Wednesday 6 May 2009

Pseudo-Democracy and Civil War

The role of the BNP is to give a voice to the indigenous British community, and especially the abandoned White working class, in the democratic political system.

The recent plethora of newspaper articles from Neil Kinnock, Harriet Harman and Hazel Blears and bleating from the blog universe of Tory supporters like Ian Dale who are all acting to attack the BNP reveal a crisis in our democracy.

It appears all these 'democrats' and our 'free media' regard our democracy as little more than a Two Party state which will tolerate a few irrelevant political parties such as the liberals, Greens, Ukip etc as long as they do not ever threaten the supremacy of the Two Party state and its Tweedledee and Tweedledum Tory-Labour Alliance.

These establishment parties now even support their own politically correct candidates standing down and their supporters voting for the very parties they are meant to oppose.

When we have the Tories, Liberals, respect, UKIP and Labour telling their own people to vote Green to keep the BNP out of power - then we are no longer in a democratic system, that is a conspiracy.

This conspiracy is killing our democracy.

Whilst the media and its puppets play at democracy, the voice and concerns of the majority in this country of all social classes, is ignored.

The system is closed to democracy.

From immigration, Islamism, British jobs for British workers, Multi-culturalism, politicl correctness etc we are fed a one flavour bland porridge of politics by the Two Party state and its irrelevant political parasites.

This failure to reflect the concerns of the silent majority is creating a dangerous facture between the media, the political elite and the people.

Whilst Nero Brown sits back and allows his MP's to fiddle away, Rome is about to burn.

Whilst Cameron plans to visit Gay Pride marches the real issues of concern to ordinary people are ignored, hidden away and reviled.

Whoever you vote for political correctness remain in power.

Even UKIP, who lie and say they will take us out of Europe ( if they did so they would cut their own financial income and throats ) if elected only offer political correctness as regards its policies.

Each of the parties panders to political correctness and yet mewls that they are democrats.

You cannot be a democrat and a supporter of political correctness.

Political correctness is supported only by a tiny minority of political extremists, yet it is feted by the cowards of the mainstream establishment parties.

I have noticed over recent months a growing extremism amongst ordinary people, those that up until a year ago would have not whispered a word about immigration, multi-culturalism etc.

These people are now seething with a hatred that I find alarming.

The constant attacks on the BNP in the media and by the political elite are in effect undermining peoples faith in the democratic process.

They see an ivory tower dwelling media and political elite that are out of touch and out to line their own pockets and yet they still seek to surpress the one party, the BNP, that allows these ordianry people to express their anger peacefully at the ballot box.

Ordinary people are now so angry that the toxin of the terrorism of the word where some weasel liberal screams 'racist' at them for expressing an opinion that liberal disagrees with no longer works.

The era of liberal racial terrorism is over.

All that remains is a hate for those that abused our democracy in order to hide behind the rhetoric of anti-racism whilst creating the most racist state on the planet - a state that passes laws that actively discriminate against whites on the grounds of their race and sex, a state that minimises racial attacks against the indigenous people and allows ethnic racists to abuse us with impunity, that minimises religious racism against us by islamists and a state that allows ethnic groups to control the law via presure groups politics.

At every level our people have been abused and abandoned and when we speak up we are called 'racists'.

Now the system appears to seeking to actively stifle the democratic rights of the BNP via minions of the Tory Party working with UAF and Searchlight ( both wings of the Labour Party and its socialist sister the SWP ), UKIP are allowed unprecedented access to the BBC in the lead up to the elections whilst the BNP are denied the opportunity to debate ( UKIP are on Question Time twice in the two weeks leding up to the election ) and the Labour Party have set up a secretive inner cabal tasked with working with ACPO and the media to undermine the BNP.

At the same time as this we have all the main newspapers attacking the BNP, Zionists such as the BOD working with the Zionist para-military group the CST to attack and undermine the BNP and we have terrorist groups like AFA, linked to the Labour Party and Searchlight, using terrorism against the BNP.

At every level the system is closed to democracy, democratic change and debate.

Therefore we can see that this system is in the prelimary stage of producing for itself the fundamental social situations that are essential to a civil uprising.

When a democracy is closed and we no longer live in an open society where the views of the majority are able to influence the actions of the political elite - then this is a prelude to chaos.

The irony is that a system that closes and restricts debate at the ground level, such as at universities that impose No Platform policies as regards the BNP, then give governments an excuse to ignore other larger minority groups it also wishes to exclude and ignore.

The marchers against the war in Iraq that were mainly university students and supporters of political correctness were able to be ignored by the government, as they themselves sanction a system that legitimises the restriction of free speech by banning the BNP from university campuses.

The No Platform policy as regards the BNP validates the government ignoring those it also wishes to ignore, such as those against the Irq War.

At every level of the democratic system, from No Platform policies at universities to the BBC refusing to allow the BNP airtime, to the media machines attacking the BNP and refusing to allow the BNP to comment on their articles when they attack the BNP and politicians calling the views of the silent majoiirty 'abhorrent racism' and ignoring them - the system is creating chaos.

