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Why Jesus Would Never Have Been in the C of E

One thing I love about Lancaster Unity is sheer Chutzpah of the Communists, Pederasts, Islamists, Lesbian Radicals and Zionists that run the site.

In the latest article on the site, posted below, they re-publish a story from some provincial NUJ journalist repeating the whitterings of Bishop Sentamu.

I will take each assertion head on point by point ;

1) LIE 1 - Immigrants are putting more into the UK’s economy than they take out.

FACTS - Immigrants drain the UK economy and add no benefit.

" The reality is that its economic case for large-scale immigration has been blown out of the water by a heavyweight committee of the House of Lords.

Its Economic Affairs Committee reported last April that: 'We have found no evidence for the argument, made by the Government, business and many others, that net immigration - immigration minus emigration - generates significant economic benefits for the existing UK population.' "

2) LIE 2 - The BNP attacks immigrants.

FACT - The Big Lie of the article. The BNP does not attack immigrants, we are simply against immigration. The ONLY people we attack and only in a rhetorical way are the idiots in succesive governments who allowed mass immigration. The immigration crisis is a symptom of government incompetence and corruption and can only be addressed via voting the idiots out.

3) LIE 3 - Jesus would have been against the BNP.

FACTS - The Bible was not written by Jesus. The Bible is a political book for Constantinians who are taught to believe they are Christians. Therefore the Bible has nothing to do with what Jesus thought or said, apart from a few sections.

Jesus as the Gnostic Gospels tell us was not 'inclusive' and that we should love everyone - in fact the Gnostic Christos was an elitist. He said that the Human Race was divided into three types - Pneumatics, Hylics and Psychics who were all different. The Pneumatics were a spiritual elite, whilst the others were not. In fact he goes further and says the human race was divided into two types not one 'inclusive race' one being the spiritual Sethian race descendants of Seth the 3rd son of Adam and Eve and whose descendants were the Pneumatics of the higher human spiritual race and all other humans who are spiritually inferior who are decendants of Cain and Abel and who follow the religions which are not based on the Gnosis.

But just saying this would have been enough to have me burnt at the stake until only recently.

The Church of England has burnt many thousands of people for heresy in its time, and what would it do once it had a new political mandate.

Burn more people thats what.

First they burn your reputation in the bonfires of the press then they stoke the flames of hate in the real world and cast the heretics into their fires.

Off to the bonfires again would go all those like me who despise the new marxist liberalism of the Church.

Thats why the Church of England should stay clear of politics because of the shame it should feel for its history of murder, violence, terror and burnings of heretics.

The insidious creeping re-politicisation of the Church and the Bishops is like spitting in the face of God and spitting in the faces all those that the Church has slaughtered over its bloody history after condemning them as heretics.

Only by showing true contrition, and staying out of politics forever, can the Church of England truly atone for its endless historical crimes.

But seeing as the Constantinian Christians worship what Christ defined as the Devil - Jehovah / Yahweh / Yaldaboath - then why should we be surprised at their ignorance of their own prophets teachings.

Jesus wouldnot have been 'against the BNP' as he would never have heard of the BNP.

The idiots might as well say ' The Soup Dragon would be against the BNP' as it makes as much sense as saying their mythical, Constantinian pseudo-Christ would have been against the BNP.

LIE 4 - the BNP would not have let Jesus, Mary and Joseph into Britain.

FACT - the Labour government, the Tories and Lib Dems would also not have let them into the country simply as this country does not allow anyone to enter the UK when they wish. Mary and Joseph were not being persecuted by the Romans so they would not have also been able to claim asylum in the UK. So NOT ONE of the political parties in the UK would allow Jesus, Mary and Joseph into the UK.

In fact Jesus did visit the UK and stayed for around 18 years with the Druids and achieved his Gnostic vision here. This is the period in the Bible when he vanishes from view from the age of around 12-30. According to legand he came to the UK with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, a tin trader in the Roman Empire who used to visit Cornwall which was the source of most of the tin in the Empire, to be taught by the Druids ;

Unlike most of the bogus asylum seekers, spongers etc - HE WENT BACK HOME.

