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Here is it folks - the FOI request that will kill the hypocrites of the Labour Party, the UAF and the rest of the Hype Not Hope idiots of the far left who are campaigning against the BNP on the grounds that the BNP are 'racist' as we have a VOLUNTARY repatriation scheme and a VOLUNTARY repatriation policy.

Follow the link to the actual websites listed in the URL's below and download the PDF that is the answer to the FOI request and it details all the information on the Labour governments not just one but FIVE voluntary repatriation schemes where immigrants with naturalised British citizen status are paid by the 'racist' Labour government to return back to their homelands ;

The PDF with all the information can also be downloaded here ;

Voluntary returns

FOI 5616

We have received a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the following:

The question relates to the Voluntary Assisted Return Scheme, the Voluntary Assisted Return and Repatriation Scheme, the Return to Afghanistan Programme and the Assisted Voluntary Return for Irregular Migrant's programme and any similar schemes.

1. Can you explain each scheme - what an immigrant requires to be eligible, how those repatriated benefit, when the scheme was introduced etc

2. For each year since the schemes began, including this year (or the latest 12 month period for which you have figures), can you give figures for the following. For each can you give a breakdown according to nationality.

How many people were sent home under the schemes
How many returned or tried to return to UK after taking advantage of the schemes and how many of these allowed to stay
How many have used or tried to use one of the schemes more than once. How many were actually allowed to make use of it again. If not were they allowed to stay in UK
How much it cost for the various schemes. Please can you break down, if possible, according to cost of air fares, cash gifts, benefits (ie education or training)

3. What is the average cost to the UK Government of each failed asylum seeker or illegal immigrant before they are deported - for example cost of tracking down, processing claim, keeping in detention centre etc.

Date: Tue Feb 06 00:00:00 GMT 2007

And here is full details of the Labour government voluntary repatriation scheme for naturalised British citizens to return to their ancestral homelands ;

Voluntary Repatriation Scheme

1. General

1.1 Section 29 of the Immigration Act 1971 enables financial assistance to be given
towards the travel costs of persons (if this in their best interests) who are neither:

• British citizens, nor

• Commonwealth citizens with the right of abode under s.2(1)(b) of the 1971
Act, as amended by s.39(1) of the British Nationality Act 1981, and who

• wish to leave the country permanently

1.2 Travelling expenses may also be paid to members of the household or family of
the person in question, whether or not they are British citizens or otherwise have the right of abode here.

1.3 The Scheme is administered by the International Social Services of the United
Kingdom, Cranmere House, 39 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6DD. However,
enquiries about the Scheme should be referred in the first instance to the Community
Relations Unit, Queen Anne's Gate, who will generally advise the enquirer to contact
the ISS. (NB. The ISS will only accept personal applications).

2. Eligibility under the Scheme

2.1 The aim of the Scheme is to help people who:
• have failed to settle satisfactorily in the United Kingdom; and
• wish to return to their country of origin, but lack the means to do so

2.2 A person whose stay here is subject to a time restriction will not normally be
referred to the ISS (the purpose of the Scheme is not, for example, to provide a
facility for returning visitors).

2.3 A person who is subject to a deportation order or who is seeking assistance
towards the cost of travel for re-settlement in Europe is not eligible under the
Voluntary Repatriation Scheme.

3. Return to the United Kingdom

3.1 A person who has been repatriated at public expense is precluded from
admission as a returning resident under the Immigration Rules (see "RETURNING
RESIDENTS"). However, people who are given assistance to leave under s.29 of the
1971 Act are not required to sign any undertaking that they will not return to the
United Kingdom at a later date, and may be admitted if they qualify under the
Immigration Rules.

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Anonymous said...

I have a very important question! Is this repartriation scheme available to British citizens that are descendents of other ethnic groups such as the Caribbean and Africa.

I would be interested in applying.

Please forward information to