Monday 18 May 2009



I watched as F16 jet fighters flew over Gaza,
Bombing city streets at friday prayer,
Thousands were on their knees, each defiant,
Not a single one raised a head, nor an eye,
To watch them as they streaked across the sky,
Whilst from nearby streets rockets were firing,
As she resistance threw stones at tanks,
For that is faith in all its fatal beauty.

But to not unleash those bombs,
Upon the enemy on their knees below,
To resist the temptation to kill,
To pour down fire upon the heads,
Until not one remains to breath,
That is the duty owed to ones nation,
In all its well disciplined glory.

For if the situation were reversed,
Would those oppressed so defer,
From pulling at the killing trigger,
And wiping from the face of the earth,
The eternal enemy of the Zionist entity ?
No, and no again, a thousand years or more,
As the hand of history so records,
Writ with a bloody pen upon those sands,
For all to see and for all to ignore.

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Anonymous said...

Bum me Lee. Bum me hard. I need you I want you and I can't wait anymore. Let us go and watch football together, oh shit, too many blacks. Then we can go to watch Cricket, oh no, too many Asians! How about we read a book, about white people and things? Or lets just kill ourselves, as we are both cunts.

Anonymous said...

your poetry is shit

and please tell Nick Griffin the Holocaust totally happened

Andraste said...

These anonymous idiots are so brainwashed its unreal, they have no clue what the BNP actually stands for just repeat without question all the lies they have been fed.

For the truth visit:

Tim Hill said...

Why are you posting about Gazza?