LIE 5 - Jesus would welcome everyone of all ethnicities

FACTS - Yes he would accept all people into the ranks of the Pneumatics if they achieved Gnosis, but that is an utter irrelevance as to the issue of UK border controls.

To seek to link the issue of Jesus welcoming fellow Gnostics into the fellowship of Pneumatic Gnostics, an exclusive elitis group, with some sort of open borders policy for the UK is total bollocks.

The two issues of Gnostic revelation and mass immigration into the UK are completely unrelated - it implies that the UK should allow everyone, everywhere into the UK.

The fact that these Bishops speak such rubbish in the name of Christos is proof of their real agenda - which is that they want the Church of England to become a political force as well as a religious force.

Whilst the mass of the British public have disowned the neo-marxist cult of pseudo-christianity that the Church has become, because of its pathetic liberal policies, the more the idiots in the Church senior ranks want to speak and act and use the Church as a political instrument in our society.

The ONLY mandate the Church of England gets is based on how many bums it gets on seats on a sunday - and based on the disastrous collapse in church attendance over recent decades, the Church has virtually no mandate to pontificate to anyone anymore.

The church better wise up - the more it seeks to politicise itself, the more it will be rejected. The more it adopts the liberal agenda on issues such as immigration and homosexuality, the more it estranges itself from the very people it is meant to minister too.

The Church of England is on its way to becoming a miniscule marxist cult of homosexuals and liberals whose views are despised by the majority of British people.

If the record of recent Archbishops and Bishops in relation to the collapse of church attendance is evidence of their popularity and regard by their congregations of what they believe and are saying -then we can see that the idiots that run the Church in its senior ranks are killing the Church.

If the idiots that run the Church of England had to get a political mandate to be voted into their palaces, then if they stood on their present platform of total open borders policy and the liberal agenda then the Church would be disestablished at the next election.

These frock wearing idiots in their palatial palaces should stick to what they know best and keep their noses out of politics.

May 02, 2009

Why Jesus would never have voted BNP

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Despite arguably putting more into the UK’s economy than they take out, immigrants remain a tempting target for those seeking a scapegoat for the country’s financial problems.

The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr John Sentamu, Lord
Archbishop of York, at his inauguration as chancellor of University of Cumbria

Not that the rate of unemployment or inflation is always the motivation for attacks on people from different ethnic backgrounds, however long they and their families might have lived here. Skin colour and religious persuasion remain perennial factors.

When they are attacked, with words or with other weapons, persecution seems an apt way to describe the plight of some immigrants to the UK.

But the British National Party has just given the word “persecution” a novel twist. The far-right party, whose “ultimate aim” is the “lawful, humane and voluntary repatriation of the resident foreigners of the UK” is using next month’s European elections to claim that it is being persecuted by the Church.

A BNP billboard campaign, which has dismayed many Christians, uses a picture of Jesus alongside a BNP logo and a quote from John 15:20 “If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you.” A spokesman said: “We are putting them up in response to the way the Church has attacked us. We believe we are being persecuted and turned into martyrs.” The posters also ask: “What would Jesus do?”

According to religious figures in Cumbria and further afield, the answer is unequivocal: Jesus would not support the BNP, nor would he appreciate his name being used to promote the party.

The Church in Cumbria is extremely unhappy that the BNP should use Jesus in an attempt to legitimise the party’s policies. Seven church leaders in the county have signed a statement condemning the BNP and asking Cumbrians not to vote for the party in the elections on Thursday June 4.

The statement, headed “Use your Cross: Vote for hope not hate”, says: “Cumbrian church leaders are deeply concerned that British National Party election publicity suggests Christians should vote for them. We disagree. In fact, BNP policies would have turned Jesus, Mary and Joseph away from their party and our shores. The Christian vision of society is one where each person is treated with dignity and respect, whatever their race or religion. It is a vision of hope.

