NWO the excuses needed to brand us as extremists and to link us to German totalitarianism!

We have to drop these policies before the next general election - bloody soon, these policies just dont stand up on the doorstep, it makes us look like militaristic cranks in the eyes of the average voter.

Sure there may be cause to impliment such a policy in the future if we gain power but for now it must be dropped and later introduced through a referendum if it is felt nessecary.

Otherwise we will see no power to introduce ANYTHING!

Workfair is another such totalitarian policy, opportunity and training should be key not state intervention and control in every area of life.

i believe the country is sick of totalitarian style politics and will swing more to the newly rising libertarian parties if we offer far too much totalitarian control, so it's not just a simple choice between nationalism and globalism, it will also be a choice between totalitarianism and libertarianism.

I really believe that the BNP has to modernise yet again to have any hope of gaining power, and remember we are running out of time.

ANYTHING that is unpopular/contraversial and not strictly nationalist has to be cut away, with immediate effect.


another radical divisive issue the party constantly and needlessly raises is abortion, this subject has the country divided and to bring it to the fore only serves to alienate 50% of voters, bring up such contraversial policies when the time is right, when you are in a better position to argue your case an enact policy, otherwise raising the subject as a priority so far frok power simply alienates a large section of voters.

drop such hot potatos.

People don't want radical policies they just want their country back.

They have had extreme radical policies for the last 10 years or more, they will be loath to vote for more control.

BNP - a modern party

The parties stand against speed cameras etc is a great one, it is an absolute gift to us, we need to highlight that the BNP will give you more freedoms! It then acts as an antidote to the totalitarian claims. Freedom must be the new BNP cry as we see freedoms stripped away by the NWO, this will include the Tory stooges who will continue the anti freedom NWO policies.

You are not going to sell a party with a negative `Nazi` media based image while talking about conscription and guns.

Not a bloody hope in hell, you will keep hitting a glass ceiling.

Don't get me wrong i am NOT saying there is no merit in the policies themselfs but that there is no votes to be gained in these policies at this time.

Now ask yourself would you like to see the BNP in power?

Time for a serious rethink!

BNP - a modern party?

it's in your hands!

Anonymous said...

For....totalitarian or libertarian - which way the modern political wind?

So you believe that more 'freedom' 'liberty' threads will be a better policy opus? If I may take some of your points. I think I might accept your regards on 'guns'...a quite ludicrous BNP policy (allowing people to own automatic weapons at home!! If I read it right in their manifesto).

The 'conscription' policy that you mention is rubbish and does not exist - where does it say 'conscription' in any BNP material or website ...I think you have to look far deeper into this. You may be confusing this with NATIONAL SERVICE. It means civil as well as military. This could mean work with elderly, children, handicapped, doing agricultural work, restoring heritage sites, environmental projects etc. Many things really. It should lead, if I am correct, to allow proper apprenticeships or university placements when you have completed a period of national service.

What the f*** is wrong with the concept of WORKFAIR rather than the insipid welfare state we have which rewards idle and feckless twats to free money and the moon on a stick. If there is one thing that causes friction and resentment it is not anything to do with race but rather that some people can adopt a welfare lifestyle - and some do bloody well out of it with all things paid for! Of course there should be opportunity and training are essential but one needs the carrot and stick to help it. I despair with the phrase such as 'I am better off on benefits' when I and millions like me have done low paid jobs but have a fucking work ethic! The key is not to give as much in benefit so one needs not accept low paid jobs. Money is money - work is work. There should not be the luxury of refusing to do ANY work if you don't want to but STILL get a bloody giro. It's a most unfair system that is ONLY governed by whether someone has a work ethic OR NOT.

With regards to the one of liberty or freedom as you perceive it - it is such thinking that has over the last 40 years at least, that has led us to the unconstructed and ruined free for all society that we have now. I accept that you may mean the increasing totalitarian government which it seems we have now. BUT, if you think liberty is attained in not having speed cameras so we can all drive an anti-social 95 mph at a whim you may have a rather childish or adolescent sense of what REAL freedom is.

It is not all about the INDIVIDUAL EGO - there is such a thing as civic responsibility. To help make collective such a concept some apparently (in your eyes) stiff penalties are needed. It would be interesting to know your take on the law and order policy of the BNP, or would you find that too draconian also?

In conclusion then, seeing as you think that the BNP should be all things to all men and allow NO 'extreme' policy (in you opinion)should they infact offer FREE BEER (babycham for the little ladies) and a posie of flowers as a policy pledge, that's nice and fluffy enough, isn't it?


Time for a modern BNP - freedom! said...

"I think I might accept your regards on 'guns'...a quite ludicrous BNP policy (allowing people to own automatic weapons at home!! If I read it right in their manifesto)."

One of my main points I am glad you agree!

"The 'conscription' policy that you mention is rubbish and does not exist - where does it say 'conscription' in any BNP material or website ...I think you have to look far deeper into this. You may be confusing this with NATIONAL SERVICE."

