Saturday 30 May 2009

My Twitter Account

Hi folks, come and join my new twitter account.

You can then get updates on what I am doing during my day.

From saving the planet to kicking liberal arse - its all here.

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Lee, on May 18th said...

The word says it all really doesnt it.

Twitter - twit, twat etc etc

But come on lets be honest what does it say about the person that likes using the twitter on his phone ( the twitoris ? ) and who does the twitting ( The twittee ? ) and the recipient of the Twitter message ( The Twit ? ).


I hate anyone with a fucking facebook account, who twitters, who has a myspace account, who spends time posting up pictures of their sad lives and their ugly mugs on the internet - if you have one of those techno shite accounts then you are sad fucking, no life, metrosexual twat.

Defender of Liberty said...

Oh dear, didnt you learn the word 'satire' in university ?

You po faced lefties take yourself so seriously - when someone subverts your own paradigm with a little satire you cannot even see it.


andraste said...

I was waiting for these fucking idiot leftists to leap out of their shit-pits and start going on about Twitter and your statements. They are so utterly pathetic it's unreal... talk about desperate, notice also how they will never comment on real issues, just go on about irrelevant bullshit, i.e. spelling mistakes, reguritating their establishment conditioned lies, calling everyone who disagrees with their liberal-fascism a cunt or KNOBHEAD... is this the best they can do? No wonder we are on the rise, with such pathetic and inadequate opponents as this as.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying that, Lee. I took one look at the 10-15% figure you quoted for BNP support and thought it had to be a joke.

Defender of Liberty said...

Best you enjoy your laughter right now.

You wont be laughing next saturday when the results are announced.

andraste said...

Even with all the electoral fraud and corruption which is and will take place to try and thwart the BNP we will still do very well indeed... can't wait to see Nick in Brussels tearing them a new one... that is going to be a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Lee, I've noticed your feminine alter ego generally posts a reply around 10 minutes after you've commented under your own username. Is that how long it takes you to get changed into the frock and log onto the other account?

Defender of Liberty said...

Sorry you are on the wrong track with this one.

Unlike Lancaster Unity I dont post 'comments' on my blog under fake names to make it appear people visit my blog.

andraste said...

As LB said we do not post comments in other aliases unlike the likes of Lancaster Urinary (for example) who regularly engage in some bizarre narcissistic ego-wank self-loathing schizophrenia when they post replies to their own comments, which is really just the virtual manifestation of their own bile like some syphilitic pustuled ejaculations.

That these idiots judge us by their own standards is most revealing.

As regards the assumption that to use the name of Andraste implies femininity on the part of the invoker, shows yet again how these fucking idiots know nothing about what they are talking about.

But alas, let the fools be fools and wallow in their own putrid fascinations. Such idiots are at best sport, at worst less than shit on my shoe.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I seem to have touched a nerve there!

Well, I think we can agree that Andraste is certainly no lady...

Why not put him right though, Lee, concerning the original source of the KNOBHEAD outburst?

KT said...

Lee, are you really still a virgin?

No work and no sex makes Jack a dull (Nazi) boy.

KT said...

Lee, you've never had sex have you?

That's what Dawn has told Monday's Mirror!

Ha Ha!

Defender of Liberty said...




I am as soft and pure as the first snow of winter.

I am not ashamed of it, its a beautiful thing.

I am saving myself for that bird out of the film 'Shooter' with Mark Wahlberg.

She is a cracker.

One day she shall be mine.

Until then I shall retain my purity and honour and save it all for her.