“The Christian churches are totally opposed to the BNP’s attempts to stir up racial and religious hatred, use false and distorted claims to exploit people’s fears, and create suspicion between communities. We reject their message of division and conflict. To defeat racist policies and platforms, a high turnout on June 4 is vital. We urge all our congregations and communities to use their vote for one of the other parties in the elections and so ensure that the BNP do not get a seat in the north west.

“In the words of Edmund Burke: ‘It is necessary only for the good to do nothing for evil to triumph’.”

The Archbishop of York, who is chancellor of the University of Cumbria, has also criticised the BNP in recent days. Dr John Sentamu – who was born in Uganda – said it was not up to the BNP to define Englishness and he condemned claims by party chairman Nick Griffin that a “bloodless genocide” was taking place in Britain.

Griffin argued that black and Asian Britons “do not exist”, saying that calling such people British denied indigenous people their own identity. “In a very subtle way, it’s a sort of bloodless genocide,” he said.

Dr Sentamu countered: “You don’t have to be a member of the BNP to be clearly English, and it is quite a mistake to suggest that everybody who wants to affirm Englishness affirms that narrow thinking. This ‘bloodless genocide’? I think that is just language which is beyond belief.”

The outgoing Bishop of Carlisle, the Right Reverend Graham Dow, retired yesterday after more than eight years as Cumbria’s most senior Church of England figure. In his final press interview Bishop Dow told The Cumberland News that the BNP’s attempt to use Jesus to promote its cause is misguided and misleading.

“The BNP’s message is a travesty of the truth,” said Bishop Dow. “Jesus was inclusive. He taught us to love all people and he sent his disciples out to share the good news with every nation. The BNP’s message is in contradiction of all that.

“At a time of severe financial restrictions, it’s very easy to look around for someone to blame. The truth is that our economy is deeply dependent on, and enhanced by, overseas workers. We need to learn from history. All the things now being said about immigrants were once said about the Irish, and we now take it for granted that the Irish are one with us.

“A fundamental Christian principle is that the human race is one. Jesus Christ sought to bring us back together again. When I meet people from overseas, for example working in a restaurant, I always say ‘You’re very welcome.’ I always like mixed marriages. They are a testament to God bringing people together.”

Bishop Dow rejected the suggestion that the Church could be more forceful in refuting the BNP. “I think the Church needs to be careful. We have nothing against members of the BNP as people. They are in the image of Christ as all of us. The Church doesn’t want to come over particularly heavy. But it does want to point out the denial of humanity inherent in BNP policy.”

The signatories of the “Use your Cross” statement include Reverend Rachel Poolman. Rev Poolman is president of the United Reformed Church in Cumbria and president of Churches Together in Cumbria: a coalition of eight Christian denominations in the county.

“I was really quite offended that the BNP would use Christ in its publicity,” she said. “The churches in Cumbria are trying to work together more closely. We spoke out here because this was an area of community concern. We felt we had to stand up and be counted. The BNP work by trying to play on people’s fears. They talk about having a Christian country, which implies that non-Christians are not welcome. It’s not just about churches offering a welcome. It’s also about Christians themselves offering a welcome to the stranger, and loving your neighbour as yourself.”

Reverend John Goddard, Baptist network minister for Cumbria, said of the BNP campaign: “I almost didn’t believe what I was seeing. There is no justification to use His name and image for their propaganda. I genuinely believe Jesus would offer a welcome to all people whatever their ethnicity. But in another sense I perhaps wasn’t surprised. The BNP seems to be targeting people who describe themselves as Christians. They seem to think they can recruit within the Church. I think they are mistaken.

“I believe the greatest danger is people simply not turning out to vote. There has been a growing apathy in terms of the ballot box. My concern is that on June 4 many people who would never wish to vote for this party will not turn out because they are disillusioned with politics in general. I would hope people will vote for absolutely anyone else other than a party with a policy of division.”

