Saturday 16 May 2009

Media Develop Schizophrenia

The media have developed signs of schizophrenia over the last week.

A week ago they were shouting ' We must get our people out to vote to defeat the BNP' and then yesterday they started shouting ' The BNP are not a threat as their vote if over inflated '.

Its as if the entire British media have developed schizophrenia.

The only thing the media says that it true is what they DO NOT say.

Yet again the Daily Mail runs an attack piece on the BNP.

The newspaper that is the primary propaganda mouthpiece for the Tory Party has, along with the Guardian, The Mirror and the Telegraph run every single day for the last week or so an attack piece on the BNP.

If confirmation were needed that the ONLY political party the mediaocracy and its pet political pigs is afraid of is the BNP, then this continous stream of invective against the BNP is proof.

The latest article in the Daily Mail is probably the most inane, childish and idiotic article I have ever had the misfortune to read.

In the midst of the collapse of ther entire econimic system and the political system, Richard Pendelbury writes about 'the curtains collapsing' at the BNP event.

One is reminded of the servants of Nero bringing him wine whilst he played his fiddle and Rome burnt all around them.

The person who leaked the data discs of MP's expenses has enacted a political revolution.

They have not only brought down individual politicians they have also brought down the entire political system.

Today the media scum that once pimped out the whore political parties are as exposed and revealed as the political parties they supported.

The Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mirror and Guardian are the newspapers that supported, propagandised and ensured the political parties and pig politicians were put and kept into power.

Their frantic cockroach scurrying to keep their whore parties in power by attacking the BNP is evidence of the real enemy of our democracy.

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Bert Rustle said...

The Mail article mentions Collett and Churchill.

Excluding any analysis or opinion of the author, direct quotes of of the major players within Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World are quite damning for the Allied Powers in general and Churchill in particular. Indeed, the UK went from defending the integrity of Poland in 1939 to planning it's dismemberment with Stalin in as the war progressed.

The outcome of such discussions between Churchill, Stalin and others caused the death of some three million ethnic German civilians, as detailed in A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans.

Furthermore, UK Cabinet papers cited in the first book demonstrate that Churchill initiated the activity of terrorising the civilian population of Germany into submission by bombing.

Anonymous said...

A quick look at the comments in the Mail tells what most Brits really think, and that the liberal propogada is beginning to fail. Long live comments pages.

Broken Record said...

The Daily Mail was happy to support both Mosley and Hitler before the war, until they became a bit too "unrespectable" for the rag. Print that Pendlebury!