Sorry to tell you but you have missed the point entirely, armed force or civil it is a moot point as it is totalitarina and compulsory, which is the main issue of the point i was making. People do not like being forced to do things at the demand of goverment when they can find their own creative and prosperous way in life without the need for it to be sanctioned or organised through the goverment and the main agenda of this policy i believe is military in purpose - to instill a sense of disapline and to defend against our new found globalist enemies, yes their will be some civilian side to this program, yet that is clearly not it's main goal and the public will recognise it as such, they will not be sucked in by the civiliam compulsory get out clause.

secondly I never said such a policy had no merit, i simply said such a policy would be seen as Nazi like and removing peoples freedoms, this it most certainly does and it is a vote loser.

My main point in case you had missed it, is not to argue over the detail of totalitarian (Nazi like, the masses and the media would refer to it as) policy but to state that as the NWO heads in an ever more unavoidable totalitarian and militaristic direction the BNP need to offer or be seen to offer an alternative to goverment control where possible - not adding to it, or declaring they would add to it when it is unpopular - at least with thouse i have spoke to, in particular younger people, on top of this is would be expensive and would need to be funded by taxes that would otherwise not need to increase as much - making us less competative.

"What the f*** is wrong with the concept of WORKFAIR rather than the insipid welfare state we have which rewards idle and feckless twats to free money and the moon on a stick."

I don't see why you are swearing?

First I believe you have little grasp of the current social security system.

The rules are -

1. you have to sign on and prove you are looking for work or they stop your money - yes it does happen!

2. if you are out of work for more than 6 months they may stop your money - yes it does happen!

In areas where there is almost no employment i presume these rules can be relaxed a little, in regards to the 6 months system.

This is a problem, new industries must be generated and new businesses - arms manufature etc could be moved to these areas as well as re-opening pits etc.

The std social security rules will see these jobs are filled, workfare with excessive goverment intervention is not needed.

I believe the main problem you are refering to stems from single mothers being rewarded for having more children etc. this then becomes generational, expensive and breeds ever more poverty.

So you have to ask yourself why do people choose to become single mothers and what are the solutions, preferably where the goverment has less intervention.

Reasons -

1. poor education - resulting in lack of opportunity, drive and a growing recentment.
2. lack of housing
3. lack of quality social housing
4. lack of decent paying jobs for the low skilled.
5. financial and material rewards for having children out of wedlock.

1. Grammer schools is part of the answer, the BNP already have this policy. People will understand that they have every opportunity to excel, it is down to them, and them alone, class recentment and hopelessness disapates and working class areas become proud of the working class that did well for themselfs, through their own ability.

2. give housing to young married couples ahead of single mums, unless they are working and provide more social housing in general. This takes away the incentive to get pregnant as a fast track to gain housing.
more housing would become avaliable as the BNP deport criminals etc.

3. As more houses are freed through the BNP immigration policy some of the eysores and the buildings that remove pride and fuel social pressure (high rise flats) can be bulldosed.

4. First the improved education system should raise the general living standards in working class communities as well as the country.

The tax system needs to be restructured, as the BNP rightly say, it is crazy to take tax from the poor and then give it back in tax credits. How can you have a minimum living wage when you still need tax credits(social security)? this destroys pride, costs more money.

We also need to lift almost all of the burdens on business, to encourage them to grow, and new ones to establish, more business means more competition more competition means higher wages, higher wages mean less unemployment, higher employment mean less taxes and less people seeking to become single mothers living in poverty when a good life can be had.

5. I believe in the CSA type of system where fathers are forced to pay a fair share, but i think the mother should recieve this rather than child allowance. If the father was unemployed then he should be made to pay something rather than the current nothing, the more children he has the poorer he gets - no more bragging to his pals about how he has fathered 10 children! but do not make those who are working pay so much that it becomes totally restrictive, if it is £5 a week, then so be it.
This way mothers will be more chosy over who fathers their child and do not get much money everytime they have another child, live gets harder not easier.
If they refuse to name the father then they get no allowance.
If they neglect their children, take the children into care or adoption.

I believe these few steps alone will see a far better, less dependant society, it does not need to rely on totalitarian conscriptive systems such as workfare and national service.

People want the goverment where possibe, out of their face, not in it.

Again i conclude with my suggestion that people will be seeking a non totalitarian approach as the country becomes ever more totalitarian, to increase totalitarianism in light of this is political suicide.

Time for a modern BNP

totalitarian - failed goverment said...

What the totalitarian BNP policies say is - failed BNP goverment.

While these may appear to be solutions within the framwork of the current fascist and corrupt political system, within a pragmatic accountable system they would simply be redundant and would scream - failed goverment.

People want to be as free as possible from their goverments not enslaved by them, controlled by them, told what to do.

This is for such parties as Labour, and this is why we need to distance ourselfs from such unpopular ideology, sooner rather than later.