Monday 18 May 2009

The Scum Newspaper - New Labour Lie Machine

There have been few examples of such a deliberate attempt to interfere in the electoral process in the history of British politics, as the scandalous lie that is smeared across the pages of today’s The Sun newspaper.

The Sun have today printed what would have been obvious to anyone with any intelligence or integrity a fake leaflet designed to smear not just the BNP but also to racially abuse the Gurkhas.

The article, which appears to have been written in collusion with Searchlight, attempts to smear BNP election Adam Walker by stating that the leaflet as featured in the article was issued as part of Mr. Walkers European Election campaign material.

Adam Walker was first contacted about this smear story by his local paper on Sunday afternoon and confirmed to them that this was not a BNP leaflet and that it was not issued either by him or the BNP but that it was a fake leaflet distributed by people possibly linked to the Labour Party funded Searchlight and UAF organisations.

Mr. Walker also stated, “ I am absolutely disgusted by this typical Sun newspaper lie. We have local members who fought alongside the Gurkhas and ex-forces who have served alongside them in garrisons. They are as disgusted and appalled as I am that The Sun and Searchlight can resort to such tactics. I consider this leaflet to be an incitement to racial hatred against the Gurkha’s and I will be making a formal complaint to the police today against The Sun for publishing this leaflet, Searchlight for passing this leaflet to The Sun and also against whoever printed and distributed this vile leaflet. “

The BNP have this morning contacted the Editorial and legal departments of The Sun newspaper and demanded that they remove the article from their online edition and also print a formal retraction of the story within the paper.

Mr. Walker has also stated that he will be taking legal advice in order to sue The Sun newspaper for defamation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee
I've tried to add some balancing comments to the raft of smears the dirty digger's rag is happy to publish on this story, but it seems only one kind of comment is allowed. This is definitely an orchestrated anti-democratic campaign.

Anonymous said...

Good on the BNP! Sue the arses off them.

This is the same 'Scum' which is still boycotted in Liverpool for running stories about fans robbing and urinating on fellow fans who were lying dead at Hillsbrough.

the only ones who are perhaps going to be swayed by this article is only going to be your average Scum reader anyway, I don't want to appear superior, but Scum readers are exactly that!