Thursday 28 May 2009

Whining Crap ex-Rock Stars and the BNP

It appears that a few crap ex-rock stars led by members of Blur and Pink Floyd, hardly noted for contemporary chart success, are doing their best to support Billy Bragg and his latest fiendish plot to destroy the BNP via asking over privileged, undeserving, dickheads who once sung a few songs to demand they have a right not to allow their songs on BNP produced albums.

Personally, I agree with them.

Why we are funding these dickheads with our cash I do not know.

Better we release albums from nationalists for a nationalist audience rather than subsidise these parasites who made their money out an industry that is one of the most debased and degenerate on the planet.

We live in strange times.

Just because someone has the ability to write a few songs, does not make one an individual whose views on politics are worth listening too.

The era of the Geldoffs, Bono's and Billy Braggs when rock and pop music 'did politics' was the most monstrous egotistical moment in the evolution of music.

People mock the pompous progressive rock bands like Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer as the bands that defined excess, arrogance, ego and pomposity in contemporary music - but in reality the real pompous arseholes in rock music were, and still are, all those rich, idiotic, drunken, druggie rock stars that thought that selling a few albums to the dickheads that bought them meant that they should also be regarded as gods of politics as well as gods of rock.

When Spinal Tap got political - that was the real farce.

There is nothing more idiotic and hypocritical than a multi-millionaire rock star pontificating about socialism, world poverty and multi-culturalism from a castle, a mansion in a 100 % whites only part of Dorset or from a massive farm in Shropshire.

The only real rock stars are dead.

If they live over 40 they are plastics.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on Lee, and it's about time people woke up to these "do as i say not as i do" hypocrites.

When I see one living in a 2 up 2 down having "shared their wealth" and living in tune with their socialist preachings then I'll have respect. It's easy to be a socialist when you drive a ferrari, live in a country mansion and don't suffer the consequences of your failed ideologies.



Anonymous said...

So... which top rock bands support the BNP's agenda then?

Defender of Liberty said...

The Law of Rock is this ;

The more succesful and rich a band becomes in the music business the higher percentage probability that the band and its members are, or will become, pompous, ignorant, spoilt, hypocritical, know nothing socialist knobheads.

Therefore we do not expect such knobheads to support us but mainly the Labour Party.

Which is the actual situation thereby confirming the validity of the Law Of Rock.

Most rock stars are therefore lefty and liberal cock ends.

Anonymous said...

I choose to listen to any particular band because I may appreciate the tune/lyric etc.


Pop stars are the court jesters, lute players of yesteday, there to amuse and boost the ego of their paymasters, as to listening to their advice on matters other than literally singing for their supper? nah, I'll carry on sticking with the BNP mate.

Anonymous said...

The richer people are, the more likely they are to become socialists?

That's totally idiotic.