There is a myth peddled by the psychotic idiots of the left, most notably on sites like Lancaster Unity and Searchlight, that the BNP has an army of insomniac internet activists with unlimited internet identities that spend all their time posting all the comments on newspaper articles supporting the BNP and our policies.

If only it were true.

What we are seeing is in fact a peoples revolt, an uprising of the disenfranchised and dispossessed who are now so angry that they will no longer be silent.

This anger can be channeled into two directions - into democracy or into violence.

The government knows this and have warned many times that public anger is liable to tip over into rioting, yet the government and the media and the political elite still play their petty parlour games and seek to deny democratic debate with the BNP or the people.

Therefore it appears that the government, the media and the political elite all want this anger to degenerate into violence.

Once this anger combusts into action then it will create generation social schism that will not heal.

The violence will make Northern Ireland look like a picnic.

Our entire nation will become a place where militias will organise in all communities that will then operate to define the boundaries of their territories.

This is what happens in all societies which demonstrate the symptoms of our present society, the process is always the same.

At every level our society has to change.

The media and the government and the political elite instead of cringing before the liberal fascist pygmy of political correctness must allow us to exist in an open society and a democratic system where free speech is allowed for everyone - not just minorities and proponents of politically correct views.

The politicians and the media act like they are adopting a moral position when they close down debate, when in fact they are doing so imply in order to preserve their own positions as the beneficiaries of the two party state.

The media must stop pimping out the politcal parties it supports and abusing its powers over our democracy and revert to a free press that allows free debate and which does not censor those it disagrees with.

Of course none of the above will happen.

Therefore when the civil uprising begins the government of the day will seek to blame the people rather than themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Thats is afair assessment of the game the idiots are playing

odin said...

A fantastic article Lee!

Andraste said...

What we are witnessing is the collapse complete charade of so-called democracy, and the real totalitarian objectives of the establishment and their media slaves laid bare.

Democracy was only ever supposed to serve the elite - it was never meant to serve the people, but now that the people are about to exercise their supposed democratic right and vote for the BNP, the establishment are in a blind and frantic panic using any undemocratic means they can to prevent the democratic process. It's a complete farce.

The left are so stupid its unreal. They supposedly oppose totalitarianism (as they have been so completely indoctrinated about Mazi Germany) and yet when totalitarianism is manifest now they don't mind because it's attacking the BNP! What a joke... however what this shows is a deeper and more sinister aspect currently rife both in politics and journalism, and that is moral contradiction. Just look at the Tories ranting and raving about the smears they were about to receive, and yet the very same Tories continue business as usual to smear the BNP left, right and centre. Those who act with complete unawareness of their blatant hypocrisy are simply fucking idiots, usually desperate to fit in to a group, and generally just fucking stupid. However, those who are aware of the contradiction and choose nonetheless to ignore it, are indeed monstrous and are capable of anything, they are utterly ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve their political objectives, they would sell their own grandmother to advance them self.

This moral hypocrisy is very dangerous, and is to me one of the primary warning signs that we are indeed at the dawn of this brave new totalitarianism. And the leftist idiots who dance with retarded glee when the BNP are attacked will soon also come to feel the wrath of the totalitarianism, it just happens to be that the BNP are the first target on the list because we are the greatest threat. No-one is safe from the totalitarianism, it's not a matter of if, but when.

alanorei said...

Accurate analysis, Lee, I think

The more that civil disorder grows in this country, the more justification it will be for the imposition of the europol and eurocorps.

Our armed forces in the meantime, having been withdrawn from Iraq, may now be deployed as part of a new Western Coalition against Iran.

This would be more contrived incentive for our gov't to capitulate to Brussels.

Will have the draft to you by either today or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Accurate analysis, Lee, I think,

SSL said...

Please DIGG this excellent article right here:

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic article Lee, It would appear that they are actually manufacturing civil unrest, by creating a "problem" then waiting for the "reaction" ie civil unrest, they can then come up with their "solution" marshal law, they will say that the police and our army can't cope, they will then bring in the EU Gendarmerie Force. and there you have it no more democracy, I sincerely hope we don't play into their hands,

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece. Dugg!

Unknown said...

Excellently put Lee!
We are indeed living in a situation that is rapidly heading for disaster.It has been developing for years and has now got to a point where it can explode at any time.I live in a town that already has un-official no-go zones and has been taken over by the Muslims.We have reached a point that things will get worse before they get better.In an ideal world i would be able to up sticks and leave this liberal created nightmare but unfortunately I'm not in a position to uproot my family and move. I can see whats coming,You can see what's coming, but are the blind really leading us over the cliff edge? Or is it problem-reaction-solution? Either way the only way we can attempt to stop this madness is by supporting and voting for the British National Party, the only democratic solution we have in a country hurtling towards chaos and destruction. Vote BNP for all our sakes!