Rev Goddard is a member of Furness Multi-Cultural Community Forum. “The group was formed to help support the coming together of different cultures,” he said. “That’s partly a response to that minority of people in our county who do hold racist views. I believe the vast majority of people in the UK have no tolerance for that sort of intolerance at all. Maybe we need to say that more often, and more loudly.”

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Wolfblood said...

Hi Lee,

A few quotes help to illustrate the point -

Anonymous said...

Importing votes = Importing bums on pews = colonisation

alanorei said...

You'll note, Lee, that none of these august clerics quote chapter and verse for their anti-BNP assertions.

We disagree fundamentally on the Person and Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ (of the AV1611 Bible) and on the compilation and purpose of the (AV1611) scriptures themselves.

But that is beside the point.

The point is that these clergy have no grounds for saying anything once they have discarded the scripture, AV1611, which they have (and have been since the publication of the RV in 1881, overseen in part by a Bishop of Durham, B.F. Westcott).

No Christian church in this country or anywhere else, for that matter, has any raison d'etre without the AV1611. Whatever outside perceptions relating to a different Christ or different bible exist, the C of E's KJB basis is fundamental to its very existence and to the very ethos of its 39 Articles of Religion (the AV1611 superseded the 16th century pre-AV1611 Bibles of the time of Latimer, Ridley and Cranmer, faithful translations though they were, by about 1650).

The corrupt C of E has of course essentially discarded both in recent decades and in consequence decayed to the hollowed-out Common Purpose lifeless shell that exists today (for now).

In other words, these pontificating clerics are the same as a shyster lawyer trying to make a legal case without recourse to any law.

He would be instantly thrown out of court, as you have done with these dog-collared charalatan equivalents.

Rightly so.

P.S. A point of clarification. The C of E burned the vast majority of 'heretics' when it was in Catholic mode, i.e. the C in E, not of E. Among the few exceptions was Bartholomew Legate, burned for heresy in 1612, at the behest of, among others, one of the KJ translators, Lancelot Andrewes, 1555-1626, Bishop of Winchester.

The C of E did condone the execution (by hanging, drawing and quartering) of a lot of traitors though, Guido Fawkes and Henry Garnet SJ among them. However, the gradual dissemination of the KJB put an end to these more drastic forms of capital punishment, by about the year 1700, roughly.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi alan,

I have left a comment for you on the c of e article just posted - could you do an article for this site mate?



Defender of Liberty said...

Hi alan,

I have left a comment for you on the c of e article just posted - could you do an article for this site mate?



Andraste said...

Lee, your rebuttal of the leftist garbage is far too sophisticated for the demented leftists who infest such filthy hovels as Lancaster Urinary. Being as they are simply self-loathing retards who are not interested in any sort of truth on any issue, they will continue to peddle their lies because they are pathologically driven to do so as a means of escaping their own innate self-hatred, they need a distraction which takes them away from themselves, a distraction which gives them the thrill of the pack running wild with some establishment indoctrinated self righteousness - thus the establishment have provided this rabid mentally ill freak mob with the BNP as their target to satiate their mania.

The left needs to always have someone to hate, without the hatred of someone else it implodes... it is a reactionary condition. Whereas us nationalists are self initiated and vital of our own selves. As you stated we do not hate immigrants, we do not attack immigrants, we attack (rhetorically speaking) the corrupt establishment who are allowing our country to become a third world mess.

But don't expect leftists to ever acknowledge that this is our position because they need to perpetuate their self delusion, because to admit the truth would shatter their false reality and cause them mental collapse. The left are the ultimate controllable mass, just indoctrinate them who the enemy are (doesn't even matter if it is true) and away they go, an establishment attack dog preforming tricks for their masters.

alanorei said...

Hi Lee

Very happy to.

Will get back to you asap.


Marie said...

Jesus wouldn't have been Anglican on account of him being Jewish.